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Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Play as Fongling

Complete the game once, then start using the same save to play through the game as Fongling (Bruce's segment's become Fongling's).

Change Title Screen

Once you beat the game on any difficulty setting, the title Screen will change from blue to red, indicating completion.

See Girly Poster

In Room 006 off of the Ship Crew Room on the B1F level, check out the last bunk on the right to see a girly poster.

New Starting Weapons

Finish with different rankings to unlock new sets of starting weapons:

Easy, "A" rank: All handguns and shotgun.

Easy, "S" rank: All weapons (except charged particle rifle).

Normal, "A" rank: All weapons (except charged particle rifle).

Normal, "S" rank: All weapons with unlimited ammo(except charged particle rifle).

Hard, "A" rank: All weapons with unlimited ammo(except charged particle rifle).

Hard, "S" rank: All weapons with unlimited ammo.

Unreal Development Kit Beta August 2010
Crossword Puzzle
Battle Packman 2 Terminator
Sims3 - Anime Scars
Mario Game: Super Mario Adventure


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Shadow of the Colossus
essfully complete the game and save when prompted after the credits. A new game can now be started in hard mode. Brown Agro: Defeat all sixteen Colossi and unlock all items in Time Attack mode under the normal difficulty setting. Then, hold Square at the title screen. Ico Symbol If you use a memory card with an Ico save-game on it, your horse Aggro will have the Ico "I" logo on its forehead as opposed to the usual mark. 17th Colossus To unlock the 17th colossus, beat all 4 modes. Then, climb the outside of the temple to the secret garden. The 17th colossus will appear in a short cutscene like the other colossi, smashing the rear wall. After you fight him, the path to the very top of the temple will be opened, leding to a very "special" surprise.

Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare
with one arm missing will be sitting inside. Talk to him and get the key from him. Go back out and keep going. After you start walking a short distance, you will hear gunshots. Turn around and go back in the building. The man will be missing.

to side when on breakaway or alone for a shot. When the goalie is to far out of position, shoot a wrist shot to score. This works about 70% of the time. Fights: There are unlimited amount of fights in the game. It is possible to reach 35 by doing the following: Cut all the enforcers from the league, then place them all onto only two teams. Cut players that are not enforcers from the two selected teams. Place the enforcers on all the lines of both teams. Finally, play a game with the two teams. To increase the frequency of fights besides the frequency option, increase hitting power and decrease the fatigue options. Placing the level of skill to pro or higher makes it easier to start fights. Players may even fight just by bumping shoulders.

NHL FaceOff 2001
nnouncer should say something very funny. Note: This does not always happen. Hints: Team ratings: North American All-Stars: 99 Canada: 97 Colorado Avalanche: 97 USA: 97 Sweden: 96 Detroit Red Wings: 95 Dallas Stars: 94 Philadelphia Flyers: 94 World All-Stars: 94 St. Louis Blues: 93 Czech Republic: 92 New Jersey Devils: 91 Russia: 88 Toronto Maple Leafs: 88 Los Angeles Kings: 87 Phoenix Coyotes : 87 Pittsburgh Penguins: 87 Buffalo Sabres: 86 New York Rangers: 86 Ottawa Senators: 86 Washington Capitals: 86 Finland: 85 Florida Panthers: 85 San Jose Sharks: 85 Anaheim Mighty Ducks: 84 Edmonton Oilers: 84 Boston Bruins: 83 Carolina Hurricanes: 83 Chicago Blackhawks: 83 Germany: 82 Vancouver Canucks: 81 Calgary Flames: 79 Montreal Canadians: 79 New York Islanders: 79 Slovakia: 78 Columbus Blue Jackets: 74 Tampa Bay Lightning: 74 Nashville Predators: 71 Minnesota Wild: 70 Atlanta Thrashers: 69 Hints: Key players: Anaheim P. Kariya: 96 T. Selanne: 95 Atlanta D. Audette: 80 Boston J. Allison: 87 B. Dafoe: 86 A. Carter: 83 Buffalo D. Hasek: 95 M. Satan: 89 D. Gilmour: 86 Calgary V. Bure: 90 P. Housley: 85 J. Iginla: 84 F. Brathwaite: 82 Carolina S. Ozolinsh: 92 R. Francis: 87 A. Irbe: 87 S. Kapanen: 82 Chicago T. Amonte: 95 B. Mironov: 86 S. Thibault: 84 A. Zhamnov: 84 Colorado J. Sakic: 98 P. Roy: 96 P. Forsberg: 95 R. Bourque: 93 Columbus R. Tugnutt: 83 M. Schneider: 80 Dallas E. Belfour: 97 M. Modano: 95 D. Hatcher: 90 S. Zubov: 89 J. Nieuwendyk: 87 Detroit S. Yzerman: 95 B. Shanahan: 91 C. Osgood: 90 C. Chelios: 89 Edmonton D. Weight: 90 B. Guerin: 87 T. Salo: 87 Florida P. Bure: 98 R. Whitney: 88 R. Svehla: 87 Los Angeles R. Blake: 96 Z. Palffy: 92 L. Robitaille: 90 L. Stumpel: 87 Minnesota J. McLennan: 78 Montreal J. Hackett: 87 S. Koivu: 86 Nashville C. Ronning: 81 M. Dunham: 81 New Jersey M. Brodeur: 99 P. Elias: 89 S. Niedermayer: 89 S. Stevens: 88 P. Sykora: 87 New York Islanders P. Hamrlik: 86 M. Czerkowski: 85 K. Jonsson: 81 New York Rangers M. Richter: 89 B. Leetch: 88 T. Fleury: 86 P. Nedved: 86 Ottawa D. Alfredsson: 90 R. Bonk: 84 T. Barrasso: 83 W. Redden: 81 Philadelphia J. Leclair: 96 E. Lindros: 93 M. Recchi: 92 E. Desjardins: 91 K. Primeau: 88 Phoenix J. Roenick: 92 K. Trachuk: 90 T. Numminen: 87 J. Lumme: 84 Pittsburgh J. Jagr: 99 A. Kovalev: 87 M. Straka: 87 S. Slegr: 82 St. Louis C. Pronger: 99 P. Demitra:94 A. MacInnis: 93 P. Tourgeon: 92 R. Turek: 92 San Jose O. Nolan: 92 V. Damphousse: 86 J. Friesen: 86 B. Stuart: 81 G. Suter: 81 Tampa Bay V. Lecavalier: 86 M. Johnson: 77 P. Kubina: 77 P. Svoboda: 77 Toronto C. Joseph: 96 M. Sundin: 95 S. Thomas: 85 D. Yushkevich: 81 Vancouver M. Naslund: 86 M. Ohlund:86 F. Potvin: 84 Washington G. Kolzig: 92 S. Gonchar: 86 A. Oates: 86 P. Bondra: 85