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Pinball Dreams


Extra Balls

When playing on any table, press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up. You will get 20 extra balls.

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown
Medi Climp
Color LIFE Sound
New Star Soccer 2010
Sims3 - hollister skinny jeans lt


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ft, then right arrows quick. If you did the code correctly, your worm should push the other one off the side!

Zeewolf 2
ission 32 = steerdart

ion credits, all items researched - MIKES TEAM

Pro Tennis Tour
button and then ESC. A message will then appear awarding "Game, Set and Match" to your opponent. Regardless, you'll find that your world ranking will have advanced several positions. Keep performing this until you come across an opponent that you can beat legitimately.