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Dream Mix TV World Fighters


Unlock Manjimaru

Beat Story Mode with any Hudson character (Bomberman, Momotarou, Master Higgins/Takahashi, Yugo)

Unlock Megatron

Clear Story Mode with all Takara character s (Licca, Takao/Tyson Granger, Optimus Prime, Microman, Asuka)

Unlock Moai

Cleat Story Mode with all Konami character s (Power Pro-Kun, Simon Belmont, Twinbee, Solid Snake).

Unlock Asuka

Beat Story Mode with any default Takara character (Licca, Takao/Tyson Granger, Optimus Prime, Microman)

Unlock Bimbougami

Clear Story Mode with all Hudson character s (Bomberman, Momotarou, Master Higgins/Takahashi, Yugo, Manjimaru)

Unlock Solid Snake

Beat Story Mode with any default Konami character (Power Pro-Kun, Simon Belmont, Twinbee).

Unlock All Library Materials

All library materials can be unlocked for a particular character by getting an A rank in Story Mode (top choice). A rank requires you to maintain a high TV rating through various parameters.

Unlock New Stages

Unlock the Artificial Sun stage by clearing Story Mode with Moai (from Gradius)

Unlock the Oil Rig stage

by clearing Story Mode with Solid Snake (from Metal Gear)

Unlock the Tree House stage

by clearing Story Mode with Megatron

Unlock the Devil Orchid stage (Manjimaru)

by clearing Story Mode with Manjimaru

Unlock the Floating Continent stage

by clearing Story Mode with Bimbougami

Paper Mario for N64
Sims3 - Chandon
Mario Game: Super Mario GS: The Ogicha Attack!
Sims3 - Proenza Schouler High Heels


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NHL Hitz 2002
wn Hitz time - 1-0-4 Right No crowd - 2-1-0 Right Pinball boards - 4-2-3 Right Show shot speed - 1-0-1 Up Show the team's hot spot - 2-0-1 Up No fake shots - 4-2-4 Down No puck out - 1-1-1 Down No one-times - 2-1-3 Left Big puck - 1-2-1 Up Huge puck - 3-2-1 Up Bulldozer puck - 2-1-2 Left Tennis ball - 1-3-2 Down Big head player - 2-0-0 Right Huge head player - 3-0-0 Right Big head team - 2-2-0 Left Huge head team - 3-3-0 Left Snow mode - 1-2-1 Left Rain mode - 1-4-1 Left Domino effect - 0-1-2 Right Win fights for goals - 2-0-2 Left Skills versus - 2-2-2 Down First to 7 wins - 3-2-3 Left More time to enter codes - 3-3-3 Right Disable previous code - 0-1-0 Down

the blue pikmin keep capn Olimar away from after about 5 min of fighting you will kill it. submitted by: Patrick Find Smokey Progg worth 100 pikmin: Go to the Distant Spring after day 15.Go to the southern lake area until you find a cluster of islands that looks like a flower.Attack the egg in the center until it opens and the Smokey Progg will come out.Try to destroy it and take it to an onion and it will be worth 100 pikmin! CHALLENGE MODE: Save the game once and go to the main menu Get FIREWORKS!: press D-down to see fireworks Take Down the Evil Fat Mushroom (turns your Pikmin against you): First, you need 50 red Pikmin for this, when you get to the circular area that he is in, dismiss 30 Pikmin, but keep them away from the mushroom, but not too far. Get the other 20 to attack it's legs (if it looks like it's sucking in air, get your Pikmin away from it!)hopefully, it will tip over.When it does, throw the Pikmin on it, as fast as you can! When it gets upright get your Pikmin away, if they don't, the mushroom will spread a spore and turn them against you, get your other 30 Pikmin to battle the evi ones, repeat until it is dead. Also the top is the missing part, the other half is a lot of pellets. Space Float: To get the space float you must first go to the Naval Base and find the blue ognion. After you get a few blue pikmin, find a flower with a pellet in it and get one of your blue pikmin to slash it down. Don't do anything until a beetle-like creature comes and trys to eat it, when he does send 2 pikmin at the pellet they will fight for it and drag the beetle back to the ognion where the ray will pull the pellet and the beetle up and the beetle will get hurt. You will have to do this 2 times and when the beetle dies you will get The Space Float. (Your Pikmin won't attack this creature so that is the only way to kill it) Get purple pikmin: First get 100 red, 75 blue, and 50 yellow pikmin. Once you do that, go to the Impact Site and take out 25 red, 25 blue, and 50 yellow pikmin. Go stand by the rocket. Stay there for 5 seconds. Then go to cardboard box. Make sure all your pikmin you took out are still with you. Go into there and grab some bombs. Throw all the yellow pikmin with bomb rocks into the water and then put the rest of the pikmin back. Call it a night. The next morning, you will find the number of yellow pikmin you threw into the water have become purple. Purple has the power of all 3 pikmin and are invincible!! Have fun!! Secret Mode: It's easy just meet everykind of Pikmin (blue, yellow, and red)and collect every rocket part and escape the planet before the 30 days are up and Challenge Mode will appear on the main menu. The point of Challenge mode is to breed as many Pikmin as you can in one day. It's not as simple as it sounds because these things happen: can access every area, 2.enemys pop up in new places to eat you, is longer, can work a little bit at night (a second or so) 5.Pikman take longer to find and be reproduced by by pellets (as in it's hard to find them in the ground) 6.areas are not the same in Challenge mode (including pellets and Pikmin in the ground) Enjoy the mode!!! More Pikmin: To get more Pikmin from a pellet than the number on the pellet you must send double the amount of pikmin required to carry the pellet. Battle Tactic: In the forest of hope, there are these huge predators that are red with white polka dots. They sleep during the day. If you attack them from the front, you can lose as many as seventy pikmin! However, if you sneak up behind them while they're sleeping, put Olimar directly behind the rear of the predator, and push the c stick in the direction of the enemy, you can kill it almost instantly with a minimum of 40 pikmin and not lose any! Lots of pikmin fast!: To make this faster and easier, get the yellow pikmin first. Then go to the "Impact Site" level and go into the part past the box with the number 10 on it. Have the yellow pikmin pick up the bomb rocks on the other side of the box, and use three of them to knock down the white wall. Once you go inside, stay close to the sides as not to drown your pikmin. To the right, around the corner is a clam type thing with a pearl in it's mouth. Stand next to it and put your site in it's mouth just next to the pearl. Grab a pikmin with a bomb rock and toss it it. It should land in, run out and throw it's bomb rock. Do this twice to kill it. Have them take it back to the onion and you get about 50 pikmin seeds!!! Captain Olimar Trophy (Requires Super Smash Bros Melee Game): This is a really cool-looking and easy to get trophy! All you have to do is play 1 day of Pikmin (not a 24-hour day, just a regular Pikmin-game day) and then play Super Smash Brothers. After the Melee Main Menu, it should say "You've gotten the Captain Olimar trophy". Purple Pikmin To get purple Pikmin go toimpact site with 100 red Pikmin, 75 blue Pikmin and 50 Yellow Pikmin. Take out 25 red, 25 blue and 50 yellow. Then go wait by the rocket for 5 seconds. Go to the card bord box and make your yellow pikmin pick up the bombs. after that go throw them into the water. Caqllit a night. The next mourning go to the water and you will have purple pikmin [send by:PIKPIK] Faq on Bulborbs and Bulbears This creatures are nocturnal so the awake at night but if a pikmin hits it it will wake up so if they are carrying a part and hit them call them back and run to destroy them easyly hit them in there back or throw a bomb rock at them there back is thier weak spot so when battling Bulborbs and bulbears use this FAQ Bomb Cheat If you take your yellow Pikmin to a Bomb Spot, the move the C-Stick inside the Bomb Spot, then press X to release your Pikmin. They will ALL eventually Pick up Bombs from nowhere. Strange huh? How to get Purple Pikmin! First, you need to all of the color Pikmin. Then go to the very first stage. From your space shudle, take out 28 yellow pikmin. Next, go to the cardboard box and get three of your yellow pikmin, and make them each pick up a bomb rock. After that, go to the stream. Then, when you get there throw all three of the yellow pikmin with bomb rocks into the stream. Next, when the night is over go into your space ships. After that, go back there in the morning and call the three yellow pikmin out of the water. Then they should be all purple. That was my hint for this day on Pikmin!

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Master Quest
re lucky, he will throw an Orange Rupee worth 500 Rupees. Keep playing the mini-game at anytime if you want the Orange Rupee again. Submitted by: Master Pulled through gate: In the Water Temple, there is a passageway that leads to a gate with a torch, two boxes, and a gold Skulltula behind it. As the passageway breaks off in two directions, hookshot the torch while the gate is closed. You can be pulled through the gate without getting hurt. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave once you are here, but you can get the Skulltula. Submitted by: Master Baby Ghoma Whenever you see the Baby Ghoma, make sure to take them out before they hatch out of their eggs. The slingshot is recommended. Some rooms contain ten to fifteen eggs. Get them before they become an annoyance. Submitted by: Master Multiply bugs This trick requires at least one Bottle. First, catch a bug then let it go. When released, the bug multiplies into three. Take them the "crazy man" who will buy them. Keep repeating this until you have enough money. Also, put the bugs into the soft spots in the ground. Lake Hylia: Sinking Lure Go to the fishing grounds. Go to the log that has a part sticking out of the water. On one side, Navi will say that you found a Sinking Lure. Note: If you catch a very large fish and talk to the man, he will say that it is a violation of the rules and you will not get a prize. Lost Woods: Easy rupees After you give the kid in the Lost Woods who plays the Ocarina with you the Skull mask from the Happy Mask Shop, leave and return later. He should attack you. Defeat him to get a orange rupee worth 500 rupees. You can do this as many times as desired. Stone Of Agony This useful item can find hidden holes .You must have the rumble feature enabled for this to work. Also, you must have killed twenty Gold Skulltulas. Sun Song Go to the Graveyard then to the Triforce Mark in the back. Play Zelda's Lullaby. Easy rupees Go to the market's drawbridge and walk on the chain. Try to jump to the other side. Do it on both sides. Sprit Temple: Silver Rupees Go inside the Spirit Temple and break the rocks on both sides. Walk outside and you will learn a song from Sheik. Go inside again and you will find two Silver Rupees. Go out the door and return as many times as desired to get as many Rupees as needed. Zora's Domain: Orange Rupee Note: It is recommended that you would get at least the Adult's or Giant's Wallet before doing this. In Zora's Domain, go to the top of the waterfall as a child and talk to the Zora there. Accept the mini-game and he will throw Rupees in the water below. Rarely, if you are lucky, he will throw an Orange Rupee worth 500 Rupees. Keep playing the mini-game at anytime if you want the Orange Rupee again. Baby Ghoma: Whenever you see the Baby Ghoma, make sure to take them out before they hatch out of their eggs. The slingshot is recommended. Some rooms contain ten to fifteen eggs. Get them before they become an annoyance. Multiply bugs: This trick requires at least one Bottle. First, catch a bug then let it go. When released, the bug multiplies into three. Take them the "crazy man" who will buy them. Keep repeating this until you have enough money. Also, put the bugs into the soft spots in the ground. Jump through wall: Go to where Malon is located. When you get the egg from her, there should be a vine wall that you can climb up. Get about slightly more than three quarters of the way up. Press A to fall, then quickly press B while still in the air. You should go through the wall. Strange grotto: Note: Use the rumble feature and the Stone Of Agony to find this grotto. Go or warp to the Forest Meadow then move near the log exit. The controller will rumble. Bomb the middle between the entrance to the maze and the exit. The secret grotto will be revealed. Do down it. When you do, you will end up in a strange grotto with crystal-like walls.

Beach Spikers
m: Finish ranked first overall in world tour mode. Completion bonuses: Complete the tasks below to unlock that bonus. Block Tutorial Easy Clear As soon as the match starts run directly behind your computer controlled partner and she'll run to the front and perform the block. See Performance Meter In the world tour mode, hold L + R while team names and round number are being announced. Task - Bonus Complete arcade mode as Japan - Uniforms 103 and 104 Complete arcade mode once - Uniforms 87 and 88 Complete arcade mode twice - Uniforms 90 and 91 Complete arcade mode three times - Uniforms 93 and 94 Complete world tour mode - Uniforms 96 through 102 Complete world tour mode - Sunglasses 86 through 93 Complete world tour mode - Hair 71 through 74 Complete world tour mode in first place overall - Uniforms 89, 92, and 95 Defeat Dural team - Face 54 and 55 Complete all tutorial mode courses - Uniforms 71 through 86