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Blair Witch Project, The


Hidden Trailers

From the disc's main menu, go to the [Special Features]. Now press the arrow down key on your remote control until you highlight the well-known [Blair Witch] stick-figure symbol. Now press [Enter] and you will see 2 teaser clips for 'The Blair Witch Project' as well as a trailer for the upcoming 'The Stand'.

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Saving Silverman
re and the picture of Steve Zahn will change to him with a racoon on his head. Press [Enter] to see the making of the racoon scene.


Now press [Enter] and you will get to see an advertisement for the Secretary screenplay.

Terminator 2 (Ultimate Edition)
seconds. It will either be an electric circle or say "Join the resistance". Quickly scroll over to the rectangular box and press enter. With a mouse on the computer, simply put the cursor onto the box and press return on the keyboard. The menu will then change to loads of different options that show you the storyboards and things of making the film. submitted by: Neil Addison