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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002


See The Pitch

Go to batting practice the when playing hit (Esc) Go through the menu until you see (Pitch Preview: Off) Turn it on. Stop practicing and at the main menu play any thing. And when pitching or batting youll see a pic of the ball swing of it when it comes INSTANT HOMERS I got 62:9 in playoffs

submitted by: H_o_M_e_R


Press [Keypad Period] after getting hit by a pitch to clear the bench and start a fight. Note: Your batter will be ejected.

Bank Robber
Monkey Math for Windows
Desert Kingdom


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Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping
et lost at Sea CTRL + 9 - Lunch for a Monster CTRL + SHIFT + F11 - Frame rate and loads more money CTRL + SHIFT + K - Changes Weather CTRL + SHIFT + F9 - Gives Wire Objects

Sims, The: Holiday
er. In other words, your house is on an island. map_edit on - You can edit the map. map_edit off - The edit stopps. route_balloons on - An bubble appears on top of the characters, and the bubbles show why they dont want to go to work, or do as you say. route_balloons off - The balloons dissapear. autonomy # - Choose IQ for the sims. Write a number between 1-100 instead of #. set hour # - Set the clock to something between 1-24. Fast money: First write the "rosebud" cheat in the box. Then after that you press Ctrl + Shift + C again and write: !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!. If you do just !; you get 1000$.

Viper Racing
sports car, air plane, exotic, etc. You also can get horn balls which wreck the other drivers. Note: You can fly the plane if you do not hit anything. Go a straightaway and the plane will go in the air. Drive on water: Enter Quick Race mode and disable damage. Select Rock Island as a course, and go past the lighthouse to the side of the castle. Drive off the ledge onto the water, but do not go too far. Clutch: Press C during game play to separate the clutch plates, putting the car out of gear. This is helpful when you want to slide around corners slowly while keeping the engine at full throttle. Shortcut: When racing on the first track, you can save some time by driving over the grass where the "S" turn is located. 360 spin: Find a flat area or straightway (for example, Bejemidi or Dayton). Go fast (about 100mph) and simultaneously engage reverse and left or right steering. Keep the throttle at 100% power. Hold these until the nose of the car is pointing towards you then switch the direction you are steering. For example, if you were steering left, go right and vice versa. Keep the direction switched until the nose comes around straight. Then, release the reverse and steering.