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Cheat mode

Enter one of the following company names to activate the corresponding cheat (Enter as company name:

1 million credits - ROB A BANK

1 million credits, mission select, all weapons - COOPER TEAM

Mission select - NUK THEM

Speed up time - WATCH THE CLOCK

Have all countries - OWN THEM

100 million credits, all items researched - MIKES TEAM

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button and then ESC. A message will then appear awarding "Game, Set and Match" to your opponent. Regardless, you'll find that your world ranking will have advanced several positions. Keep performing this until you come across an opponent that you can beat legitimately.

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alk on this patch and you will be whisked away to secret levels.

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all or most of the battle icons! Go to 'conquest game' and then go to 'battle at' section and type: WOITAB for the last level and the cool levels are OOAMAT, QUABAG, MMSUAD, LLOOAK and EMUBAB.