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Beavis and Butthead


Level Codes

Burger World GEL DLW BTZ

High land High XLM DUO ATY

Highland Hospital WRG DVI GTY

Turbo Mall 2000 SXI HZC EPY


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Winter Olympics
0-0BD-3B7 C91-B2D-91D 1 Shot on Biathlon = 01E-87D-F7E 7 Shots on Biathlon = 07E-87D-F7E 9 Shots on Biathlon = 09E-87D-F7E Unlimited Time on Biathlon = 00A-02E-19A Full Power On Speed Skating = 2E8-51E-5DD E08-52E-A23 188-53E-2AA

World Cup Soccer
= 002-6DC-F7A 052-6EC-F7E 60 Minutes Per Half = 062-6DC-F7A 002-6EC-F7E Start With 43 Points on Edit Screen (World Cup mode) = 3EF-2BE-082 00F-2DE-E6D Start With 10 Points on Edit Screen (Exhibition mode) = 0AF-21E-B3A Start With 50 Points on Edit Screen (Exhibition mode) = 2AF-21E-B3A Start With 60 Points on Edit Screen (Exhibition mode) = 3CF-21E-B3A Unlimited Points on Edit Screen (Exhibition mode) = 001-21D-19E