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Star Trek: Elite Force 2



To enable the cheats, a command-line parameter must be added to the shortcut for the game : +set developer 1 +set cheats 1"

Example: "C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Elite Force IIEF2.exe" +set developer 1 +set cheats 1

The game will start with the console window already open. Type in +set cheats 1 and hit ENTER. Now hit the (~) (tilde) key. Hit ESCAPE to bring up the main menu.

While playing, press the [~] key (tilde) to bring down the console. Enter the following cheats for the desired effect:

Effect Code

God mode - god

All weapons - give all

Spawn indicated weapon - give

No clipping mode - noclip

Invisible to enemies - notarget

List models -modellist

Set health to 100 - health 100

Suicide - kill

List maps - maplist

Quit game - quit

Show shaders - shaderlist

Demo game - demo

Freeze game - freeze

Play game music - playsong

Record game - record

Reset game - reset

Show inventory - inventory

Shows memory information - meminfo

List skins - skinlist

Stop recording game - stoprecord

Show system information - systeminfo

Voice message taunt in multi-player - taunt <1 or 2>

Kicks the specified player or bot - kick

Write indicated text to console - echo

Load indicated map1 - devmap

1. Load indicated map with previous multi-player host settings with cheats enabled for that map only. Using the regular "map" will deactivate the codes.. You must use devmap each time. Also, the bots you had on before using devmap will be in the game.

Multi-player map names:

Use one of the following entries with the devmap code.














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AULT_HOODS. change what it says to 3de push ok and for the final step double click on DEFAULT_TERRITORY but it will look like this DEFAULT_TERRI... anyway when it loads change what it says to 5a. close all the files and play the game you will start with get $999999999 990 hoods and 90 propertys submitted by: jamie batley Money Cheat Run regedit from Start-Run. Type regedit and press enter. Navigate through the following: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" => "SOFTWARE" => "HOTHOUSE" => "GANGSTERS" Change the TAG: "DEFAULT_MONEY" Change it from 2710 to 207101a and you now start with $34,017,306 instead of the usual $10,000. Change "DEFAULT_HOODS" to ff and you now start with 256 hoods. Change the Tag: "default_territory" and set it to 500 and now you will start out with around 21 to anywhere around 34 50,000 extra dollars to buy stuff: Go to Leutenants and type "I LOVE HANSON"as fast as you can (Don't worry about the screen swiching while typeing it in) then go to weaponds or cars,wich ever you want to buy, and go to black market.Then click on the item and it will say how much it is and how much you have and you should have 50,000 bucks writin in red below the price of the item. GameTips Tip 1: Get the gymnasiums, pool halls, and especially the docks under your control as quickly as possible. The best way to beat rival families is to deny them places where they can recruit "muscle." Tip 2: Bribe early and often. Start with the Mayor as soon as you can afford it, then go after the Chief of Police. Tip 3: Recruit an Accountant and a Lawyer as soon as possible. The Accountant will be needed for tax evasion, and you'll probably need a Lawyer sooner than you'd like.

Klingon Honur Guard
l monstersweapons... showactor - Show all monstersweapons... invisible0 - Invisibility off invisible1 - Invisibility on killall (monster) - Enter the name of the monsters you want to kill killpawns - All monsters on the current level are dead open (mapname) - Levelselect playersonly - Timer freezes slomo (number) - Change the speed of the game (1.0 is normal) summon (item) - Summon weapon, item or monster suicide - Suicide walk - Walk Mode (use it after pressing ghost or fly) After calling up the game console with the tilde key (~), type: summon klingons.<item> where <item> can be: Daktagh (weapon 1) Disruptorpistol (weapon 2) Disruptorrifle (weapon 3) Assaultdisruptor (weapon 4) Spinclaw (weapon 5) Grenadelauncher (weapon 6) Rocketlauncher (weapon 7) Sithhar (weapon 8) Particlecannon (weapon 9) Batleth (weapon 10) Cipherkey Genetickey Palmkey Passcardkey Retinalkey Combatarmor Combatgoggles Communicator Gagh Tricorder Vacsuit This is only a partial list of the items that can be summoned in the game.

Close Combat 3: The Russian Front
(German) and Private Ivan (Soviet). It is easy to get medals with these men, but do not abuse them as they can die. Their abilities include: - Super weapons: Their weapons are much stronger than the standard ones. - Armor: Can withstand a lot more than a normal troop. - Speed: They run fast as a halftrack and shoot quickly. - Recovery: If they are stunned unconscious they recover in seconds. - Costs: Pvt. Ivan (105) and Sgt. Steiner (195) - Nearly unlimited ammunition: 90000 rounds for their rifles and machine guns and 500 for the flamethrower. Remaining Requisitions Points 1.Search and locate the player name in the savegame with hex editor 2.Locate 1 Line above the player name 3.Go to the 5th row which is contianing example 6600 4.Modify the field for example to AA09 6. 5.Save the savegame and load it with Close Combat 3 6.Then you will have a new requisitions points remaining amount of: 24056 instead of 102. Another method Start a game in either the German side or the Russian side, save it, then exit back to Windows. Find the save file in Microsoft Games directory and open it using any hex editor. Find offset 297A0 for the Russian side and change the 5th double column to read FF79 which will give you 30,000+ req. points. For the German side, find offset 308E0 and change the 3rd double column to read FF79. On either Russian or German side anything higher the FF79 will give you negative 32,000 req. points. You can also enter FF80 on the opposite side you are playing and they won't be able to get any teams. Which will in turn enable you to be promoted faster.