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Burning Soldier


Debug Menu

On the Options screen press L + R + C + X + Right on Controller Two.

Phoenix Assault
Reality-on-the-Norm: I Spy II
Crab Effect
Monkey Math for Mac


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o to the Storm Troopers level (for example), put in the password for the Imperial Walkers. Level Easy Normal Hard Beggar's Canyon BOSSK BOTHAN BORDOK Canyon Asteroid ENGRET HERGLIC SKYNX Canyon Run RALRRA LEENI DEFEL Star Destroyer FRIJA THRAWN JEDGAR Tattoine Attack LARFRA LWYLL MADINE Asteroid Field DERLIN MAZZIC TARKIN Imperial Walkers MOLTOK JULPA MOTHMA Storm Troopers MORAG MORRT GLAYYD Transport TANTISS MUFTAK OTTEGA Yavin Training OSWAFL RASKAR RISHII Death Star KLAATU JHOFF IZRINA Death Star Surface IRENEZ ITHOR KARRDE Cannon LIANNA UMWAK VONZEL Power Relay PAKKA ORLOK OSSUS Trench Run NORVAC NKLLON MALANI

ease Defense B - Increase Offense C - Increase Agility LS - Toggle Invincibility RS - Increase rank