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mario Artist: communication kit


Omake Section

There are a number of pre-made movies, characters, backgrounds, animations and 3D models hidden on this disk that can be used in Talent Studio, Paint Studio or Polygon Studio. To uncover the hidden media, simply click on the left side next to the bottom menu item. A new menu option called "Omake" (bonus) will now appear. You can also directly load the media from the other Paint Studio programs by choosing the respective directories.

Chernobyl Chef
Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance for GBA
Littlefingers Picture Puzzles for Mac
Clannad: Mitsumi Mamoru Sakamichi de - Joukan


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WCW vs. nWo Revenge
person While playing the game in any mode. The best way to do this code is to make you'r opponent bleed And tire Then grab them And push Left on the directional pad and B submitted by: R.J. A move when you spirit meter is on special hold a and flick the joy stick up. [send by:Karna mangrola] Sweet Trick (Oscar Guetierez Its me again this is another sweet trick. when you are in a match and your opponent makes you hit the ground push and hold the anolog control stick down and you will be able to play dead.this will confuse your opponent. Cool Trick (By: oscar guetierez) Well this is a really cool trick. in the nitro or superbrawl arenas if your battling in the entrancway throw your opponent into the black part of the entrance. then he will dissapear and come back sometimes with a weapon. it will probably take you a while to get the hang of it Becomes Mortis (By: This isn't really a cheat, but while you're choosing your character, if you go to Kanyon and change his outfit, he becomes Mortis! Nitro Girls as regular wrestlers (By: Suzanne Mueller At the video at the start you hold c-right for about 3 seconds then press c-left c-left A+B (at the same time) then start to get the Nitro Girls as regular wrestlers on the wrestler select menu World Heavywieght Mode Win the U.S. Heavyweight Belt to get World Heavyweight Mode. TV Title Mode Win the Cruiserweight Belt to get TV Title Mode. Secret Characters Curt Henning - Win all nine rounds of the U.S. Heavyweight competition to get Curt Henning. Secret Flock Member - Get the Cruiserweight Belt to get a secret Flock member (we'll know who he is when the game releases). Rowdy Roddy Piper - Get the World Heavyweight Belt to get Roddy Piper. Kanyon - Get the TV title to get Kanyon in the WCW.

Gauntlet Legends
ups Enter "ICE" as a new character name. Play as Sumner Exit through the secret door in the last level of The Trench. Collect all coins in the bonus level to unlock the Sumner at the character selection screen. Play as Minotaur Go to the Cliff level in the Mountain Kingdom. Find all switches, then go to the area with the exit. Do not step on the exit portal. Instead, head down until you see a trapdoor with a star and crossbones. Step on it and you will be transported to a room with many coins. Collect all coins to unlock the Minotaur at the character selection screen. Play as Falconess Go to the bonus level in the Castle Tresurary World. Collect all coins to unlock the Falconess at the character selection screen. She has the same turbo attacks as the Valkyrie. Play as Jackal Play through the second level of the Ice World. There is a trapdoor at a dead end on top of the pile of crates at the end. The trapdoor is found by climbing the slanted crates to the top. Then, circle around until you get a chance to go back down. From there, climb the other set of slanted crates, located before the exit, and standing atop the trapdoor. Collect all coins inside the door to unlock the Jackal at the character selection screen. He is a more powerful form of the Wizard. Play as Tigress Go to the first town level. Find all main switches, then go to the portal. When you reach the portal, backtrack a small distance until you reach a hill with a chest, a switch, and death. Avoid death and hit the switch. Head in the position the switch is pointing and you will reach some zombies and the trap door. Stand on the trap door and collect all coins to unlock the Tigress at the character selection screen. New weapon Reach level 10 to receive a new weapon. Reach levels 50 and 99 for additional new weapons. Get a familiar Reach level 25 to receive a familiar; Valkyrie receives an Eagle, Wizard receives a Dragon, Archer receives a Butterfly, and Warrior receives a Dragonfly. Reach level 50 for a better familiar. Permanent anti-death Successfully complete the game to receive permanent anti-death, which allows you to steal health from death. Hints Easy way to get more experience Find a place in any level where you can kill lots of enemies but the enemies have a hard time getting to you,let's say,halfway up a staircase.Then just keep killing enemies until you have as much experience as you want.NOTE: Don't destroy the generator the enemies are coming out of until you want to move on with the level. [send by:Brandon Little] Turn Death into food If you know where Death is hidden, do not open the container. Instead, use a potion nearby and you should hear Death scream. Open the chest or barrel for a fruit. Kill Death Death will die when it takes 100 HP or is hit with a potion. Stop time and explore Reach the first end Boss and have a "Stop Time" item. As you are about to die vs. the Dragon, turn on the "Stop Time" item. Make sure it is still running when you lose the life. Choose to continue, and enter any level besides a Boss level. Then, time will be stopped in all levels, monsters will not regenerate, and nothing except poisoned food will harm your character. You will also have free reign on any item, however you will gain hardly any experience points. The Ice Axe of Untar The Ice Axe of Untar can be found in the Treasury level of the Valkyrie's Castle. This weapon is useful in defeating the Red Dragon in the Warrior's Mountain. The Scimitar of Rasha The Scimitar of Rasha can be found in the Cavern level of the Warrior's Mountain. This weapon is useful in defeating the Chimera in the Valkyrie's Castle. The Flame of Tarkana The Flame of Tarkana can be found in the Spire level of the Skytown. This weapon is useful in defeating the Yeti in the Ice Domain. Marker's Javelin Marker's Javelin can be found in the Fissure level of the Ice Domain. This weapon is useful in defeating The Plague in the Skytown.

Blast corps
others. The Dump Truck is the easiest. Ghost Car: Finish the Race Course as dictated by the game. Attempt the course again using a different vehicle and you'll race a ghost car. Quick start: Press Accelerate when the last beep is heard as the light is turning green. Bonus courses: Successfully complete all missions and find all six scientists to access two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission is to clear a town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle to make an emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus mission is to clear all buildings off the Moon. A third bonus mission is accessible only after a perfect score is achieved. Extra Bonus courses: Complete all missions twice and more courses will appear after the bonus courses appears. Instant Explosion: Simply drive up next to something and try to get out of your vehicle by pressing Z. If you're too close, your man will yell and not get out. If you continue holding Z, the obstructing object will blow up like magic! This is particularly useful for buildings that can only be blown up by TNT or other non-standard methods. Turbo Start: Here's another trick inherited from Mario Kart 64. For a faster start on racing courses, press the ACCELERATE button as soon as the last light turns green. For best results, time your press the button at the final beep. Bonus Vehicles in Argent Towers: There are many hard-to-find vehicles in this game. Here's how to find some of them in Argent Towers: First find the small, square pit. Then get out of your vehicle. Walk around it until you find a ramp. Go about halfway down it. Change camera angles so you are looking at your man's back. Go down the rest of the way. On the other side of the pit you should see a brown doorway. Go into it and turn left. Now you have to walk a long way. After a while you will be in a small area with J-Bomb. Climb in and J-Bomb is yours. Three more vehicles are in this level, though Ramdozer doesn't seem to have a purpose. Keep the same camera angle you used before and head down. When you come to a point where there is a fence blocking your path, go to the left and right to find a ramp (this one is the thinner of the 2 you will see) and once again get out of your vehicle. Go down this ramp to find Ramdozer and a doorway. Ramdozer can be used if you want to, but I just go in the door. When you go in the door, stay as far to the left as you can. Otherwise you will get on a train and to get to the Police Car you can't be on the train. If you get on, just get off and try again. After that is accomplished, hold down-left on the stick. After a while, your man will go down. Now hold down on the stick and you will get to the Police Car. Drive it around the maze, but when you get back to the maze entrance, you will have to walk back. Walk up until you come to a point where you can't go anymore. Now turn right. when you can't go anymore, go down, then down-left and get on the train. Press the acceleration button and when you see the train through a large door, hop off. Get in the "Missle Car" and gather the missles. Now go up the large ramp and through the fence. The car is yours!

Resident Evil 2
first scenario, by getting to the police station without picking up any ammo. Then get the box of handgun ammo off the desk near the computer. Go back outside, and down the stairs you will see a zombie, wearing camouflage pants and a yellow vest, who normally isn't there. He'll take about 30 shots before going down. When he finally does, search him to get the special key. Take it to the save room where you develop pictures, and inside you'll find a locker that the key will open with a change of clothes waiting inside. Play as Hunk and Tofu Hunk: The fourth survivor is a bonus game mode that features another playable character named "Hunk." Hunk is one of the soldiers who tried to take the G-virus from William, as seen during the midgame CG FMV. Hunk's mission is to get from the sewer to the second floor of the police station. It is a battle mode with no puzzles to solve or items to pick up. To open up this mode, beat the second scenario for either of the two characters with an "A" rating. Tofu: Tofu is yet another playable character. He's actually a giant piece of tofu, who plays the same scenario as Hunk but is armed with only a knife. To open up Tofu, you must play through the game three times. Play through a first scenario, then it's corresponding second scenario. Then the other character's first and its second scenario. Then finally the first and second scenario all over again. If you can finish each one of the six scenarios each with an "A" rating then you can play as Tofu. How to get the three secret weapons with infinite ammo Beat the 1st Scenario in under 2 1/2 hours with a B or A ranking. Gatling Gun: Beat the 2nd Scenario in under 2 1/2 hours with a B or A ranking. Submachine Gun:Beat the 2nd Scenario under 3 hours with a ranking of B or A. All 3 Weapons: beat the 2nd Scenario in under 2 1/2 hours with a ranking of B or A. See a picture of all the original S.T.A.R.S. members To see a picture of all the original S.T.A.R.S. members go into the room on the 2nd floor in the police station where you run into Claire and tell her that her brother is dead and look at the wall on the left side of the room; right of the trophy case and examine the picture on the wall and the screen will do a close up on the picture. Serpents Stone To get the Serpents Stone enter the library on the second floor of the police station, walk up the stares. Now walk over to the part ware the floor is week and fall down into it. Push the power to the book case and get out. Now that your out head on over to the book case that is farthest to the left and move it to the right, move to the next one and move it to the right. Viola! The Serpents Stone is your's. (I have only tried it with Claire) Extra machine gun ammo For extra machine gun ammo, get to Umbrella's secret lab with Leon A or Clair A. You'll find a room with a huge moth. Kill the moth and the larva on the computer. Go up to the computer and type in nemesis. Then go all the way back to the place where the frozen room was but instead of going into the frozen room open the shutters or if they were already open go past them where you'll find another computer. Use the computer and you'll enter in your fingerprint. then beat the rest of the game and you'll get Claire or Leon B. Do the same thing again and it will open the door just beyond the computer. Kill the lickers that are inside and grab the machine gun ammo next to the dead guy. Stay healthy for quite a while This is a trick for health but it lets you stay healthy for quite a while. What you have to do is mix the green herbs with the blue herbs then, the green herb and blue herb to the red herb then when you look at it it will look a brownish color. You have to do it in that exact order or else it will not work. Weapon upgrades When you play the game as Leon, there are two weapon upgrades; one for the shotgun and one for the magnum. When find the upgrades (in the game it will say "shotgun parts" or "magnum parts") you combine it with the weapon it says. The shotgun parts are in the sewer. You get them when you check a dead guy. The magnum parts are in the lab. Final boss tip An easy way to beat the final boss for the first scenario as Leon is to use your upgraded magnum for the first boss. He then will mutate into a rino type monster and the easiest way to beat it is to shoot it with your shotgun when it isn't trying to kill you. Moonwalk This is a pretty funny character movement that works best with Leon. Just get a good camera angle, then tap down on the joy stick. Type down very fast and he will appear to do the moonwalk. Now isn't that more fun then shooting zombies? Invincibility Invincibility is At the load game screen, press Down(4), Left(4), L, R(2), L, C-Up, C-Down. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu. Infinite ammunition is At the load game screen, press Up(4), Right(4), L, R, L, R, C-Right, C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu.[send by:Richard Long ]