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Gex3: Deep Cover Gecko


Turn into DracuGex without code

Just before you enter the level "Clueless in Seattle" you will find a painting of DracuGex. Look at it with Up-C. you will then turn into DracuGex for 30 seconds. This will help you get the bonus and paw coin across from you.

Vault Cheats

The following cheats must be entered in the vault after you have collected all the SECRET! keys. One life- triangle, circle, star, square, square, cross Timer on/off- square, square, diamond, circle, cross, cross (you can also go to "extras" after you press start and turn the timer on or off) Invincibility- square, star, triangle, square, triangle, diamond Level select- square, circle, circle, triangle, cross, cross Ten lives- square, cross, circle, circle, triangle, square SFX screen- square, triangle, cross, star, square, cross(can also be found in the "extras" screen) TRANSFORMATION CODES: The following codes turn you into the indicated person until you leave Gex's HQ. Cuz- square, diamond, square, square, triangle, diamond DracuGex- star, cross, cross, circle, square, triangle Alfred- square, cross, triangle, square, star, star

Sudoku Dots
Guess Who
Sims3 - Night Shoes with Flowers
LJB PushTone!


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Wave race 64
u choose the waterscooter, then hold the joystick DOWN and press A until you start the race. Get points[Diablo] After you do a trick off a ramp press start and you will rack up awesome points!

Chopper Attack
a screen with statistics and a rotating picture of your chopper. You can now use the analog stick to control the chopper's rotation. Level Select At the "Press Start" screen, press C-Up seven times. Presidential Bailout While playing, press Z + C-Up + C-Down, then launch a homing cluster at your opponent. If it hits, you will see the president jump out of the plane Debug mode Hold Z and press Right, Left, Up, Down, A, B, Start when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Chopper preview Highlight a chopper on the chopper selection screen. Press L to display the statistics screen. Press the Analog-stick to control the rotating model of the chopper.

Kirby 64:The Crystal Shards 2
vel and go back to get the star again. Repeat this as many times as needed to collect an unlimited amount of lives. Extra Star Piece or Treat Return to the beginning of most levels to find a Star Piece or Treat. Moves (combos) Fire: Fire ball Fire + Stone: Rock shooter Fire + Ice: Ice and fire blower Fire + Needle: Bow and arrow with fire arrow Fire + Bomb: Fireworks Fire + Spark: Solar powered fire Fire + Cutter: Fire sword Fire + Fire: Fire bird Stone: Rock Stone + Ice: Skating soap Stone + Needle: Drill Stone + Bomb: Dynamite Stone + Spark: Electric rope tied to stone Stone + Cutter: Stone cutter Stone + Stone: Big rock Ice: Ice blower Ice + Needle: Snow flake Ice + Bomb: Snowman bomb Ice + Spark: Refrigerator (food gives you health) Ice + Cutter: Skate Ice + Ice: Snowball Bomb: Bomb Needle + Bomb: Spikey bomb Needle + Spark: Thunderbolt Needle + Cutter: Bite (commercial) Needle + Needle: Spikey gadgets Needle: Spike ball Bomb + Spark: Light bulb Bomb + Cutter: Bomb that hooks onto opponent Bomb + Bomb: Missile launcher Spark: Electric shock Spark + Cutter: Electrical double bladed sword Spark + Spark: Electric ball Cutter: Boomerang Cutter + Cutter: Boomerang with blades Break through walls There are various walls that must be broken by specific abilities. The ability depends on the color of the wall: Light Brown: Spike Brown: Rock Red: Fire Green: Cutter Black: Bomb Blue: Ice Extra Items Look for food at the beginning of any levels. You should find stars or food.

Command & Conquer 64
all missions and R to select your team. All Buildings Press C-Left, then hold A + C-Right. You will hear the person give new construction options. Zoom Hold L and press C-Up or C-Down to zoom in or out, respectively. Infinite NUKE for NOD 800962A6 0034 800C5018 00FF Infinite NUKE for GDI 800962A6 0034 800C4E70 00FF