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Independence Day (ID4)


Explore The Alien Ship

On disc 2, go to the [DATA CONSOLE]. Click on the red light on the PC to insert the disk into the computer. The monitor will display this message "Access: 7-4-Enter". Go back to the [MAIN MENU] and enter the ship by entering the numbers 7 and 4 and then pressing [Enter] on your remote. You have less than 10 seconds to complete the sequence. If you were successful, you will find yourself inside the alien craft.

Note: Some remotes may require you to press the "+10" once before the "7", some may require you to press it 7 times, or some may not require you to do it at all.

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less branching. Trailer for T2: Ultimate Edition On the [Main Menu] of disc two, highlight the [DVD-Rom] entry and then [Lef arrow with your remote. Click on the box to see a 2-minute trailer for the previous T2: Ultimate Edition DVD. DVD Production Credits Highlight the [High Definition] entry and arrow [Up]. Click on the half-circle for the disc production credits.