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Continue playing after losing game

Click “New Game” option after losing. Cancel the option. Then raise funds by liquidating assets (i.e., selling real estate and corporate stock) and by bank loans.

Stock tips

Buy your stocks on June 30 - the day before dividends are paid.

Poker Replayer
Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet
Mario Game: Go! Go! Shy Guy Squad!
Arc Rise Fantasia


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F1] to display the diary screen, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat code entry to disable the code. Effect - Code Press [F8] to change characters - shapeshifter Invincibility - liveforever One hit kills - touchofdeath Cannot be knocked down - canttouchthis Ammunition and health - fatloot Breakable objects - glassworld Win level - winlevel Lose level - loselevel Super ammunition - superammo AI controlled characters fight each other - reservoirdogs Gatling guns mode - roughjustice Daodan power mode, more damage - chenille Godzilla mode, become giant - behemoth Fists Of Legend mode - fistsoflegend Ultra mode, tougher enemies - killmequick Slow motion mode - carousel Big head mode - bighead Mini mode - minime Regenerate health - elderrune Phase cloak - moonshadow Weapons locker - munitionfrenzy Enable developer mode - thedayismine Developer mode: Use the thedayismine code, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding command. Effect - Code Cycle through all possible weapons - [F7] Change character - [F8] Start recording - [F9] Stop recording - [F10] Playback recording - [F11] Toggle slow motion - [Ctrl] + [Shif + G Toggles textures - [Ctrl] + [Shif + S Display opponent logic - [Ctrl] + [Shif + B Display frame rate - [Crtl] + [Shif + Y View console commands - dump_docs All doors unlocked - door_ignore_locks = 1 Kill all nearby AI - ai2_kill No clipping mode - chr_nocollision 1 No clipping mode disabled - chr_nocollision 0

Wolfenstein 3D
MCCALL Upgrade ammo capacity (999 shells) WOWZERS * To disable invincibility type: IDDQD. View Development Team When the iD Software logo appears, press B to view the development team.