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Who Wants to be a Millionare


Be Kathie Lee:

This is not much of a cheat but it is kind of funny. If you dont enter a name when Regis keeps asking you; the computer will automatically enter a name for you, like Kathie Lee, Gelman and others.

Regis Chooses:

At the Enter Your name screen, type "Regis Philbin" as your name . He will say something like "What do you think this is, Who Wants To Be Regis Philbin?!!". After that, he will erase "Regis Philbin" and put in a wacky name such as "Fraud", "Fakey Fakerman", "Liar", or something crazy.

PairMEM Memory Game
Mario Game: Super Mario Unknown
Magic Cards 2005 - Video Slots Edition
Sims3 - Fairview


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Half-Life 2
A, S, D are for movement, 1-6 is used for weapons, G is for gravity gun, etc), the bind command will override the original command, and you will not be able to use it anymore.Code Effect bind X "Impulse 101" Creates a hot key for instant stock of weapnos and ammunition using the "x" key Console Codes Use the [~] key during gameplay to bring up the console and enter the following codes there: Code - Effect: sk_plr_dmg_357 # - # is new damage value for .357 Magnum sk_plr_dmg_crossbow # - # is new damage value for crossbow sk_plr_dmg_crowbar # - # is new damage value for crowbar sk_plr_dmg_grenade # - # is new damage value for grenades sk_plr_dmg_pistol # - # is new damage value for pistol sk_plr_dmg_ar2 # - # is new damage value for Pulse Rifle sk_plr_dmg_rpg_round # - # is new damage value for RPG rockets sk_plr_dmg_buckshot # - # is new damage value for shotgun sk_plr_dmg_smg1_grenade # - # is new damage value for SMG grenades sk_plr_dmg_smg1 # - # is new damage value for submachine gun sk_max_357 # - # is new max ammo for .357 Magnum sk_max_crossbow # - # is new max ammo for crossbow sk_max_grenade # - # is new max ammo for hand grenades sk_max_pistol # - # is new max ammo for pistol sk_max_ar2 # - # is new max ammo for Pulse Rifle sk_max_ar2_altfire # - # is new max ammo for Pulse Rifle energy orbs sk_max_rpg_round # - # is new max ammo for RPG sk_max_buckshot # - # is new max ammo for shotgun sk_max_smg1_grenade # - # is new max ammo for SMG grenades sk_max_smg1 # - # is new max ammo for submachine gun sk_max_smg1 # - # is new max ammo for submachine gun net_graph 1 - a more thorough fps display noclip - Ability to walk through walls (Server Side Only) sv_cheats 1 - Activates Cheats viewmodel_fov # - Adjusts size of the weapon you're carrying (54 = default) impulse 101 - All Weapons cl_showpos 1 - brings up position display in top right of screen (0 removes it) getpos - can be used to get current coords for use with setpos skill # - change skill level (# = 1, 2, or 3) air_density # - Change the density of air. (Add number in place of #) physcannon_maxforce # - Changes how hard you propel objects physcannon_maxmass # - Changes how large pulled objects can be physcannon_pullforce # - Changes how quickly objects are pulled physcannon_tracelength # - Changes the length that objects can be pulled from physcannon_cone # - Changes the radius of the cone used to pick up objects npc_create - Creates an NPC npc_create_aimed - Creates an NPC (Aiming away from player) Hurtme # - Damages player by whatever variable you input as # maps Displays - Map listing +mlook - Enables mouse look cl_ragdoll_collide 1 - Enables ragdolls that don't clip through each other, but stack realistically on one another. exec # - Execute a script file (Input filename in place of #) firstperson - First Person View give # - Give weapon (Input weapon name in place of #) sv_infinite_aux_power 1 - gives infinite power for sprinting, etc. sv_infinite_aux_power 1 - gives infinite power for sprinting, etc. God - God Mode (Server side only) impulse 76 - Grunt-O-Matic notarget - Invisible to NPC's mat_numtextureunits # - Limit the number of texture units. (Add number in place of #) (0=Default) Map # - Load Map (Input title in place of #) setpos - Move player to specified origin give weapon_shotgun - Recieve a Shotgun buddha - Reduces Health mat_fullbright 1 - removes all shadows (a 0 restores them) mat_fullbright 1 - removes all shadows (a 0 restores them) impulse 203 - removes the item or NPC pointed at impulse 203 - removes the item or NPC pointed at help $ - replace $ with a command to get a brief description of it mat_depthbias_normal 1 - See through walls sv_gravity # - Set Gravity (Add number in place of #) dsp_explosion_effect_duration # - Set length of confusion/ear-ringing effect(Add number in place of #) sv_stopspeed # - Set Minimum Stopping Speed on ground (Add number in place of #) sv_waterdist # - Set Vertical View when eyes are near water plane. sv_friction # - Set World Friction (Add number in place of #) sv_bounce # - Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated object collisions Developer # - Sets developer mode to on/off/verbose (0-off, 1-on, 2-verbose) sv_maxvelocity # - Sets Maximum Velocity of any moving object (Add number in place of #) hud_quickhelp/text? 1 - Shows Crosshairs cl_showfps 1 - Shows FPS Rate status - shows some game info, incl. current map setang - Snap players eyes to a specified pitch yaw impulse 82 Spawn a Jeep impulse 83 - - Spawn an Air Boat thirdperson - Third Person View prop_debug - Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off red - ignore damage, white - respond to damage, green - health) cl_drawhud 1 - Toggle HUD display On cl_enablehud 1 - Toggle HUD display On sv_soundemitter_filecheck - Toggle reporting missing .wav files for sounds ai_disable - Toggles enemy AI on/off picker - Toggles Picker mode on sv_unlockedchapters # - unlocks chapters 1 thru # (15 is end credits) How to Spawn NPCs Access the console, type in "npc_create npc_" and replace the name with one of these: cscanner rollermine poisonzombie mossman monk metropolice manhack launcher kleiner ichthyosaur headcrab_poison headcrab_black headcrab_fast headcrab helicopter gman fastzombie eli dog pigeon seagull crow combine_s combinegunship combinedropship citizen breen barney barnacle antlion alyx antlionguard stalker strider vortigaunt zombie zombie_torso Weapon and Item Names Here are the names of the weapons and items you can spawn with the console code: item_ml_grenade item_suit item_battery item_healthkit item_box_srounds item_box_sniper_rounds item_box_mrounds item_box_buckshot weapon_brickbath weapon_ml weapon_binoculars weapon_cubemap weapon_hmg1 weapon_slam weapon_irifle weapon_immolator weapon_manhack weapon_molotov weapon_rollerwand weapon_sniperrifle weapon_thumper weapon_stunstick weapon_stickylauncher weapon_smg2 weapon_smg1 weapon_shotgun weapon_rpg weapon_pistol weapon_physgun weapon_physcannon weapon_iceaxe weapon_hopwire weapon_gauss weapon_frag weapon_flaregun weapon_extinguisher weapon_crowbar weapon_cguard weapon_bugbait weapon_ar2 weapon_ar1 weapon_alyxgun item_ar2_grenade item_healthvial Gravity gun To get the blue gravity gun from the citadel to any point in the game bring up the console type in map d3_citadel_03 this is the exact point where you get the blue gravity gun. Then bring up the console again and type in changelevel (then the map name) e.g changelevel d1_trainstation_01 (taking you back to the start BUT DONT change the map as this will reset the weapons and you wont get the graivity gun). Then if the gravity gun isn`t available yet just type into the console give weapon_physcannon, and the blue gravity gun will be given to you (Just be careful when you aim it at vehicles that aren`t part of the terrain) submitted by: G Man

Manic Miner
level. Just hold down the keys shown eg. to get to the Processing Plant hold down keys 6,3 and 1. KEY LEVEL ---------------------------- 6 ----- : Central Cavern 6 ----1 : The Cold Room 6 ---2- : The Menagerie 6 ---21 : Abandoned Uranium Workings 6 --3-- : Eugene's Lair 6 --3-1 : Processing Plant 6 --32- : The Vat 6 --321 : Miner Willy meets the Kong Beast 6 -4--- : Wacky Amoebatrons 6 -4--1 : The Endorian Forest 6 -4-2- : Attack of the Mutant Telephones 6 -4 21 : Return of the Alien Kong Beast 6 -43-- : Ore Refinery 6 -43-1 : Skylab Landing Bay 6 -432- : The Bank 6 -4321 : The Sixteenth Cavern 6 5---- : The Warehouse 6 5---1 : Amoebatrons' Revenge 6 5--2- : Solar Power Generator 6 5--21 : The Final Barrier

Warzone 2100
extra power - show me the power Unlimited power - whale fin Mission skip - hallo mein schatz All active research completed - work harder All units twice as powerful - double up View frame rate and graphics engine data - timedemo Kill selected units - kill selected Toggle between snow, rain, and clear skies - john kettley Easy difficulty level - easy Normal difficulty level - normal Hard difficulty level - hard View game compilation date - version Display programmer message - carol vorderman Units almost indestructible - biffer baker Stronger units - sparkle green Toggles screen shaking when unit explodes - shakey Display game speed - how fast Unknown - mouseflip Unknown - demo mode ------------------------ WarZone 2100 -HeX-Cheat- ------------------------ 1. Go to the savegame directory of wherever you installed Warzone 2100. Here you'll see your savegame file "divided" into to small files. 2. For the savegame you want to change, choose the file with the ".gam" extension. example, "game1.gam" 3. Using a hex editor, change hex values 52, 53, and 54 to FF. Don't forget to save your changes! 4. Viola! You should now have well over 16,000,000 power! You'll probably only need to do this once in the game! I've done it once to start a new game, and have thus far encountered no problems--well, except that the computer won't let me build any more units! This combined with the "" cheat creates an almost unstoppable force! -------------------------- Warzone 2100 - GameTips - -------------------------- Tip 1 ----- The scenarios are filled with lots of base assaults and very nested defenses. As soon as you get the chance, create an artillery group slaved to a sensor vehicle and use it to bombard static defenses. Have an antitank group close at hand to protect your artillery when the AI charges out to kill the artillery group. Tip 2 ----- Defending against assaults is the other big scenario challenge. When you establish your new base area at the beginning of each of the three campaigns, start building up defenses slowly around your main base, around oil wells, and at natural choke points. Build when you have the extra resources lying around and keep doing so, because you will need the added units eventually. Tip 3 ----- Learn how to use the dreaded clock timer to your advantage. Stop just short of the scenario victory condition and let your resources pile up as the clock runs down. You can also use the time to build up your forces and defenses. Just don't wait too long and blow the mission.