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Q*Berts Cubes



Press 0 to pause game play.

Level skip:

Press # at the game difficulty selection screen to start at level 2.

Scrambled graphics:

Begin game play using a Super Action Controller. Press all four buttons at the beginning of a level, when the qubes are being readied. In addition to slowing down the game, some qubes will be invisible, and various graphics will not be updated.

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Donkey Kong JR
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5 Mountain 2, cave 10 6, 2 Mountain 2, cave 5 7, 8 Mountain 3, cave 5 3, 1 Mountain 3, cave 7 4, 1 Mountain 3, cave 8 5, 9 Mountain 3, cave 8 2, 5

Smurf Rescue in Gargamels Castle
appears, return to the previous screen and re-enter. Repeat if necessary until an easier screen appears.