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WWE Divas - South of the Border


Whole bunch of goodies Easter Eggs:

Main Menu - Press right four times on the main menu while "extra" is highlighted

Chapters Menu - Press left four times when "Lita" is highlighted.

Press right four times when "Molly Holly" is highlighted.

Extras Menu -

Page 1 - Press left four times when "Sable Invitational" is highlighted.

Page 3 - Press right four times when "Stacy Keibler" is highlighted.

Page 4 - Press right four times when "Stacy: Stuff Magazine" is highlighted.

Possible Easter Egg: Torrie & Sable Sing during credits.

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o highlight the Eibon symbol. Press Enter to view a trailer from Cat In The Brain.

Two Weeks Notice
ly to the outtakes, here are the locations based on the time in the movie (hrs:mins:secs): 18:32, 20:04, 23:38, 24:13, 26:38, 28:14, 33:02, 37:28, 41:36, 47:16, 57:50, 1:13:01, 1:24:29

AL version) Depending on your system, the location may be labeled in various different ways. The most common being: Title: 1 Chain: 15 Angle: 1 Chapters: 1 - 8 Cell: 1 or Title : 1 Streams: 25 - 32