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Time Crisis 2


Bonus Points

There are many structures you can hit during the game to earn bonus points. Here are the following structures availible for bonus: Stage 1 Area 1:

A) Gasoline tanker after shoot-out in restaurant. Either Robert or Keith may destroy it. Total bonus +10000

Stage 1 Area 2:

A) When chasing the fleeing boss, shoot his hat off (shoot slightly above his head) four times to enter an alley before fighting the tank. This alley is filled with numerous bonus men.

Stage 2 Area 1:

A) Moving platform near train station.

If shooting at the bottom shoot at platform at the bottom at the extreme top left. If shooting up at the 2nd floor, shoot thw connector. Total bonus, +10000

B) Barrels at the train station.

Two are availible for destruction, but only one can be destroyed for a total of +5000 bonus. However, it is possible to hit both for a +10000 total bonus. To do this, shoot the right barrel twice and the left barrel three times. Afterwards, instantly point and shoot the right barrel for the double bonus.

Enemy Descriptions and Liabilities

During your game, many enemies will attack you as you move up into the last past. They will also become more skilled and accurate as you move up. Here are the accuracy info and liabilities for each TC2 unit.

Accuracy ranking (1st=best acc. last= worst):

Bosses (Excluding jacob)

Marksman soldier (Red suit)

Soldier Sage RPG

Soldier Grenadier

Soldier Machine Gunner and Jacob

Soldier Commander (White suit)

Soldier knifeman

Soldier frogman/aquasoldier

Regular soldier (Blue suit)

Bonus soldier (Orange suit)

Abiotic enemies



Turret/vulcan/missile launcher



Marksman - These are probably the ones that may do most of the damage in the game. As soon as they appear they get a "dead-eye" shot toward you. Get to know their locations and shoot them as soon as you spot them. Or you may assure yourself and duck, then shoot them(and maybe have a few laughs)

Soldiers (RPG, Mac. gunner, Greanadier) - Not as quick as the marksman, but effective if they stand out there shooting you as they increase their odds of hitting you. As sson as these are spotted, SHUT EM' DOWN. Especially the maching gunners, who are able to send a "dead-eye" shot in less than a second.

Misc Soldiers (Knifeman, aqua, regular, commander etc.) - These are thw ones which hardly lay a finger on you. But, you must know that they still have a chance in busting a cap in your hole. Shoot them as soon as you find them. Kill the strongest unit out there before turning to fight the others.

Abiotic enemies - Always concentrate all firepower on them if neccessary. Helicopters won't stand around attacking you in the first parts of the game. But they'll get to screw with you later in stage 3. As for tanks, shoot them down and take out any interfering soldiers. Same thing goes for turrets etc.

Bonus men - Yawn.... wait a minute, 5000 a kill? These are the worst shooters in the game. But are good for an extra 5000 pts. or more. AND they can run and escape like mice. Try shooting them in the head and upper body to grab additional points. Get them as soon as you see them as these guys are rookies and are some major scaredy cats :)

Unreal Development Kit Beta
X-Plane for Windows
Munch a Bunch
Mario Game: Ultimate Mario Bros.


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Sega Rally Championship 2
self in a Secret Points course. Bonus Cars When picking a car pull the E-brake and press the view button at the same time. The toyota celica and the lancia delta will now be selectable (the game counter must be above 1000 games played before the code will work).

Gauntlet Legends
here are various rewards for gaining levels. Here they are, in order: Level 10: Gain access to secret character (Hold turbo while selecting), get better weapon Level 25: Gain Familiar (Little pet at your shoulder) Level 50: Gain best possible weapon Level 75: Gain Auto-Aiming Familiar Level 99: Permanent Growth (Character can not be knocked down by a Golem's attack) Play As Valkyrie... Nude! To play a nude (but censored) Valkyrie, choose Player 2 (the blue joystick) and enter the initials "NUD" and pin "069". Then pick Valykrie as your character. Play as Pojo To play as Pojo the Chicken, choose Player 2 (the Blue joystick) and enter the initials "EGG" and PIN "911". Then pick Pojo the Chicken as your character. Punch Thru Walls If there are Golems on the other side of a wall, walk up to it and hit FIGHT and you can kill the Golem without getting hurt. Rune Stone Locations Each stage has 3 Rune Stones which are to be found, so that the game can be completed properly. Below are the locations of the 3 Rune Stones for each realm. MOUNTAIN REALM. Difficulty: Easy 1st Rune Stone can be found on the peak, after climbing a few hills. You will come to a part where there are 2 generators, and in between them is a statue. Destroy the statue to uncover the Rune. The second stone can be found in the cliffs. Ignore the first EXIT that you come across. Instead continue along the path above the EXIT, breaking the wall, fighting the Golem, continuing along the path until you come across 2 bridges, and take the top bridge. Once across, hit the wall at the end of the bridge to uncover the Rune. The third is in the cavern. Ignore the first EXIT once again. When you're getting near the second EXIT, you will be at a T - Junction. Going right leads to the second EXIT and 2 Golems. Going left, fighting all the enemies, and then going to the wall at the far left and hitting it will uncover the final Rune for this realm. CASTLE REALM. Difficulty: Medium The first Rune Stone is in the dungeon. You should notice the Rune as soon as you start the level in a cage, but you have to get it down, somehow. Down the stairs, go south, cross the log bridge, and onto a kind of island place, fight the Golem. Press the trap release switch, located to the east. If you walk around and step on the FAR LEFT of the big leaf, that will lower the runestone enabling it to be grabbed. The second will be found in the armory. From the start, go right, down the stairs, pass the blades (notice red barrel and rat mound after blades), then go down and press the switch - you will notice walls come down and a Golem come to life, defeat the Golem and go to the wall under stairs, hit it to uncover the Rune. The third final rune stone for this level is in the treasury. Get to the room with a throne in it. From there go down the stairs and to the right(towards top of screen), keep walking until you come a room that has a box type thing in it. Destroy the box type thing to uncover the Rune. FOREST REALM. Difficulty: Medium The first rune is in roots. After the elevator, proceed up and to the left, you will come across a Golem, destroy it. You will come across a big tree stump in the middle of the screen, hit the tree stump a few times to break the outer wall, and it will reveal the Rune. The second is in the tree (2 PLAYERS NEEDED!) After coming across Death inside a barrel, proceed right,you will come across a switch that reveals a bridge, as soon as you try cross it, it dissappears, that is why 2 players are needed. Based on the fact you had 2 players, you will come across a tree that has a circular cut. Inside the cut-out area will be another switch, activate it, then walk to the right, across the BIG green leaf, across the path. You will notice a branch that rises to the right. It will have a platform on it, which has the Rune on it. The third rune is in branches. After getting to the stump path (The path made of cut trees), you will continue onwards, until you come across a stump by itself, continue up to the right, until you come across a wall guarded by two archers, destroy them, the destroy the wall behind them to uncover the Rune. DESERT REALM. Difficulty: Hard The first rne stone is in the ruins. Proceed down the stairs from the first EXIT, and you will now be in water. Go to the left and down until you come across a door, open it, and walk to the jutted edge of the walkway, and the Rune will come up, grab it. The second Rune Stone is in the temple. Proceed to the screen that has a statue in the middle that is lit by light beams from four corners. The light comes from four places around the edge of the screen. To stop the light step on the four large blue switches located around the screen, once this is done, the statue will be replaced by the Rune, grab it. The last rune in the pyramid is a tricky one. Proceed to the first fighting screen after coming down the first platform. Go to the upper left corner of the screen. There is a slanted slope with sand on the bottom of it, walk up it and open both doors. Then you will see a switch and a yellow potion on a brick. Hit the switch and the potion will move up. Now come down and WALK ALL THE WAY AROUND the catwalk, walk down the slope when the catwalk ends, and then down the slope after that. You should now see a fence with a treasure chest, an archer and a switch behind it. Walk down towards the bottom of the screen, you will see a switch and enemy generators. Hit the switch and go back to where you saw the fence, it should have dropped. Go hit the switch. Walk down the left side, you should walk through a gate under a pasageway. Continue down the left side. Kill enemies, but careful Death is in the middle of the room. When you reach the bottom left of the screen, there should be spikes from the ground, then a key, a slope, a yellow potion, a slope and then a platform with enemies to fight. The Rune will be located behind a wall near spikes on the far left of this platform. Save your Character Just enter as your name AAA and as your password 123 Secret Characters When your character reachs level 10 you will be able to select the more powerful version of your character by holding the TURBO button down while selecting a character. The secret versions are more powerful then their old versions but are only worthwhile if you choose them as soon as you reach level 10. Wizard is Jackal Warrior is Minotaur Valkyre is Falconess Archer is Tigress Another Familiar To get a more powerful, permanent familiar after you reach level 25, get your character to level 75. Your familiar will be replaced by another familiar, the most powerful one you can get for your character. Your familiar attackes by shooting a small, but strong ball of energy when you attack. Defeating the Chimera In the castle level, before you go to the boss, Chimera, buy "reflective shield" in the shop. When level starts, run up the stairs and wake up the Chimera, and stand far enough back so that it can't beathe fire on you. Keep firing at it and it kills itself. Drain Death When you get an Anti-Death item, use it to gain hp by draining death. All you have to do once you have the item is to find death and run into him. Drain Multiple Deaths Once you get an Anti-Death power-up, you can take 100 life away from a Death. the trick is to take as much away from one Death without taking 100. You will still have the power-up, and you can get life this way until it wears off. Extended Invulnerability In any level where there is a silver invulnerability you can use this cheat. Buy a Gold invulnerability before starting the level. I recommend buying two because it will last longer but it can be done with one. Go through the level and grab the silver invulnerability while you still have the gold one. Now quickly exit the level. In the shop buy another gold invulnerability. When you enter the next level you will have the gold, but when it wears off you will have the silver from the last level! WARNING! This code WILL NOT WORK if the silver invulnerability is wearing off before you exit the level. Get a Bird/Dragon Familiar To get a Bird/Dragon Familiar,(it varies on which of the 8 characters you are using) get up to level 25 and you will get a bird/dragon companion. When you attack, your bird/dragon also attacks.

House of the Dead 2
se of the Dead part 1, so be careful! 6. Emperor: Aim for the pink ball of his body. His life goes down little by little. Grenade Launcher On the first level hit all enemies in the HEAD and when you reach the 1st Boss you will pick up a grenade launcher . Increase Life Stock To increase the number of lives a player will have, rapidly push the start button while inserting coins. Note: This trick also works during the game! No Reloading On Final Boss If you shoot your gun away from the screen 5 times right before fighting the final boss, you won't have to reload. Quick Reload Any fan of arcade shooters will know that it's time consuming to reload by shooting the gun away from the screen, and annoying losing your target. For a quick and painless reload, simply put your fingers in front of the nozzle and squeeze one off - then you can get back to killing whatever it was you were killing without interruption. Score Display Insert your credit(s). Before the demo starts rolling (on the title screen), pull the triggers of the guns in the following order: L,L,R,R,R,L,R and press START. Now your score will be displayed in the top corner, so you can see if you are going to get the good ending, or if you're just kicking your friend's butt. Alternate Endings There is three possible endings to the game, but it all depends on your score at the end of the game. For the Normal ending, your score has to be under 80,000 and the last number cannot be a zero. For the Bad ending, your score has to be under 80,000 with the last number being a zero. For the Good ending, your score has to be over 80,000 and the last number being anything. Bonus Room If you manage to get through the entire game without killing any civilians or letting the zombies kill any civilians, you will be rewarded with a bonus room, just before the last boss. The room contains life-ups and bonus points.

Dance! Dance! Revolution!
te: To disable Maniac mode, press Up (x8) at the song selection screen.) Mirror mode Press Left and Right (x8) at the song selection screen. (The word "Mirror" confirms correct entry.) Mirror mode will turn dance arrows in opposite directions. Shuffle mode Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left at the song selection screen. (The word "Shuffle" confirms correct entry.) In Shuffle mode, there are new dance steps. Dancers face left Press Left (x8) at the song selection screen. (The word "Left" confirms correct entry.) In Left mode, dancers face left. Dancers face right Press Right (x8) at the song selection screen. (The word "Right" confirms correct entry.) In Right mode, dancers face right. Easy mode Press Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Up at the song selection screen. (The word "Easy" confirms correct entry.) (Note: Some songs do not have an Easy difficulty.) Expert mode Push Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down at the song selection screen. (The word "Expert" confirms correct entry.) At Expert difficulty, half of the dance arrows disappear. Little difficulty Press Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Up at the song selection screen. (The word "Little" confirms correct entry.) In Little mode, dancing is easier.

Raiden Fighters 2
press Bomb+Start. Fairy: at title, hold shoot, then start, cursor on [?], hold rightdown (D/F), then press Bomb. Slave: at title, hold bomb, then start, cursor on any plane, then choose the plane. Agesis-2c: Cursor on agesis4, hold up, and choose it. Dark Sword: at title, hold shoot, then start, cursor of [?], then press shoot.