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Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword


Console Commands

During the game press ~ to access the console, then enter the following:

Code Effect:

god G- od mode for player

god team - God mode for team

godterro - God mode for terrorists

togglehostagethreat - Hostage threat information

playerinvisible - Invisible to terrorists

killrainbow - Kill all Rainbow operatives

neutralizeterro - Kill all terrorists

hna - Next hostage animation

demoplay - Play demo

hpa - Previous hostage animation

quit - Quit game

demorec - Record demo

killhostage - Remove all hostages

killthemall - Remove all NPCs

killterro - Remove all terrorists

godall - All the god modes

hp <0 or 1> - Animate hostage

deactivateiodevice - Deactivate IO devices

walk - Disable flight

godhostage 2 - Disable god mode (hostages)

disablemorality - Disable morality

disarmbombs - Disarm all bombs

ghost - Flight mode

fullammo - Full ammunition

sgi - game modes

toggleunlimitedpractice - game never ends

godhostage 1 - God mode for hostages

killpawns - Remove opponents

rescutehostage - Rescue all hostages

resetthreat - Reset hostage threat

resetmeall - Resets all cheats

rendspot - See all terrorists on map

sethpos <0-5> - Set hostage position (0 standing, 1 kneeling, 2 prone, 3 fetal, 4 crouched, 5 random)

routeall - Show all map routes

showfov - Show field of viision

route - Show terrorist/hostage routes

gundirection - Show weapon direction

stopdemo - Stop recording

callterro - Summon all terrorists

trunaway - Terrorists all run away

tnothreat - Terrorists go back to normal

taimedfire - Terrorists only fire at you

tsprayfire - Terrorists shoot wildly

tsurrender - Terrorists surrender on sight

behindview <0 or 1> - Third person view

Unlock all - Unlocks all levels to play

togglethreatinfo - View threat information

togglecollision - Walk through entities

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is, simply let off the gas completely at the middle of the corner until you start to skid. Do not panic. When you start to skid, accelerate again and you should regain control. Straighten yourself out and you can get to your top speed faster than if maintained the same speed throughout the entire turn. Honda Bike: Enter your name as "Honda XR" to drive the Honda Bike during the game. Get Money: Enter your name as "AKJGQ" to get lots of cash Hints In Cop Chase mode, drive alongside opponents and sideswipe them to maximize damage. Several of the tracks branch; learn which ones offer legitimate shortcuts and give you a jump on the competition. Don't forget to upgrade your tires in the Garage-it's cheap and increases your performance. The Impreza accelerates like a bat out of hell, but starts to waver in the top gears. Hitting the Space Bar and steering sharply to the left or right executes a powerslide-perfect for those tight turns. If boredom sets in, check out the obnoxious Fear Factory music video in the Options screen. Enter your name as one of the following to activate cheat functions: Code Result AKJGQ - $6 Million DFGY - All Cars ERDRTH - All Tracks CVCVBM - All Quick Race Tracks OCVCVBM - No Quick Race Tracks QTFHYF - Shorter Tracks OPIOP - All Challenges OPOIOP - No Challenges FFOEMIT - Disable Checkpoint Times NOEMIT - Enable Checkpoint Times RFGTR - Stop The Bomber Mode  

Operation Wolf
Invincibility - [F9]

War Breeds
listener is available - minimap on Disable mini-map - minimap off Maximum CGK level - cgk max All croplands have pods - crop pop Kill all pods on map - crop kill Earthquake - egg boy returns Place object at location1 - place Set your character as indicated player - set Kill selected unit - kill Kill indicated player - kill Re-map key to cheat2 - bind 1. Enter an object name from the following list. 2. For example, bind k kill would execute the kill cheat when k is pressed. Object names and descriptions refinery (friendly Refinery) gene lab (friendly Gene Lab) adv gene lab (friendly Advanced Gene Lab) psi (Psi Tower) adv psi (friendly Advanced Psi Tower) listener (friendly Listener) warp (friendly Warp Device) summoner (friendly Summoner) relay (friendly Relay Tower) adv relay (friendly Advanced Relay Tower) healer (friendly Healer) turret (friendly Turret) adv turret (friendly Plasma Cannon) electric (friendly Electric Tower) collector (friendly Gene Collector) mine (friendly Mine) pod (Energy Pod) spore (Energy Spore) weed (Weed Pod) t1 (friendly Tanu Shaman) t2 (friendly Tanu Scout) t3 (friendly Tanu Raptor) t4 (friendly Tanu Ophidian) t5 (friendly Tanu Jubjub) k1 (friendly Kelika Shaman) k2 (friendly Kelika Thumper) k3 (friendly Kelika Mongrel) k4 (friendly Kelika Behemoth) k5 (friendly Kelika Leviathan) s1 (friendly Sen-Soth Shaman) s2 (friendly Sen-Soth Snipe) s3 (friendly Sen-Soth Myrmidon) s4 (friendly Sen-Soth Dhuganaya) s5 (friendly Sen-Soth Aphid) m1 (friendly Magha Shaman) m2 (friendly Magha Shadow) m3 (friendly Magha Dervish) m4 (friendly Magha Reaver) m5 (friendly Magha Viper)

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press and hold "Alt" key, "Shift" key then "R" key simultaneously...(Reload loads maximum amount of ammunition) REPAIR - To enable press and hold "Alt" key, "Shift" key, then press "D" key simultaneously...(Repair lets you repair all damage) INDESTRUCTIBLE - To enable press and hold "Alt" key, "Shift" key, then press "I" key simultaneously... (Indestructible makes your tank indestructible, each tank must be enabled separately)

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game. Effect - Key Increase experience points for party members - [Numpad Plus] Kill enemies in current battle - [Backspace] Skip enemies turn - [Space]