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Trauma Center: Under the Knife


Extra Missions

If you want to unlock the extra X missions, complete the game once and they will be under Challenge Mode at the title screen:

X1 : Kyriaki - Beat the game.

X2 : Deftera - Beat the X1 : Kyriaki mission.

X3 : Triti - Beat the X2 : Deftera mission.

X4 : Tetarti - Beat the X3 : Triti mission.

X5 : Pempti - Beat the X4 : Tetarti mission.

X6 : Parakevi - Beat the X5 : Pempti mission.

X7 : Savato - Beat the X6 : Parakevi mission.

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d girl.

Puyo Pop Fever
Fever in the cartridge slot to unlock bonus pictures in the gallery. Submitted by: Hardy Play as Carbuncle: Play in HaraHara mode. Either get less than four or more than twelve fevers without any continues. Alternately, complete the game with your number of continues as a multiple of 7. Submitted by: Hardy Play as Popoi: Successfully complete WakuWaku mode. Submitted by: Hardy Unlock all characters and cutscenes Hold X and press up, down, left, right. Extra Pictures When you have the GBA version of Puyo Pop Fever in the bottom slow of the DS at the same time, you can access special bonus pictures of each character in the Option menu, under the Gallery.