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Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness


Play as Zero Gouki:

Beat the game with each of the pilots on the bottom row of the pilot selection screen (Chiyomaru Kaguru, Shade, and Devilotte). Then on the VA selection screen, the Super 8, Gaits, Helion and Warlock will become selectable. Now beat the game with any of the original pilots. If done correctly, there will be a message near the ending. Now on the VA selection screen, Gouki will appear at the very bottom beneath the Warlock. An alternate method to obtain him is to beat the game on any difficulty level above four stars without using any continues. Then, he will be selectable in Vs. and arcade modes.

Crazy Factory
Mario Game: Super Mario Moobertwo
Little Red Wagon Town for Mac
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. Melee


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Mega Man X7
s to unlock X. Zero: You will unlock Zero as you progress with Axl. Jungle stage: Extra lives: There is an extra life at the beginning of the stage. Immediately when Megaman/Zero/Axl warps into the stage, zoom behind you to get it. After completing the stage, keep coming here, exit, and repeat to get the maximum number of lives. X's Ultimate Armor: Find the large blue things for the parts of X's Ultimate Armor (as in the previous games in the series). "Lava" stage: Look low for it in the first phase of the stage. "Airplane" stage: Look in the maze-like room in the second phase of the stage. "Computer" stage: Use the portals to reach it in the second phase of the stage. "Jungle" stage: After the "spike" area, there will be two stone spitting rocks, one on top the other. Use these two rocks to jump up top to the left area on a tree branch to get the blue pod containing the boots. Hint: Defeating Sigma's final form: When Sigma's final form uses its Green Ball attacks, use Zero's Green Charged shield (hold Square). Zero will charge into Green Energy, and it will bounce the attack back to Sigma. When Sigma uses its Force Charged Punch, dash to right side then counter its attacks.

Beat Mania 2 DX 3rd Style
lly complete the game in game mode five times. Salamander Beat Crush Mix song Successfully complete the game in game mode six times. E-Motion song Successfully complete the game in game mode seven times. Diving Money song Successfully complete the game in game mode eight times. Special Energy song Successfully complete the game in game mode nine times. Genom Screams song Successfully complete the game in game mode ten times. Deep In You song Successfully complete the game in game mode eleven times. Celebrate song Successfully complete the game in game mode twelve times. Patsenner song Successfully complete the game in game mode thirteen times.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
tra stage. The Legend Of MAX: Play every song. Alternately, successfully complete the Extra stage. Tomorrow Perfume: Get an "AA" rank or greater. Trip Machine survivor: Get an "A" or better rank on Trip Machine Survivor under Heavy mode as as semi-final stage. Try 2 Luv. U: Get twenty "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode). Alternately, complete Lesson mode. U1 (dancer): Play MAX. (period) as player two. Un Deux Trois: Get fifty "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode). Xenon: Get an "A" or greater rank on V (for Extreme) challenge. Additional Dancers option: Complete every Nonstop course Angel's Oni course: Complete ten Oni courses Brand New Songs Oni course: Complete the Brand New Songs Nonstop course. Brand New Songs Nonstop course: Complete A Stupid Barber. Darkness Oni course: Complete any song with the "dark" setting. From GF & DM Oni course: Receive an "A" or better on Mikenko Rock in Heavy mode. From IIDX Oni course: Complete one Oni course. IIDX Boss Oni course: Complete V (for EXTREME) challenge with an "A" or greater rank. Legend Road Oni course: Pass True Demon Road Oni course Legendary Road Oni Course: Play every Max song. Max songs do not have to be beaten; just played. Max Quartet Nonstop course: Pass MAX. (period) as your EXTRA STAGE Rap 5 Oni course: Get an "A" or greater rank on Daikenkai challenge. Rebellion of Oni (Oni course): Master Light, Standard, or Heavy mode. Remix Nonstop course: Complete the Standard Nonstop course. RevenG and TaQ Oni course: Complete five Oni courses.

Tekken Tag Tournament
RAZY 70's use start when selecting any of these characters: XIAOYO, LAW (BRUCE LEE SUIT), JIN, JUN, GANRYU, AND MICHELLE [send by:Matt ] TIGER To play as TIGER, use start to select eddy [send by:Mat Control Intro During the Introduction Sequence, continously press L1 to change visual effects. Fight as Angel: Compute arcade until Devil is unlocked. Then, highlight his screen and press Start. Gallery mode: Unlock Devil to access gallery mode. Tekken Bowl mode: Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode. Third Person View Onscreen Display Press Select while driving in 3rd Person View. Theater mode: Successfully complete the game once to unlock Theater mode. Bonus characters: Beat arcade mode to unlock one of the bonus characters. A new character will be unlocked each time (in the following order): Kunimitsu Bruce Irvin Jack-2 Lee Chaolan Wang Jinrey Roger & Alex Kuma & Panda Kazuya Mishima Ogre True Ogre Prototype Jack Mokujin & Tetsujin Devil & Angel Select practice mode stage: Highlight Practice Mode, hold L2 and press R2 the following number of times: 01 - Law 02 - Yoshimitsu 03 - Ling 04 - Hwoarang 05 - Lei 06 - Ogre 07 - School Stage 08 - Jin 09 - Nina 10 - Eddy 11 - King 12 - Heihachi 13 - Eddy 14 - Unknown 15 - Law 16 - School Stage 17 - Jin 18 - Nina 19 - Yoshimitsu 20 - Paul Unlock mystero OK this is really hard. But have unkown as your first character and whoever as your second. As you start every match (and i mean every single match you have) hold x for two seconds select. doesnt matter if you get hit while holding x. when at stage 8 make sure that unkown wins or it wont work and as soon as it says KO (no time out) hold select and press triangle 4 times then press x , to get him press start on unknown, you dont get his command list but his moves are alot like ogre's. His finishing move is back back square and triangle where he sucks out there soul. odd looking guy submitted by: Josh Play as dark jin Play as jin and devil in arcade mode and at the 8th stage after unkown is dead press x twice then hold R1 and L1 and press triangle 3 times (do it fast, and do it right after she is ko'd). At jins video you will see a shadow of jin with electricity flowing through him. To play as dark jin press start on jin. (dark jin is seriously amazing) submitted by: Josh Do Super Charger: While playing, press all the buttons and your character will be a little faster and stronger for a few seconds. New Outfit for Armor King: First finish the game using Armor King. Then go to the character selection screen, highlight him and press Start. Play as the monster behind Unknown: In arcade mode, highlight Unknown, hold select, circle and triangle, and press R1, R2 and the same time. Only the monster behind Unknown should appear during gameplay on the 4th stage. Be Devil Jin: Play as both Jin and Heihachi in tag mode and press Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Triangle, and X while playing as Jin. Ling's Extra Ending: Beat arcade mode with Ling, then beat it again in her schoolgirl costume. Then you can to view two different endings that she has. Start Match With Second Character Selected: Press and hold the Tag Button and press start. Continue holding the Tag button until the match starts. Knock out Dr. B: When playing Tekken Bowl, aim at Dr.B in the background and you will knock him out. Tekken Bowl Playing Tips: Having a tough time playing Tekken Bowl, but you really want to unlock Dr.B? Here are some tips to help you out. First, choose are midrange character, meaning not too powerful and not too lethargic. Eddy, Baek, Hwoarang, and Lee do well, but from experience, I believe Eddy does best. And DO NOT aim for the middle, this is a common mistake and do not stand in the middle. Make the ball turn INTO the center not directly into it, only knocking out center pins. By turning it into the center, it knocks pins down diagonally. Also, don't go for full power, try a few squares from the full power level. With some practice with these techniques, you can get up to and and above 200 points. "Unknown's" moves: When playing with the secret charcter "unknown," she will switch what characters moves she does every time you switch her out and back in. You can also press R3 to change "unknown's" moves Secret video: When you are just finishing arcade mode, you will see a video of that player. You must lose the first match without harming the boss. Then you win the next two, killing the boss. Then quickly hold down all buttons and it will show a secret video never been seen before of the person you used to beat it with. Quick way to beat computer in arcade mode: Here is a nifty little tip for all those gamers out there having a hard time beating the computer, first off this trick really only works on normal and a difficulty above that. First pick Paul Phoenix, when the match starts all you need to do is land a jump kick (forward + left kick) then as they are in the air descending to a left jab (left punch) and immidiatly after that do Pauls power punch (back + left punch and right punch simultanously) and the computer will roll and stand up right into it! Walla 1 round won! P.S. sometimes it doesnt kill them, so after it hits them just double tap forwards to run towards them and when you get close enough hit right kick to slide.