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Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Classic Rayman mini- game

Collect over 90% of the Lums in the game , then complete the game and allow the credits to complete to play a mini-game based on the original Rayman.

Golbox Village:

To get to Golbox Village you need to first get the power up to swing from purple lums. Next go back to the first level and go to the part where you have to climb(the

one with the two walls close together). When you get up swing by the lum and you can get to the village. Here you place the crystals which unlocks stuff like a

4-player mini-game!

Poker Mate
Game Maker
Mario Game: Bark Parking Demo
FioPro's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Config Editor 1.1b
Randomly Generated Insanity


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Libero Grande
ght, L1, or L2 at the title screen until the demonstration sequence begins. Play as Roland, Edgard Cailaux, Powel Gardner, or Gerald Wells: Win the International Cup with all countries under the normal difficulty setting. Play as Ruprecht Goes: Unlock the last three options in "Challenge 9" mode. Random character selection: Press Circle + Start at the character selection screen. Random team selection: Press Circle + Start at the team selection screen.

Bass Landing
00 or 15:30-17:30, Time lapsed: none. Note: Best lures are the popper or the spinner bait. The fish like hiding in the weeds. Sometimes the best place to fish is in the first set of sticks. Tips When you see fish on the fish finder, stop immediately and back up with the trolling motor about 30 feet. The fish should then be right in front of you. Cover the water methodically, casting out in a fan pattern from left to right. If you hook a fish that manages to come off, keep fishing the lure back to the boat. Often, the fish you just hooked will come back for more. If a fish jumps, it's almost definitely a bass; if you get into a ten-minute battle with a lunker that doesn't come up to the surface, it's probably a trout or other fish. If your lure gets stuck, hit the X and Circle buttons at the same time to automatically free the lure. Be sure to set the drag tighter when you use heavier line. Hint Mirror Lake is the place for great Carp fishing, as well as almost all species in the Lake. I have caught in three weeks all the fish species, but the Lake Biwa Trout. Tips: Lake Mirror always fish the bushes that run a short distance along the shore, and fish each one over and over. Cast way to the back of these bushes for some of the largest fish, but anywhere in these bushes you will catch almost every species in that lake. The second spot I will fish is weedbeds, but these are the only two areas I will fish. My BigHead was 17.52lb.. I basically only use one lure to catch every species, and that is the Curly tail worm with no sinker rig in appearance color. I use 20 lb. line, and fish in cloudy/ rain the day before and the day I fish. The BigHead was caught in the beginning of month 6 at 17:18. The Silver and other regular Carp was the same setups as the BigHead, but could also be caught 5 beginning to 6 end. All were caught on the same lure, and continually casting into the section of bushes that cover parts of the shoreline of Mirror Lake. Experiment by casting into all the sections of those bushes over, and over. This type of spot is the hotest for catching all species in the lake with the Curly tail worm with no weight. The hit usually comes on the fall of the lure, but once it hits bottom move it a few feet, and stop to let it sink till you get out of the bushes. This lure set up works on every species for each lake. When going after Trout I hit the weedbeds also. I do lower the tempeture down to the 40-55 degrees, which then catches the cold water species of Bass you might be after. Catfish I have caught a lot of them in the bushes, and weedbeds of most lakes, along with the number of Snake Head I have caught. So my overall tip fish the bush line of the shore over and over with the Curly tail worm with no weight during the 5th and 6th month. Weedbeds will also give you some nice fish, as a second option. Any tips on the last fish I need Lake Biwa Trout would be appriciated. As I said fishing as I suggested I caught in three weeks every species, and many of the harder ones several times. Except the Big Head, as only one of them so far. I hope this helps anyone fishing this game that I find as one of the most realistic of all that I own, and that is nearly all that PS 1 and 2 have made. Thanks, Michael Any questions: submitted by: Michael