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Bedlam 2


Bonus features and items

Type “Godlives” at the title screen.

Starlit Sky
Bus Driver
Mario Game: Super Mario Kart
Hospital. 6-nin no Ishi


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F1] to display the diary screen, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat code entry to disable the code. Effect - Code Press [F8] to change characters - shapeshifter Invincibility - liveforever One hit kills - touchofdeath Cannot be knocked down - canttouchthis Ammunition and health - fatloot Breakable objects - glassworld Win level - winlevel Lose level - loselevel Super ammunition - superammo AI controlled characters fight each other - reservoirdogs Gatling guns mode - roughjustice Daodan power mode, more damage - chenille Godzilla mode, become giant - behemoth Fists Of Legend mode - fistsoflegend Ultra mode, tougher enemies - killmequick Slow motion mode - carousel Big head mode - bighead Mini mode - minime Regenerate health - elderrune Phase cloak - moonshadow Weapons locker - munitionfrenzy Enable developer mode - thedayismine Developer mode: Use the thedayismine code, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding command. Effect - Code Cycle through all possible weapons - [F7] Change character - [F8] Start recording - [F9] Stop recording - [F10] Playback recording - [F11] Toggle slow motion - [Ctrl] + [Shif + G Toggles textures - [Ctrl] + [Shif + S Display opponent logic - [Ctrl] + [Shif + B Display frame rate - [Crtl] + [Shif + Y View console commands - dump_docs All doors unlocked - door_ignore_locks = 1 Kill all nearby AI - ai2_kill No clipping mode - chr_nocollision 1 No clipping mode disabled - chr_nocollision 0

Wolfenstein 3D
MCCALL Upgrade ammo capacity (999 shells) WOWZERS * To disable invincibility type: IDDQD. View Development Team When the iD Software logo appears, press B to view the development team.