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Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge


Always qualify

Begin a game in two player mode. Enter IN A BIG COUNTRY as a name for player one and FIELDS OF FIRE as a name for player two.

Bonus race

Begin a game in two player mode. Enter MONSTER as a name for player one and SEVENTEEN as a name for player two.

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Anno 1602
function. Effect - Code Money - [Shif + M Bricks - [Shif + Z Cannon - [Shif + K Wood - [Shif + H Tools - [Shif + T Gold - gold All buildings - fastgame Cheat mode (German version): Hold [Al + [Ctrl] + [Shif + W during game play. A prompt will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. Type 2061 and press [Enter] at the prompt. Then, press Q (QWERTY keyboard), A (AZERTY keyboard), or ß (German keyboard) to enable cheat mode. Place the pointer over a storehouse and press [Al + [Ctrl] + [Shif + W to display the cheat prompt again. Type one of the following codes and press [Enter]. Then, press Q, A, or ß to place five units of the selected resource in the storehouse or keep that key held to fill that resource. Press [Shif + K for cannons. Resource - Code Iron ore - 02 Gold - 03 Wool - 04 Sugar cane - 05 Tobacco - 06 Beef cattle - 07 Corn - 08 Flour - 09 Iron - 10 Metal - 11 Muskets - 12 Canon balls - 13 Food - 14 Tobacco - 15 Spice - 16 Cacao - 17 Alcohol - 18 Materials - 19 Clothes - 20 Jewelry - 21 Tools - 22 Wood - 23 Stone - 24 Free items: When you buy something and your income is red or low, save the game. Load it again and you will have your money back. All campaigns: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "game.dat" file in the game directory. Locate the line "Volume: -750, 0, -5??" and change it to "Volume: -750, 0, -581". Note: The "750" value may vary from game to game. $10,000: Enter Columbus and give yourself a yellow flag for $10,000. Information in this section was contributed by ckaiser1.  

acter to the other character (money holder). Start another new game, and select the money holder as one character and create an entirely new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new character to the money holder. Repeat as needed to build your gold total. Money Trick: The fastest road to easy money is by starting a new game with two monks. Transfer both the money and book of resurrection to one monk then quit the game. Start a new game with that same monk and another new monk, repeating the process until inventory is full of books and money. Ideally transfer books to a fighter with a good trade skill and sell all the books bringing in a total of about 180,000gp. Deposit gold and repeat. Mmmm. Hint: Avoid player killer problems: Use the following steps to save your game when playing over a network. Copy your save files to another directory that is outside of the DarkStone directory before joining a network game. To restore a save, reload DarkStone from the CD, then copy the saves from the outside directory. Note: Make sure all three saves are copied. Play Music in MP3 Player Because the music in DarkStone is stored in MP3 format, rename the file (giving it an [mp3] extension) to hear it in your MP3 player! GameTips The spell of choice for magic users: The spell of choice for magic users, especially between levels 1 and 20, is the Magic Bomb. This is a magical contact grenade that you can drop directly onto your enemy's head, even from around a corner or through a wall. I never saw a monster resist it, and it does around 30 to 70 points of damage per hit. tired of getting killed: Are you tired of getting killed over and over by spike traps and mines while you're trying to get to the treasure? The problem often can be solved by one or two Scrolls of Telekinesis, or a Scroll of Teleport. They cost a few gold pieces, but can save you a lot of time. The Time Orb: The Time Orb, once you have it, still won't do you a lot of good in the battle against Draak. It has only one charge, and its effect doesn't last long. You have to do hundreds of points of damage to Draak in about 30 seconds if you want to win the fight. Hints: Basic tactics: Eat! If you get too hungry, your characters will start losing hp. Know that the value of armor or weapons decreases as the max duration and current duration decrease; always repair if you have the skill before selling equipment off. Characters can grow old and their stats will start dropping like mad. You start off at 20 years; you must find ways and means to prolong their youth. Every monster has its traits, meaning each monster has its own pattern in attack, movement, etc. Knowing your enemy well will result in more efficient kills. Use your skills! Each class features its different skills; use them well. They can really help a lot! To set spells, simply press the numbers 1-5, bring up your spell book and hold shift while clicking on the spell you wish to place under the number. How to be a millionaire: Different combinations of characters can complement each other very well, take a Warrior/Amazon, and a Thief/Assassin, and you can get rich really fast. First, have your thief's steal skill be reasonably good (doesn't fail so often) and you warrior's repair skill reasonably good (doesn't fail too often) and proceed to the dungeons below. Since the equipment you steal from the monsters is usually better than the stuff bought at the blacksmith, all you have to do is repair the second-hand equipment with your warrior and sell it off to the blacksmith! Know that the further you progress in the game, the more money you will be making, but the tougher the enemies. Hence, you will have to find out ways and tactics to keep alive and steal. Happy hunting! Note: Stealing from the NPCs will get you nowhere; you need to be daring and steal from the monsters for the good stuff. Tell your computer-controlled character what spells to cast: First, temporarily switch to the character you want the computer to use, select the spell from the spell book. Next click on your blue bar, your mana bar, it’s right beside your red bar, or hp bar. Notice a line? The top part of the line is how much mana you want to allow your computer-controlled character to cast with, the bottom part is reserved, just in case you have a spell which consumes HUGE amounts of mana. That’s it, switch back to your character and let the teamwork begin! The "croak" tactic: If heavily overpowered by a ungodly powerful enemy, use a long range offensive spell or weapon to keep our of harm’s way. If he has long range offensive capabilities as well, attack, dodge, attack, dodge, etc. Croaking will get you through the harder parts of the game. Infinite food trick: During the horn of plenty quest, you can right-click on the horn to get some nice pieces of chicken! Also, the forester skill can get you lots of fish too, use it on a pond to fish! New Song: In a single player game toss coins in the Bard's tray in the center of town. Playing as Thief: Steal from the chickens to get a good reward :) 3 Cool Tricks Here's some tricks for Darkstone that I discovered and haven't seen mentioned anywhere. The first 2 can only be done in single player games, the 3rd can be done in both single and multi. 1. Surrogate Pool Drinker - If you switch to solo mode and leave the character you're not using at a mana or health pool, whenever you get low just switch to the character by the pool, walk a short distance from the pool, then click on the pool and before the character gets there to take a drink switch back to the other character and that one will get their health or mana filled instead of the one by the pool. 2. Permanent Magic Door - If you want to keep your magic doors from crumbling when you go back through them, when returning through the door from town use the character who did NOT create the magic door to enter the portal. If you are in a multi player game, 2 characters can both make a magic door then return from town using the other guy's door instead of your own. This way you can keep them open and use them over and over. 3. Earn More Money - Of course you want to use a character with the Trade skill to do all the buying, selling, and repairing (if you have one). But if you have the character with Trade skill pay the blacksmith to repair all your items before you sell them you will actually get MORE money. He gives you a discount on the repair and pays your more for the fully repaired item than what he would have paid before + the price he charged you to repair it. Even More Money Create Two New Monk Charaters: Start am single player game with these charaters. Then sell their copys of Ressurection for lots of Cash. Then give the money two one charater. Start a new single player game with a two new monks. Deletee the charater (MONK that has no money) and repet with the new monks. Then make the charater you want and start a new game with the really rich monks. Take their money and start a new single player game with another new charater. I did this 13 times and ended up with over 100000 gold.

Affairs of the Count
through hundreds of games. What we found is that good players (i.e. those with a strategy) could consistently beat beginning players. Due to the randomness of cards, however, even the earliest novice can beat an expert. This is the type of game we wanted. One that required a good strategy to consistently win, but also offered an element of the "unbeatable" hand so that even novices had a chance. We promise you, if you stick with this game, you will find a strategy to win. Once you find a strategy to beat the novice, you will then be equally challenged to beat the intermediate, and eventually the expert. We wanted to post this file to help you find "meaning in the madness". Some of these tips are purposefully vague so as not to "give away" a strategy. We have also learned, however, there is no one strategy to the game that works every time. What you see here are certain elements of winning strategies we have seen. Here are some basic guidelines:1- Low numbered cards When given the chance, always make the lowest card in your hand work for you. Save your high cards for when you need to beat your opponents high cards or for the bonus round were they cannot be stopped. Low numbered cards will only ADD to the damage your opponent does if you do not make them good first. 2- How important is the bonus round? As you improve, your bonus round points should increase. The bonus round is the easiest way of avoiding bad cards and playing good cards. Kings and Affairs of The Court are what you need to get to the bonus round. A good goal in the game is to always be the one playing the bonus...3- What should I do with Hearts? When below 20... the better Heart hand tends to win! Sometimes a good defense is better than a great offense. If you are always playing to a draw, consider the role of Hearts in your strategy. 4- What should I do with Spades? Spades are the quickest way to a draw. You should really evaluate your strategy if it centers around Spades! Just the opposite of Hearts, when below 20... Spades can REALLY hurt. 5- Do you know the "dead card" of the deck? The Queen of Spades! Queens REVERSE... but Spades affect BOTH PLAYERS. So the Queen of Spades REVERSES the affect of the card... still leaving both players minus points. In essence, the Queen of Spades does NOTHING! If you have the Queen of Spades... you have the "dead card" of the deck.6- Aces The Aces play a very important role in the game. Learn what they do and structure your strategy to accommodate them at the right time. You have to learn to both USE and DEFEND AGAINST the "traitors of the court". As your strategy improves, the Ace of Diamonds and Clubs should become MORE important, and the Ace of Hearts and Spades should become LESS important. Many early games are won by simply switching the score at the last moment, the better players can defend against this. 7- Court Cards - a matter of timing Learn to play court cards at the RIGHT TIME... some are best lead early, some should wait toward the end... (think... If I could choose any card to play this on... what would it be? Then structure your strategy to make it happen!)8- Numbered cards of the same suit When two numbered cards of the SAME SUIT are played together, the higher card wins, BUT the two cards are ADDED TOGETHER to determine the actual point value of the round. This is the key to winning... make your high cards beat the HIGHEST card they can... so you get the most points possible for the cards you have. If your strategy can make this happen, you will be an expert in no time. The other strategies to the game are for you to learn. Is it better to be long in one suit? How many court cards should I keep? What court cards work the best when together? How can I read my opponents hand? Should I try to void myself of a suit? How do I finish off my opponent? How do I stay above zero when starting a round below 20? Remember, the "novice" level in Affairs of The Court is modeled after beginning players. DON'T LEARN FROM THIS PLAYER... this level makes several fundamental mistakes when it comes to strategy. The intermediate player should beat the novice 80% of the time.REGISTERING BENEFIT CLARIFICATION: One question that has been asked and was not clarified in the on-line help is... Why doesn't the game save my settings when I exit? The registered version of the game DOES save your settings, the shareware version was shipped before this was in place. This feature should be added to the benefits of registering the program.OPTIONS IN THE GAME: The most useful option in the game is "QUICK PLAY". This option takes away the need to click on the deck to draw the next card. Use this option as soon as you are familiar with how cards are drawn and you will save yourself lots of time. QUICK PLAY can be found under the OPTIONS menuitem. FEEDBACK!: We appreciate your comments about the game. Good or bad... all feedback helps us to become a better shareware company.