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Sonic X: Game Boy Advance Video Volume 1


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Battle Space
House of the Dead 2
Air Force Missions
Gossamer's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Launcher 1.2a
Shocker: the electrifying super hero


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Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever 2
s between the games are slightly glitched, but it still works. Invincibility, Allguns, Infinite Ammo, I Godmode: deathwish Allguns: tooledup Ammo: bigpocket Invisible: canyoucme submitted by: Mike

Duke Nukem Advance
ow throw another pipe bomb. Defeating Octobrains: When you see an Octobrain far away, use the freeze gun. When the Octobrain is frozen, it will fall and smash into pieces. This method is very useful if you want to save your rockets or bullets. Shrink ray gun warning: Do not walk next to a enemy and shrink him. You will shrink along with him. Freeze gun warning: Do not walk next to a wall and fire the freeze gun. You will freeze instead of the wall.

Bubble Bobble Old And New
SEX as initials. Knife (enemies turn into various items) Enter ... as initials. Octopus (wooden stakes instead of bubbles) Enter TAK as initials. Soda can (enemies turn into various items) Enter I.F, KIM, MTJ, NSO, or YSH as initials.