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Press Pause, then hold Option 1 + Option 2 + B + Up/Right at the high score screen.

Starcraft 2 Map - (4) MCP-016 [ MarSara ]
Frets on Fire
Sims3 - child suede boots
Mario Game: Super Peach Dreams
From The Abyss


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Switchblade 2
Pause during game play and press B to jump to the next level. The second flash enabled unlimited energy. The third flash enabled unlimited ammunition. The fourth flash enabled unlimited money. Chrome mini-game passwords: Level Password 1 .... START 2 .... TRUTH 3 .... YELLY 4 .... STORY 5 .... CLOUD 6 .... MOUSE 7 .... HUMAN 8 .... FLOOR 9 .... PAPER 10 .... EARTH 11 .... SPACE 12 .... GENAM 13 .... APPLE 14 .... JUICE 15 .... CHESS 16 .... WORLD 17 .... AUDIO 18 .... LOGIC 19 .... TITLE 20 .... VENUS

Super Skweek
rbidden Islands may now be accessed. Extra lives: Scale on the small island directly to the right of the "Welcome Island" in the top right corner of the dark blue spot. Hover over the Skweek next to a palm tree and press Option 1 for two extra lives. Extra coins: Scale over the large body of water in the "Pagalagos Island". Hover over the Skweek and press Option 1 to collect 3000 extra coins. Bravo cheat: In the middle of the ocean, above the compass, and to the left of the 'G' in Gargouil'land, a creature will appear that activates the Bravo Cheat.


o player game in single player mode: Complete two veteran levels, such as the topmost and the leftmost battlefields. Press Left at the map screen, and the battlefield highlighting will disappear. Begin game play to start on the two player battlefields.