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Drakan: Order of the Flame

Cheat mode:


Hold [Shif

while starting the game. Select the "Developer"

tab and check "Developer Mode" to continue loading the game.

To start the game, hold [Ctrl] and click on "New Game" to set

a difficulty setting and location. Then, press to talk

during game play, enter one of the following codes, and

press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

The phrase "The gods favor you" will be spoken to confirm

correct code entry. Effect Code


God mode1 - iamgod

God mode in last stage - iamgoddess

Full health - smoghead

Enable debug mode - debug on

List weapon names in debug mode - all weapons

Obtain indicated weapon - give

Obtain indicated item - gimme

Toggle flight mode enabled - floy

Land with flight mode active - drop

Switch view to nearest enemy - switch

Remove fog - foghack

Unlock doors - opensezme

Set game speed; may crash game - speed <1-50>

Change speed; may crash game - fov <6-93>

Kill nearby enemies - giants

Disable debug mode - debug off 1. This code has no effect in the last stage of

the game.

Item list:


Enter one of the following item names with the gimme

code. The items/weapons can be summoned for Arokh or

Rynn. Note: Some items can only be obtained on the

levels that the normally appear on. health elixir

potion of life

great sword

battle axe

battle hammer

altir's mace

sword of flame

ice hammer

sword of ice

lightning axe

long sword


mithril great sword

mithril axe


fire boomerang

mithril hammer

mithril long sword

mithril mace

magic scimitar

magic short sword


short sword

speed scimitarv mourn bringer

potion of invisibility

potion of invulnerability

flaming sword

long bow


lightning crystal

fire crystal

ice crystal


plate mail

banded mail

dragon armor

rift crystal


bell hammer of alwarren

rune cage key

scale mail

chain mail

tunnel entrance key

crusher room key

house key

studded leather

storage rune

elemental amulet

flaming arrows

poison arrows

explosive arrows

energy bow

energy arrow quiver

energy bow key

goblin access key

mithril throwing axe

ice arrows

mithril throwing hammer

jail key

dark scimitar

magic arrows

potion of invulnerability bronze

potion of invulnerability gold

potion of invulnerability dark

heavy bow

speed bow

heron's crystal

tuiri's soul crystal

dragon armor rune

lava rune

succubus mirror

mystic key

atimar's blade

dead man's key

rune of stone

grungle's hammer

Unlimited Potions-Crystals


Bring up your inventory screen. Drag a potion out of the

inventory box but do not drop it on ground. Turn around

again, ie to go back into action. Go back into inventory

and you will have one additional potion. Repeat as many

times as needed/wanted. Also works for fire/ice/lightning


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