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Hidden Weapons

At the title screen , type "TOTAL WORMAGE" to gain all the hidden weapons. If you did it right, you will hear a sheep saying baaa and the title screen turns green.

When Push Comes to Shove

When it is your turn and you see someone near an edge, come up right behind them and press the left, then right arrows quick. If you did the code correctly, your worm should push the other one off the side!

Ultimate Darts Scorer 2
SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny
Little Shop - Traveler's Pack
The Underside
Mario Game: Tamayoshi Golden Edition


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ission 32 = steerdart

ion credits, all items researched - MIKES TEAM

Pro Tennis Tour
button and then ESC. A message will then appear awarding "Game, Set and Match" to your opponent. Regardless, you'll find that your world ranking will have advanced several positions. Keep performing this until you come across an opponent that you can beat legitimately.

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alk on this patch and you will be whisked away to secret levels.