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King of Fighters 95


Blood Code

To remove the game's American censorship, go to the high

score screen. Once there, press A + D on Controller 1

while holding B + C on controller 2.

Play as Bosses

Pick team edit. At the screen where you pick your fighters

hold Start and press Up+B, Right+C, Left+A, Down+D.

Saishu Kusanagi and Omega Rugal will appear.

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Art of Fighting 2
with the Super Technique of Blow. Fight Geese Howard Beat the game at any level without loosing a round. After you beat Mr. Big, Geese will appear and challenge you.

Samurai Showdown
a versus game press up, down, left, up, down, right+A. The player who wants to play as Kuroko should press these buttons. After the match the game will reset.

Kabuki Klash
12 times, then right 8 times on controller one. The screen will flash and you will have control of Manto Ape and Karakuri. It will work on controller 2 as well.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
character select, move to the character you choose to play as, then do the following: Hold the start button (don't let go of it!) Tap buttons in sequence: B, B, C, C. Now hold down the B button for about a second. While still holding B (and Start), press and hold the C button. While holding these three buttons, press A or D to select your character in Shadow form. You may now let go of all the buttons. (A or D is used to select the color of your character's clothes)