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Ancient Conquest : The Golden Fleece


More money and fish :

When your playing the game press Enter than type: Exiton.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
Quake III
Mario Game: Super Mario Alpha: 100 Magic Stars
Starcraft 2 Replay 0088 - WhiteRa[P] vs mouzStrelok[T]


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Chasm: The Rift
n distance reanimate - All monsters respawn respawn [seconds] - Set respawn time reverse - Reverse left and right sound channels shadows [number] - Set upper shadow limit go [level number] - Level select kick [player number] - Disconnect player in multi-player mode killp [player number] - Kill player in multi-player mode nick - Show current name in multi-player mode nick [new name] - Select new name in multi-player mode You can also starth the game using the following command lines parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function: -nosound - Disable sound -warp - Level select

Into the Void
count back 8 characters (16 of the hex numbers in the left pane, typically) which should reduce your offset by 8. Then enter the following sequence: F0 A2 9A 3B. This will give your character 999,990,000 credits to play with. You want to spend it fast, because if the number gets over 999,999,999 it will go negative on you. In any case, save the file after the edit (you did make a backup copy in another directory, just in case, right?) and load the savegame. You should be able to do some serious damage at this point, as you will be able to build anything your little heart desires

gold: +gold # Remove # gold: -gold # Add # experience points: +exp # Remove # experience points: -exp # Set build speed to # (0-fast, 100-slow): buildspeed # Enable instant build: fastbuild 1 Disable instant build: fastbuild 0 Add # experience points, gold & shard amount: +all # Disable cheats: disablecheats Enable cheats: enablecheats