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Alien Gate


Level Codes

5 = CWOA

10 = ASJA

15 = VZOA

20 = SAKA

25 = TNNB

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Burn Cycle
the save game screen. Select the save option. Enter one of the following save game names to jump to the corresponding level. End of the Hart Maze (before Kris is killed) Enter CH_HART_END as a save game name. Front of the booth in the Karmic Church Enter CH_KARM as a save game name. Exterior of hotel Enter CH_HTEL_EXT as a save game name. Nav point in Cutter's hotel room Enter CH_HTEL_INT as a save game name. Doc's door Enter CH_LOKB as a save game name.

ridge and turn on the switch. Return to the dock and turn off the marker switch (down position). Get the white page. In the Library, look at the far right book on the middle shelf for the pattern for page 158. Input the pattern on the door in the fireplace opening. Save the game. Decide which ending to display and deliver the appropriate page. D'ni Mosaic: If you have completed the game, you will have been to D'ni, the place that you arrive in after you have used the green book in the library's fireplace. You will also notice that the floor is a mosaic, forming a picture of a man's face. That man is not Atrus, Sirrus, Achenar, or any other game character. The face belongs to Chuck Carter, who created a lot of the graphics for the game.