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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith


Wipe out

Enter WIPEOUT as a code at the options screen and while playing the game hold l1,l2,r1,r2 and it will destroy everything or anyone in your path.

submitted by: cheatmaster

Unlimited health:

Enter XUCPHRA as a code at the options screen.

Unlimited Force:

Enter KAIBURR as a code at the options screen.

Fast regeneration of Force and health:

Enter BELSAVIS as a code at the options screen.

All story missions unlocked:

Enter KORRIBAN as a code at the options screen.

All bonus missions unlocked:

Enter NARSHADDAA as a code at the options screen.

All duel arenas unlocked:

Enter TANTIVEIV as a code at the options screen.

All duelists unlocked:

Enter ZABRAK as a code at the options screen.

All movie clips unlocked:

Enter COMLINK as a code at the options screen.

All concept art unlocked:

Enter AAYLASECURA as a code at the options screen.

All Jedi powers and Force moves:

Enter JAINA as a code at the options screen.

Super SABRE mode:

Enter SUPERSABERS as a code at the options screen.

Tiny Droid mode:

Enter 071779 as a code at the options screen.

Unlocking Characters for Versus

Ben Kenobi - Complete Mission 17

Cin Drallig - Complete Mission 12

Count Dooku - Complete Mission 4

Darth Vader - Complete Mission 17

General Grievous - Complete Mission 9

Mace Windu - Complete Mission 10

Serra Keto - Complete Mission 12

Unlock Duel Areana's and Bonus Missions

Complete the listed Missions to unlock the listed Duel Arenas or Bonus Missions:

Throne Room Main Chamber

Complete mission 04: "Settling the Score"

Throne Room Upper Balcony

Complete mission 04: "Settling the Score"

Bonus Mission: "The General's Protectors"

Complete mission 08: "The Cavalry Arrives"

Utapau Sinkhole Control Room

Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"

Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform

Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"

Bonus Mission: "Grievous on the Run"

Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"

Palpatine's Office

Complete mission 10: "The Dark Side of the Force"

Palpatine's Office Docking Bay

Complete mission 10: "The Dark Side of the Force"

Temple Control Room

Complete mission 12: "The Final Lesson"

Temple Outer Terrace

Complete mission 12: "The Final Lesson"

Bonus Mission: "Mustafar Lava Challenge"

Complete mission 14: "Assassination on Mustafar"

Bonus Mission: "Size Matters Not"

Complete mission 15: "Aftermath in the Temple"

Mustafar Control Room

Complete mission 16: "A friendship in Flames"

Mustafar Balcony

Complete mission 16: "A friendship in Flames"

Mustafar Control Arm

Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"

Mustafar Lava Platform

Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"

Episode IV Death Star

Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"

Bonus Mission: "Episode IV Death Star"

Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"

Earning Skill Points

You earn skill points by hitting your opponent or forcing them to block attacks:

Light Attack (hit) - 10

Light Attack (blocked) - 5

Enhanced Light Attack (hit) - 15

Strong Attack (hit) - 20

Strong Attack (blocked) - 10

Enhanced Strong Attack (hit) - 25

Critical Attack (hit) - 30

Critical Attack (blocked) - 15

Enhanced Critical Attack (hit) - 35

Deflected Projectile (hit) - 15

Deflected Projectile (blocked) - 5

Thrown Object (hit) - 25

Force Attack (hit) - 15

Force Attack (blocked) - 10

Kill Rating

You earn skill points for killing enemies, and the number of points you earn depends on how full your skill meter is when you kill them:

0-34% - Fair

35-69% - Good

70-99% - Impressive

100% - Masterful

Losing Skill Points

As time passes without you attacking enemies, you lose skill points. The number of points you lose per second increases as more and more time passes:

1-10 seconds - 10

11-20 seconds - 20

21-30 seconds - 30

31+ seconds - 40

Earning Experience Points

You earn experience points by killing enemies. If your skill meter rating is above "Fair" your experience points will be multiplied: Fair - 1x (base) :: Good - 1.5x :: Impressive - 2x :: Masterful - 3x. Below is a list of the base points earned by killing the listed enemies. Use your skill meter multiplyer to determine how many real experience points you earn. Warning: The following list may contain spoilers:

Battledroid - 200

Battledroid Captain - 300

Battledroid Sniper - 300

Super Battledroid - 400

Buzz Droid - 200

Buzz Droid Dispenser - 400

Crab Droid - 3000

Destroyer Droid - 500

Flying Battledroid - 500

Blue Grapple Droid - 600

Red Grapple Droid - 800

Clone Trooper - 300

Clone Sniper - 400

Clone Heavy Gunner - 500

Clone Blaze Trooper - 700

Clone AT-ST Walker - 900

Clone Assassin - 1000

Count Dooku - 20000

Grievious Bodyguard - 1250

General Grievous - 20000

Jedi Sniper - 600

Jedi Knight - 800

Jedi Brute - 1000

Neimoidian Guard - 350

Neimoidian Scout - 500

Neimoidian Brute - 1000

Padawan - 400

Mace Windu - 22500

Serra - 10000

Cin Drallig - 15000

Anakin - 25000

Small Turret - 750

Banking Clan Cruiser - 5000

Jedi Starfighter - 1000

Clone Truck Cannon - 1000

Defeated Clone Truck - 2000

Clone Gunship - 7500

Neimoidian Shuttle - 7500

Ben Kenobi Suicide

When in a duel select Ben Kenobi. In the duel press and hold block(L1), square and circle. He will bring his lightsaber up to his face like in episode IV. If you want to get killed you only have about a second to get hit. If you are hit the right way Ben will disappear (ala A New Hope).If you are hit a different way like a grapple you just die. It is really cool if you play in the death star arena and your opponent is Darth Vader

Safe Healing/Force Regeneration

Several areas of the game require you to open a door and enter into an area, at which point you'll be attacked by enemies. In some of these places, if you're health and/or force energies are low and need to be given time to recharge, simply stand back past the doorway to the previous room. Most of the time, the enemies cannot pass the room they are in, and will stand huddled in the doorway. Also, using Saber Throws (Or, later in the game, when Anakin aquires Force Lightning) you'll actually be able to get to these safe spots and kill the enemies that are standing just outside the doorway. This is especially helpful during missions like the "Assassination on Mustafar", where you'll constantly find yourself fighting Brutes, Guards, and Battle Droids.

Disciple A Jedi

After you have finished Korriban talk to Disciple while your inside the Ebon Hawk. He will explain his history about how he once was able to use the Force, but he lost the ability when he was younger. Then tell him that he maybe able to return that power. If Your influence is strong enough he will trust you and you will train him. Disciple will then become a Jedi Counsular.

Revive Dead Party Members

If one or both of your teammates is killed in a battle, get your own character to a safe distance out of battle and have them use an item that does not bring anything up on the screen. For example: a speeder that is lying out in the open, or a door that won't open. After you use it your partner(s) will stand up and continue attacking. However, when they get back up their health will be extremely low.

Heal And Attack In The Same Round

In order to do this, the character must be using one of the force cure powers, first, in combat, use the force heal power. Then, quickly switch over to your combat options (Simply press the white button and pause it if your not quick enough) be ready, because when the animation for the force heal starts, you want to choose one of your combat options. This will make it look as if you have two actions cued up, two instances of the combat option you chose. This is good, as the second choice will change into your force heal. Continue to choose the combat option as your force heal animation comes up and your character will continuously use an attack option and heal themselves in the same round. I used Master Heal and Flurry with this, and it took me through the last several planets of the game. It's ideal for the more difficult encounters.

Bao-Dur Uses the Force

Once you have a high influence with Bao-Dur a new line of questions opens up. This only happens once so pay attention. He will tell you that traveling with you has had an effect on him. After this an offer to train him appears and if you both have the same alignment he agrees.

Mandalorian Battle Circle

If you are have difficulty defeating the more advanced fighters on Dxun, simply cast the force powers you want to use during the fight right before you talk to the Mandalorian Sergeant. Once you do that, speak with him and tell him you want to fight, after this you can enter a fight already having the effects of your force powers, without being disqualified.

Unlimited Experience

In the Sith tomb inside the Shyrack cave on Korriban there is room that contains the body of a dead Jedi. Every time you search the body a pair of Hssiss appears in the room. Keep searching and killing to level up as much as you want. The death field power speeds things up and keeps you healthy in the process.

Christmas Crisis for Mac
Gold Miner Vegas
Cedric and the Revolution
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The Settlers 7 Full Patch 1.03


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Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome
defeat Babylon. Castille: Reach level 100 and get 5,000 mana. Select the "Fight with hero" option in Zeta's wish system, then defeat Castille. Cider: Reach level 160 and get 7,000 mana. Select the "Fight against Cider" option in Zeta's wish system during Chapters 3 through 8 then defeat Cider. Dark King: Reach level 120 and get 5,500 mana. Select the "Defeat Dark King" option in Zeta's wish system during Chapter 6 in your third cleared game and defeat Dark King. Etna: Reach level 80 and get 4,000 mana. Select the "See the ending" option in Zeta's wish system, then defeat Flonne, Etna, and Laharl. Flonne: Reach level 70 and get 3,000 mana. Select the "Fight ally of justice" option in Zeta's wish system, then defeat Flonne, Etna, Laharl. Pram: Kill over 60 allies before Chapter 9 and defeat Pram. Prinny: Reach level 10 and get 1,000 mana. Select the "Make a Prinny" option in Zeta's wish system, then kill a Prinny in a normal battle. Robosuit: Reach level 200 and get 30,000 mana. Select the "Want strongest robot" option in Zeta's wish system, then defeat Robosuit. Salome: Reach level 180 and get 8,000 mana. Select the "Fight with Salome" option in Zeta's wish system during Chapter 5, then defeat Salome. Valvolga: Reach level 250 and get 10,000 mana. Select the "Fight against Valvolga" option in Zeta's wish system during Chapter 1 through 8, then defeat Valvolga. Zeta: Reach level 300 and get 15,000 mana. Select the "Fight with the strongest demon in space" option in Zeta's wish system, then defeat Zeta. Battleship Yoshitsuna battle: Reach level 300 and get 20,000 mana. Select the "Fight strongest person in game" option in Zeta's wish system, the Easy Mana Getting Mana this way involves healing and may cost some HL. First, select the character you want to earn Mana for and make them the leader. Then, summon all of your characters and any weapon (preferably a sword). Have the leader throttle all of the summoned characters until they are completely obliterated. Check your status to see how far up your Mana has increased. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: Do not bother thrashing lower level characters; the higher the level, the more Mana you get for killing them. Unlock New Monster Classes Death - Mana Sphere, Forsaken One, and Dark Stalker at level 30 Devil 1 - Vampire and Death at level 50 Devil 2 - Gobbler and Guardian at level 50 Gobbler - Carrot Dude, Pump Kin, Apple Kid and Corn Guy at Level 10 Guardian - Gardener and Iron Golem at level 20 Heaven's Bliss - Berserker and Idol at level 20 Vampire - Hell Kitty and Bombster at level 20 Unlock New Classes Raise your characters to these levels: Archer - Witch, Cleric, and Merchant above level 20 Cook - Thief, M. Magician, Medic above Level 20 Female Infantry - Available at the beginning of chapter 3 Female Swordsman - Lvl 10 F. Warrior & Lvl 10 F. Infantry Male Infantry - Available at the beginning of chapter 3 Male Swordsman - Lvl 10 M. Warrior & Lvl 10 M. Infantry Mechanic - Available at the start of Chapter 4. Medic - Available at the beginning of chapter 3 Officer - F. Sword Master & Archer Lv. 50, Professor Lv. 20 Professor - Available at the start of Chapter 4. Rogue - M. Sword Master & Cook Lv. 50, Mechanic Lv. 20

Armored Core 2
ly fast lock on missle lacuhcher firing 12 in just 6-7 seconds with 60 ammo Add defeated AC emblems When the victory message appears in the arena, press Select + Start to add the defeated AC's emblem to your list. Steal Emblems If you see an emblem in the arena that you want to use, select the appropriate AC and press Triangle to display the spec screen. Then, press Start + Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select "Edit Emblem" to view it. Temporary invincibility While playing a game, press L2 + R2 + R3. If you entered the code correctly, a "Limiter Released" system error message will appear, and you will have infinite energy during this time. After approximately one minute, the "OB Down" system error will appear. It will last as long as the previous error, but you will not have any energy. After "OB Down" is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. Make sure you finish off your enemy before you become vulnerable. Easy win: I found a cheap tactic on how to beat EVERY COMPUTER player in the arena. First you need to buy the double rack of vertical launch missiles. Then choose the abandoned highway map. When the mission starts DO NOT move off the building. Just wait for the enemy AC to get in range and keep pounding it with the missiles. The enemy AC's cant defend well enough against that kind of attack. The tactic works for ALL of the arena fighters even Ares. Hidden parts: On the snow mission where you have to destroy the crates, go in the crack to the right of the starting position and destroy part of the airplane to reveal a little cave that has an optional part for making left arm weapons or shields power up. On the mission stop the surface weapon, immediatly jump over the two enemy surface weapons and look around near the rocks to find the karasawa mk.II sitting on the ground. Another hidden part: In the training room, if you shoot the circle in the ceiling enough, it will break, revealing a secret area. You need good boosters or a light-weight AC to get up the shaft into the area, and when you do, you will find a new Radar part. The radar is pretty nice for the 1st half of the game. Another hidden part: On the mission where you have to destroy the giant radar dishes there is a hidden part: When you stand at the doorway facing the dishes, to the right of them are large cargo containers close to the edge of the area. The doors to these containers can be blasted open. The first four or so are empty, but if you go around behind them, right up against the edge of the area (don't go too far!) is a container that holds a hidden part. Another hidden part: There's a hidden shield on the stage with the "monster" disorder unit. Before you start going down through the floor, stand on that entrance (or in front of it, if you blasted it open), and look up. Shoot open the damaged-looking oval almost directly over you and fly into the hole, and there it is. I don't know if there's a better shield in the game (prefer dodging to blocking). Create overweight AC's: After beating the mission mode the first time in Armored core 2, you can create overweight AC's! This means you can use your AC, even though it is overweight. You must get the end-of-game credits for this to become active. Human plus enhancements: The human plus enhancements from the first Armored Core games have returned. Only better. First off, you have to get below -50,000 credits. You will then see a cut-scene showing your character getting implanted with stuff. Here are the enhancements you recieve each time you get below -50,000 credits. NOTE : You must not beat the 1st mission (after the Raven Test) or these options will be unavailable. You have to loose 50,000 credits for each enhancement. On the plus side, any changes to your AC will carry over, but you will have to input your name again. 1st time : Improved radar. This makes most radar units obsolete! It gives grid radar with a decent range and enemy info. 2nd time : Long-Range Blade. This enhancement allows you to shoot projectiles from your energy blade. Press Circle to slash, then quickly press X for the shot. 3rd time : Enhanced Cooling. Your AC unit will cool twice as fast as normal. 4th time : Improved Mobility. This allows you to fire heavy back weapons while moving, instead of standing in place. 5th time : Improved Boost. It halves the drain on energy from the booster, allowing you to boost twice as long. Fixed camera view: Hold Circle + X + Start while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the view fixed. First person view: Hold Triangle + Square + Start while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the new view. Return to default view: Pause the game, then press Start. Fixed camera view (Japanese version): Hold Circle + X + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the view fixed. First person view (Japanese version): Hold Triangle + Square + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the new view. Return to default view (Japanese version): Pause the game, then press Select

ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding
Big Air and Super Pipe at night. Hard mode Unlock all 36 licenses in arcade mode under the normal difficulty setting, then press [Circle] at the level selection screen. Tricks Back Flip: Press Down. BS Rodeo: Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Left. Press Down/Right if goofy. Corqscrew: Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Right. Press Down/Left if goofy. Front Flip: Press Up. Indy Grab: Press Circle. McTwist: Press Down/Left. Mute Grab: Press R1 then press Circle. Method: Press R1 then press Triangle. Rodeo: Press Down/Right. Tail Grab: Press X + Square.

Dark Cloud 2
level up: Take one of your strong characters (i.e., most health, strongest weapon) but not the Ridepod, and go to a dungeon that you can get minimal damage done to you. Kill the enemy with your strong person, and immediately afterwards, press L3 to switch characters or R3 to switch to the Ridepod. This is especially useful when trying to build up the Ridepod since he loses fuel easily. This makes it so he does not move or get hurt. Borneo and Erik: Borneo and Erik become available to move into the houses you build in the Georama area in chapter 5. Cedric: As the game progresses, Cedric begins to get more parts for the Ridepod in every new chapter. Butterfly Forest: Elements: If looking for Elements to build up your weapons or to build your towns, revisit Butterfly Forest. Before entering the level press Triangle to see what Elements can be found there. Its an easy way to look for the particular Element you need. Its also a good way to level up your characters. Enlist The Mayor At the town of Sindain, head to the mayor's office. There the mayor will tell you he forgot the combination to his safe. Keep talking to him and he will tell you that it's on the same day as Claire's birthday, etc. Select the choice that allows you to put in the combination and pick 1221. Easy items: To get health and battle items easily, go around and collect more people to put on the train. Then go on the train and make them join your party. Use them to make things such as Cheese, Roasted Chicken and Improved Bombs. To swindle some free items, get Polly and/or Ferdinand to accompany you on your journey. When you are on the train, add them to your party. Press Triangle and go to character. Go to them and use their ability to gain free items. Parn is also a good character to get. Put him in your party, and if your better character dies, use his special ability to leave a dungeon for free. Recruit Donny Donny is in the underground channel entrance. He collects coins and is waiting for two specific coins to finish off his collection. If you give him a Dark Coin and an Indestructible Coin, he joins your party. To get these coins, you will need to have the Tailoring shop appear in the future in Sindain. They are 1500 Gilda a piece. Recruit Ferdinand Ferdinand is Maximillian's chef which means he is Max's house. To get him, you will need to give him a Roasted Chestnut. You can find Roasted Chestnuts in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood. Recruit Gordon Gordon lives in Palm Brinks in Maximillian's front yard. To get him to become an ally, you must give him Holy Water to help a tree. Monster Badges Beast Badge: Sewer rat, throw gift capsule with Cheese X 3 Windup Badge: Bomberhead, Throw a bomb at it Aquatic Badge: Froggy, throw gift capsule with Batton X 3 Flora Badge: Himmara, throw gift capsule with Jurak Mall Magical Badge: Statue, throw gift capsule with Sturdy rock X 3 Darkling Badge: Spider Lady, throw gift capsule with Gold bar X 3 Reptile Badge: Wind Gemron, throw gift capsule with Wind Element X 3 Spirit Badge: Pixie, throw gift capsule with Gooey Peach X 3 Undead Badge: Skeleton(CH 2), Throw H. Water Card Badge: Diamond Card, throw gift capsule with Diamond X 3 Sun Badge: Scoop level 8, Get from Donny Moon Badge: Scoop level 7, Get from Donny Fish race stats Stamina: Determines how fast your fish can go. It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Evy. Tenacity: Determines how badly the fish will try to win. It increases by 1 point when a fish is fed a Prickly. Endurance: How long your fish can stay at top speed. It increases by 1 point when a fish is fed a Petit Fish. Boost: How fast your fish will start off at the beginning of the race. It increases by 1 point when a fish is fed a Carrot. The gender of the fish will change Weight and Length: These stats do not affect how your fish will do in the race. Power: This does not affect races. It is used in the Battle Tank. Recruit Parn Give him the gold paint and Parn'll join the party. To get the paint, you must first get the tailoring shop to appear in Sindain in the future. You can then go up to the golden eggs (in the future) and get the golden paint. You can also buy it in the tailoring shop (in the future) for 1000 gilda. Then give the gold paint to Parn and he makes Julia come alive and you aquire both Parn and Julia. Unlockables Adel: Give her a Sturdy Cloth, Hunk of Copper, and Thick Hide Claire: Bring her a photo of the Lafrescia Stem Corinne: Play Hide And Seek With Her And Win Twice Doctor Dell: Have him heal the sick girl in Balance Valley Donny: Buy An Indestructible And A Dark Coin, Give These To Donny Fabio: Catch a fish 50 cm or bigger in the lake Ferdinand: Give Him A Roasted Chestnut Gerald: Level up the gun he gives you twice Gordon: Bring him Holy Water Mayor Need: Enter the combo to the safe (1221) Milane: Level up the weapon she gives you twice Mina: Complete ten rounds of Spheda after talking to her Olivie: Get First Place in Finny Frenzy Parn: Bring him Gold Paint Pau: Bring him a carrot Polly: Keep bringing the bread to the places directed Priest Bruno: Put out all of the candles in the church Rosa: Type "Let's go together." when talking to her Rufio: Give him a photo of the moon Sheriff Blinkhorn: Run to the boat and back in less than 2 minutes after talking to him Stewart: Give him the money for the auction Easily Strengthen Weapons Are you tired of not being able to level up your weapon because you don't have enough attack up orbs? There is an easy way around this predicament. First you must invent the knight boots which is: The moon, Shield, and a belt. (All of these are available in the first chapter) Then you must get the materials needed for the boots. You need 2 thick hide and 1 sturdy cloth. I suggest getting many of each so you can make more than 1 at a time. Then once you are able to invent the boots, do so. Then go to your inventory and spectrumize 1 of the boots and attach it to your weapon of choice. This will give you the same attack points as an attack orb would! You can do this as many times as you like through out the entire game. submitted by: The Vaaginator