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Space Ghost Coast to Coast


Disc 1

Go to Special Features and select Zorak's...underwear and you'll will see a clip from Cartoon Planet with the Councel of Doom singing The Twelve Days of Christmas.

On disc 2

Go to Special Features and select Moltar's visor, you'll see a LIVE-ACTION Space Ghost dancing and doing other weird stuff!!

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oduction Notes] when you highlight the rings, flower and other objects.

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Linkin Park: Frat Party
e for my Head" Before Linkin Park was Famous In the [Beginnings] chapter, a little bit after Chester starts talking about his bite marks, it shows Brad with the captions "From the beginning" on the bottom, when you see that hit [Enter]. One Step Closer, BACKWARDS Go to edit setup and click "yes" to turn on the directors commentary and then watch OSC. One Step Closer, REMIX Go to the normal "One Step Closer" video on the DVD, when Chester says his last "SHUT UP", hit [Enter], and it will go to the audio of the Remix version.