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Madonna: Truth or Dare


Bonus Footage

On the menu page, highlight the [Cast and Crew] option and then click on the center of the picture of Madonna (the picture where she has her hands on her face and her fingers are around her eyes). You will get extra footage of Madonna and the dancers on a stage, talking about the tour and goofing around.

7 Card Stud
Cheat Engine 5.4


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Ella Enchanted
the [Enter] key and you will have the chance to see a brief featurette on the different faces that were hidden in the image throughout the film.

Next Friday
films "The Player's Club", "On Dangerous Ground" and "Friday" you will see an icon that you can select, which will take you to trailers for each movie.


Terminator 2 - Ultimate Edition
of the screen. Then the Terminator's left eye will turn red and you will get the option to "Play Extended Special Edition" of the movie. The date to enter is 8/29/97. You have to enter the date at the right tempo. If you type it too fast or too slow it may not work.