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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Unlock Golfers and Courses

Enter the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

WOOGLIN - Unlock all golf ers

ITSINTHEHOLE - Unlock all courses

GOLDENAGE - Tiger Woods with a hat

TECHNICOLOR - Tiger Woods with old striped pants

THROWBACK - Tiger Woods with very old golf outfit

OLDSKOOL - Tiger Woods alternate old golf outfit

ARNIESARMY - Arnold Palmer

THEHAWK - Ben Hogan

FEATHERIE - Old Tom Morris


CRIMSONROSE - Rose Carpenter


DOUBLEDOWN - J. Dinkerbach

GOPHER - Hal Duf

ROIDRAGE - A. Eichelberg


NORTON - M. Leblanc

HIGHHOOK - C. McGinnis

LAZ - R. Montague


DIPPINIT - M. Murray

SUZZIEMCQ - Suzzane Mcintyre


WANTSMORE - T. Shortknocker



FIVEPOUNDS - T. Underwood

THECADDY - D. Wheller

KNOWITALL - S. Whittfield

OUTTAMYWAY - Suzzie Mcintyre

RUSHBETA - L. Daniels

BIGHEAD - N. Hopkins

HOFFMAN - J. Hozzle

VARSITY - R. Irons

BAYSIDE - R. Kumar

Christmas Super Frog
Sniper Elite
Super Mario World 1


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Serious Sam
eat Pyramid stage, just before you enter the pyramid, you may have noticed a panel above the entry with alternating I's and O's. This is a timer counting down in binary. The timer starts at 1,023 and goes down from there. Developer cheats Click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press [Black], [White], [Y]x3 at the main menu. This will unlock the "Cheats" and "Developer Cheats" options. The "Developer Cheats" will allow you to go to certain checkpoints. All characters When you play in one player mode, you will get Serious Sam. After the first level loads and saves, exit. Go to one player mode and start a new game by pressing [Y]. A messed up name will appear. Do not delete that name; just select "Done". Allow the game to load and save, then exit and go to one player mode. If done correctly, Serious Sammy should be there. Keep doing these steps until you get all the charcaters. Note: When you get Serious Sam 2, do not select "OK"; there is no difference. Fly around Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Go to the Alley Of The Sphinxes level. When there, instead of going straight into the level, turn around and head for the mountains. After a while you will begin to lose health very fast. Give yourself full health when you are in danger of dying. In a short while, you will get to the top of the mountain and stop losing health. You may want to get full health because you will lose about 30 when you fall to the other side. You will now be in more desert. Keep running for about twenty minutes and you will walk off the desert and enter an area that looks like all sky. While here, when your gun moves it looks strange. When you slice your knife around, the whole screen will get covered by an image of it. The best part about this area is that you can fly. Hold [Jump] to do so. You can travel anywhere in the level. To land, hold [Crouch]. Hidden level Destroy all the statues in the Valley Of The Kings level.

Thief: Deadly Shadows
10 Broadhead arrows = 30 Noisemakers = 5 Water Arrows = 25 Moss Arrows = 20 Gas Arrows = 5 Fire Arrows = 15 Flash Bombs = 20 Explosive Mine = 5 Gas Bomb = 5 Oil Flask = 5 If Garrett proceeds to pick up another item when he is at maximum capacity, the item is "picked up" but is not added to the inventory. Be sure you have room before you start grabbing items or you're just wasting hard earned loot! submitted by: leo

WWE Raw 2
a demonstration and i is the same as the R.K.O submitted by: james_vawzer Rey Mysterio 619: When Your voltageage meter is Flashing red put your opponent on the ropes and Press''X+A" as i say again it only works with Rey Mysterio. submitted by: james_vawzer Unlock Vince mchmahon: Finish the season 10 times whithout being defated and at the end u will have unlocked him! submitted by: james_vawzer Unlock everyone in WCW,UFC and much more Be The Rock For 3 Years in season mode and after the Wrestlemania P.P.V in 4th year it will go back to the menu and say "Congratulaitions You Have Just Unlocked The Wrestlers From WCW UFC"and there were more but i forgot!!! Srry big time Note: I tryed The same thing on my cousins XBOX and i didn't work but oh well it worked on myne. P.S:some Wrestlers U will C R for examle:Jeff Hardy Hulk Hogan (Nwo Style) Superfly Don Maraco Members of the F.B.I and much much more!! trust me this code works for real!! submitted by: james_vawzer Get more skill ponits In exhibition mode play a single cage match and beat your apponent in under 2:00 mins and you will get 1 skill point for each thing submitted by: seanbrogers Unlock More Backstage arenas This one is confusing you MUST complete 1 season with every one on the first page of superstars without starting a new season.But make sure you win the Undisputed Champ with all of them before 1 season.The first match you must win by pinfall,the second by submission third by countout and so on.Title matches must be won by pin fall. After that is done Vince will suprise attack you with the last person you were lose to him then you will get a second chance win this time by quitting suprise attack. Then you will fight every 1 else in the WWE one at a time like a slobber knocker.Then you will unlock more hardcore places to fight. submitted by: David Lucas Unlock ken shamrock Complete season modr 7 times succesfully submitted by: adam heath WWE Raw 2 To do a special grapple you must first get your voltage meter flashing red. Then grapple using the A button then where the Voltage meter is it will say press A+X to use your finishing moves here is some of the moves. Rocks-Rockbottom Kurt Angle-Angle Slam Brock Lesnars-F5 and many many more. submitted by: David Lucas Unlock Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff! To unlock them you have to play with Triple H and become the undisputed champion and to become the undisputed championyou have to get both titles, wwe and world heavyweight champion and after that you lose it to Chris Jericho.Then Vince McMahon comes out and complains with Eric Bischoff and a match Shane McMahon v.s Eric Bischoff.Then you v.s Eric Bischoff and you have both of them unlocked. submitted by: yoyo WWE Raw 2 How to unlock Mick Foley/Jeff Hardy First you have to complete the season 5 times each with the following superstars 1.Trish Stratus 2.Stacey Kiebler 3.The Hurricane 4.The Rock After this is complete you must do a fatal four way with these four wrestlers make sure hurricane wins by submission on the rock. The you can go onto exbidition mode ONLY and use MIck Foley and his second costume is Jeff Hardy COOOOOOOL!!! submitted by: David Lucas Doing Specials Make sure your voltage meter is dark red.Then grapple your opponet then press A+X.You will do the superstars special move. (example:the Rocks Rock Bottom). submitted by: Steve Wardenski Brock Lesnar: Shooting Star Press: Once you have your Voltage meter up, Irish Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle. Make sure he is facing you when he is stuck on the turnbuckle corner. Grapple him and Press X + A to do Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Press. Alternate costumes: Every superstar has two appearances. The first one being ring attire and the second being backstage attire. If you create a superstar and are planning to put them in a season, you might want to create a second appearance (for example, something casual or formal). Otherwise your superstar will be running around backstage as the generic create a superstar character (even when your superstar is female). Changing costumes: A lot of wrestlers have alternate costumes in the create a superstar section. For example, Big Poppa Pump's patriotic tights, HHH'S jean jacket, etc. To change these costumes, go to create a superstar and select the desired superstar to change. Go to their appearance. Then, select costume and go through all the types and textures. Select the one you want. You also can change the color. Chris Jericho: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Chris Jericho, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 12.0 seconds. By doing this, the pyro matches with the music, which is ending the countdown transforming noise. D-Von Dudley: Real pyro timing: Go To Create a Superstar, select D-Von, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 0.1 seconds. Goldberg: Spear: Once you have your Voltage meter up, punch your opponent near the ropes. When their hands are trapped in the ropes, grapple them and press X + A. Goldberg will Irish Whip them to the other ropes and Spear them. Goldberg: Real pyro timing: Go into Goldberg's entrance menu and change the timing of the Pyro2 to 25.0 seconds and it should look like the real thing. Go to Create A Superstar, select Goldberg, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 14.3 seconds. Set the Pyro2 start time to 25.8 seconds. By doing this, when he is standing on the ramp then starts to move his shoulders, the first Pyro goes off. The second one goes off when he starts punching. Kane: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Kane, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time At 0.1 seconds. Set the Pyro2 start time to 45.6 seconds. By doing this, Pyro1 starts as soon as the music starts, and Pyro2 starts as soon as Kane's hands fall down. John Cena: F-U Finishing move: Go to Create A Superstar and select John Cena. Go to "Moves", then "Grappling". Go to the move labled "X + A" and change it to the "Death Valley Driver", which is in page 13 of the moves list. Rey Mysterio: Real mask: Go to Create A Superstar and select "Create". Select Rey Mysterio, then go to "Appearance 1". Select "Mask", and go to "Misc". Select "15". You can change the color if desired. Then, select "Accessories" (still under "Mask") and choose "4". You now have Rey Mysterio's real mask. You can also change it in "Appearance 2". Rob Van Dam: Real pyro timing: Go to Create a Superstar, select Rob Van Dam, then go to "Entrance". Set the Pyro1 start time to 6.0 seconds. By doing this, when the chorus part of Rob Van Dam's theme hits (One Of A Kind!) when added to the Xbox's soundtrack, the pyros go off. Doing specials: Specials are based on the meter on the bottom of the screen. Doing different moves will build this up, eventually turning it bright red. Once this is at maximum red, specials can be performed by pressing X + A in a grapple. Some moves require different situations. For example, for Goldberg's Spear, grapple your opponent while he/she is on the ropes, then proceed to press X + A. Note: Doing the same move repeatedly, such as punches, will decrease your bar and turn it blue. Undisputed Champion: Win both the WWE Championship and the World Championship to be dubbed the "Undisputed Champion". Momentum by chair: Have a "set up" chair between you and your opponent. Run towards the chair (with your opponent on the opposite side) and press Black to use the chair for additional momentum. Some wrestlers clothesline, some dropkick, etc. Interfere forget them: When a superstar is entering the ring, repeatedly press X when they are on the ramp. Note: This does not work with superstars such as Undertaker, who is riding a motorcycle. Easy season mode wins: Do a move with anyone . Then, do a submission move. Finally, press Start and quit (return to the main menu). You will win every time. Easy Cage match wins: Grapple your opponent and hold a direction on the D-pad while pressing Black to smash your opponent's head into the cage. Win surprise attacks: Surprise attacks can always be won if you press Start and return to previous menu. This works if you surprise attack someone, or if they surprise attack you. Perform Standing Special/Finishing Move: When your Voltage meter is flashing up and down with the red lines, grapple with A, and press A + X at the same time. This will do Triple H's Pedigree, for example. Unlocking arenas: To easily unlock all arenas, enter season mode. You do not have to play as one wrestler in season mode; just after or before a PPV save and exit season mode. When you enter back in season, choose a different wrestler. As you go through season mode and into PPVs, you do not have to win to unlock the arenas. Just go through the match types with no interference, rest, steal, etc., and go into your match. Try and get counted out. If you want to try to win fast, get your opponent counted out by beating him/her outside the ring and go into the ring at the last two seconds. Just play in the arenas and if you win or lose, save after the PPV. The arena is now available in exhibition mode. Once you get to Wrestlemania, if you do not have a title shot yet, check to see who is champion. Save and exit the game. Then, go back into Wrestlemania and choose the champion. Win the belt at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is now unlocked in exhibition mode and you have completed year one of season mode. To get different PPV arenas, go to season mode and go through each PPV. Once finished with a PPV, you will unlock the arena and be able to play in it in quick start or exhibition mode. Note: You do not have to win a match at the PPV. Unlocking exhibition mode bonuses easily: Enter exhibition mode and choose Royal Rumble. Start out at the beginning. You must win the match with the wrestler you chose. Go through all opponents and win. Set the number of Royal Rumble participants to 30 . If you win, you will unlock something. Unlocking all costume samples and superstar FMV sequences quickly: Use multi-players (a multitap if you have it). Set up season mode for two or more players . Play or get disqualified from the match your chosen superstar is in, and for the rest choose "Steal". Always steal several times from each superstar for a show. Each superstar has two costume samples and one FMV sequence that you can steal. Use your multi-players to steal from more than one superstar at a time, and try to do it in an order or you will get confused as to whom you have already stolen from. You will have to go through the first year of the season mode to steal from all the superstars. However, it is worth it to get all these things unlocked. When the message "You have stolen dirty laundry" comes up, you have stolen everything from that superstar and can move on to the next one. After the costume samples are unlocked, you can use them for your created superstar . In season mode, successfully steal items from characters. Each character has two sample costumes that can be unlocked for CAW mode. For example, successfully steal an item from HHH to unlock HHH's ring costume. Steal from HHH again to get his backstage costume. In season mode, when you do an interference, surprise attack, steal, etc., and succeed, there will be a 50% chance you will get new Create A Superstar abilities. Note: If you rest and you do that successfully, you will not get anything; you will just raise your vitality/spirit. When in season mode, whether you have one person or four people, set all the matches to steal. Put all the steals on the same person. This way, the chances of you stealing three things from them successfully is better, which lets you can get their Titantron in the theater mode. View custom soundtracks: Select the "Create A Superstar" option at the main menu. Choose a superstar to edit, then select "Entrance" at the bottom of the options. Next, go all the way down to "Entrance Music". Press R a few times and you should see the soundtracks (if any) that you have placed in your Xbox. How to get Elimination Chamber Ok I've had RAW2 since it came out right, and I had beaten the season mode like 5 times with RVD, Taker, and Kane. Ok and I was like: Where's teh Chamber? So finaly I said forget it! Then after about 3 months after saying: Forget it I acully got a job at WWEas a writer. So I was walking around and I saw teh guy who was working on the techno stuff. So I got up like a loser and ask him if he knows anything about RAW2? And he goes yah beacuse I helped program it. So I ask him: Does it have the Chamber? He lauighs and askes me how many times have I beatn seasons mode? I said like 5 times with RVD, TAKER, AND KANE. So he laughs and tells me the follwowing: To unlock the Elimination Chamber you must beat season mode 3 times undfeated with one person. So I beat it in about 4 hours and BOOM! Chamber baby! So sweet man. WAYYYY better than Smackdown HCTP. i PLAYED hctp and it sucked. Like you can only do certain moves off the top of teh cage, but on RAW2 you do your acual move pressing A or X. So if your Brock Lesnar and press X I think he will hit a Shooting Star press. Only bad thing is that you can't attacked them when they come out of the chamber, but all in all it is SWEET!!! submitted by: nAtt "The Freakshow" du

t to lure the goal keeper away from the goal. Once he is coming to get you, quickly pass and do a one timer or strafe and score. Also for easy goals, run straight towards the goal then jump sideways and press B to shoot. It will go in about 80% of the time. Then, if you can run around the back of the goal, you can score again. Unlock All Arenas: Enter MOREROOM as Player 4's controller name. All Teams and Players: Enter ALL150 as Player 4's controller name. Unlock Extreme Difficulty: Name NO FEAR as Player 4's controller name. Unlock Multidisc: Name CONFUSED as Player 4's controller name. Easy win Use the following trick to win easily in a single match or tournament game. Instead of trying to win with goals, just K.O. all the players. Once one of them gets K.O.'d, it is easy to K.O. the others. You can also put your teammates on attack. Winning faceoffs As soon as you start, run a little bit, then press L + B to slide or L + A to jump into the disc. Multidisk Multidisk is when you have three disks on the field instead of one. Easy KO Instead of beating them on the ground, wait until they get are about halfway up and kick themem good. This will effectively do more damage to them. Easy win against Angles Play full defense and with one player score the goals. To score over 100 and shut them out without letting them have the disc once, with the one player, charge their goal at a 45 degree angle then jump and shoot. Their defender will be playing directly in front and therefore will not be able to catch it if done correctly. After you shoot, turn directly towards the corner to your left and use the dive twice in a row. By the time you get there, the disc will be banking off the wall into your hands. Pull a 360 and start charging again at a 45 degree angle and continue this process. Note: This was done under the easy difficulty setting. Submitted by: Alex Easy health Instead of purchasing health between rounds while playing, cycle through your team by pressing [Black]. Start grabbing the health icons off the portals with the weakest team members. Submitted by: Alex Booby-trapping discs Charge the disc as if executing a death throw. While still pressing "Charge/Throw", press [Pass]. The disc will fall to the arena floor, still holding the charge. The first character to grab the disc receives a "death throw". This works well with one on one goalie situations; knocking the goalie away from the goal when attempting to grab the disc. If you are being chased by a defender you can get some pay back by dropping a charged disc, then kicking the sprawled defender senseless on the deck for the injury/K.O. Submitted by: Alex Always win a bet When you are offered a bet, take either the B or the C and challenge any team. When you get to choose the team with the controllers options, exit all the way back and go to your messages. Using the Convicts you can win every C bet without playing a game. With the Blitzers, this will not work, but you will still win the B bets every time.