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Lego Drome Racers


Quick start:

Hold A when the "1" appears during the pre-race countdown to get a quick start.

Cricket Revolution
Smith Enterprises Crazy Fruit
Sims3 - Prom Night Princess Dress
Pearl Diversion
Mario Game: Mario: Pipe Network


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Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge
vival) Complete Class Z. Getting the Data chips Data chip 1 - Talking to Higsby for 20 times Data chip 2 - Finish the Ajina Free battle Data chip 3 - Finish S class Data chip 4 - Finish the 128 tournament Unlockables AntiElec - Beat Tournament 32 AntiFire - Beat Tournament 32 AntiWatr - Beat Tournament 32 Anubis - Beat Tournament 16 Aqua+40 - Beat Tournament 64 AquaCust - Beat Tournament 128 Atk+30 - Beat Tournament 64 BigBomb - Beat Tournament 16 BlckHole - Beat Tournament 128 DblSnsr - Beat Tournament 16 DropDown - Beat Tournament 32 Elec+40 - Beat Tournament 64 ElecTeam - Beat Tournament 128 Fire+40 - Beat Tournament 64 FireRat - Beat Tournament 16 FrntSnsr - Beat Tournament 16 Geyser - Beat Tournament 32 GodStone - Beat Tournament 32 HeatGuts - Beat Tournament 128 Kunai3 - Beat Tournament 64 LavaDrgn - Beat Tournament 32 Navi+40 (rare) - Beat Tournament 64 OldWood - Beat Tournament 32 Popup - Beat Tournament 128 Recov200 - Beat Tournament 16 TimeBom3 - Beat Tournament 16 UnderSht - Beat Tournament 16 Wood+40 - Beat Tournament 64 WoodShld - Beat Tournament 128

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation
- Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS Goku Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Piccolo Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS Vegeta Character - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store SS4 Goku Character - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Super Baby Vegeta Character - Buy for 6000 zenie on the store Sayan Difficulty Mode - Buy for 8000 zenie on the store Explosive Touch - Buy for 6000 zenie on the store Hard Difficulty Mode - Buy for 1000 zenie on the store Change Game Speed - Buy for 1000 zenie on the store Endurance Mode - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Boss Endurance Mode - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Robot Swarm Mode - Buy for 3000 zenie on the store Multiplayer Endurance Mode - Buy for 2000 zenie on the store Multiplayer Boss Endurance Mode - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store Multiplayer Robot Swarm Mode - Buy for 4000 zenie on the store

Pokemon Emerald
o use the masterball trick when you throw the pokeball hold down and a when you see the ball open hold a and b (this does not work with all balls) It works with these: Pokeball level 20-1 greatball 30-1 Ultra ball 40-1 usually 35-1 submitted by: Masterballer Get A Kanto Starter! After catching 60 Pokemon and beating the Elite 4 at least one time go back to Littleroot Town and talk to Prof. Birch. He will give you the National Dex (your pokedex upgrade), and he will allow you to choose from either Totodile, Chikorita, or Cyndaquil (the three original starters from the Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions). National Pokedex Beat the Elite 4. Proffessor Birch will visit you and give it to you once you leave your house. Getting to Team Magma Base and Team Aqua To get to Team Magmas base you got to go to Mt.Pyre and go to the top of the mountain and battle team aqua grunts after that Team Aqua will steal the two orbs, you talk to the old lady and guy and they'll give you a Magma Emblam.After that go to Lavridge Town where the 4th gym leader is.You go in the place where that guy is going up and down.When you get in it your screen will shake and something will break and it will be a cave, go in it and fight all the Team Magma grunts.After that go where there leader is (Maxie) you'll see him and talk to him he will be looking at Groudon and use a blue orb on him Groudon will fly away because Maxie didn't use the Red ord.After that you have to battle Maxie but be sure to say your game before talking to him and battling him.Be sure to have strong pokemon so you don't lose, and be sure to have a Escape Rope so you can get out of the cave faster.Go back to Lilycove Town and go in the Team Aqua cave the two grunts that were blocking the way they will go away.Now you have to get a chance to get the master ball so you don't have hard time catching Rayquaza,Groudon, and Kyogre. submitted by: Jack Daycare cheat First thing you should know is one step=1 experiance point for the pokemon in daycare. First thing you do is put the Pokemon you wish to level up in daycare, then get on your Acro bike and cycle up into the desert and keep going up and down the sandy slope.Going up counts as 1 exp. point, and coming back down=another exp. point. Get creative and find a way to keep the up button down as long as you can.HOWEVER, you will get calls from people who have registered your name, so unless you have not registered anybody's number(witch is impossible) you will not get a call. submitted by: Kitten