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Select the laser and fire it on the lower middle section of the airfield. When the correct location is hit, an earthquake will destroy everything on the ground.

Nuclear difficulty

Hold [Option] and select “Difficulty level”.

Nuclear missiles

Locate and shoot down a plane, destroying it before it plummets to the ground. A prompt offering nuclear missiles will appear. To fire a nuclear missile, hold [Option] while firing a missile.

Super shield

Select the machine gun and shoot the parachutist twice. Then shoot him once more before he reaches the ground.


Enable “Nuclear missiles” code. With nuclear missiles, enable the “Nuclear missiles” code again. A UFO will appear while the second set of nuclear missiles is being fired.

Unlimited ammunition

Hold [Option] and select “New Game”. Release when the weapon level inside the toolbox reaches 999,999.

Project of Planets
Army Men 2
Grand Theft Auto 4 Patch
Swarm Assault
Sims3 - A Dress 15


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