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The Horde
Left. Cheat Mode To access any of these cheats, press and hold A + B, then press Up and hit Pause. After you enter your cheat code, unpause the game.

Game Guru
For your listening pleasure, the makers have included some extra soundtracks. To hear them, patch GameGuru.CFG with the code "SONGx", where x is a number from 1 to 9.

Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate
, A, A, C, R, Stop.

ct from Laura's inventory to receive a pictorial hint to solve the current puzzle. This may only be done three times per game. Laura's father At varying locations in the game, Laura's father will speak to her. Laura's watch The game must be completed in two hours (real time). The watch in the inventory will keep track of the elapsed game time. The game begins at 3:00, and will end at 5:00.