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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Play as Evil Sakura

Press and hold Start and put the cursor on Wolverine. While holding START, press and hold right so the cursor is on Hulk. Wait 8 seconds and then simultaneously press Light Punch and Heavy Punch.

Play as Evil Zangief

At the Character Selection screen, hold START and put the cursor on Blackheart. Hold LEFT for 5 seconds, and then press Light Punch and Heavy Punch at the same time.

Play as Gambit

Go to Dhalsim, hold START, then move Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Right and press and hold LP+MK+HP together. If done correctly, Gambit will appear.

Play as Mephisto

Press and hold START and put the cursor on Huld. While holding START, press and hold DOWN so the cursor is on Omega Red. Hold DOWN for 10 seconds and then simultaneously push Jab and Fierce Punch.

Play as Shadow Charlie

At the Character Selection screen, hold START. While holding it, go to Dhalsim and hold UP for 5 seconds then press Jab and Fierce Punch at the same time.

Alternate Colors for Secret Characters

When selecting a secret Character (see codes below), finish the code by pressing Light Kick and Fierce Kick instead of Light Punch and Fierce Punch.

Beat 'em While They're Down

After defeating your opponents, press and hold START. Normally your Character wont be able to move after the round is over but by holding START you will not only be able to move freely (until the next round starts) but you will be able to hit your opponent and even do a Super on them!

Change Battle Order

When the screen shows which teams will be battling, press Punch or Kick three times to change the order of battle.

Dan's Explosion

Pick Dan as your fighter then anyone else at the vs. screen hold the light punch until the word fight disappears when the match begins. Dan will fall into a small explosion.

Double Team Spidermen

Start a new game and choose any Character for your first choice followed by Spiderman as the second Character . Deliberately lose, then continue and choose Silver Spiderman as your first Character . The other Spiderman should be selected as your second Character .

Extra Hits on Super Combos

While doing a super combo, slide your hand back and forth on the buttons pressing the same strength punch and kick simultaneously. Do this as fast as you can. 95% of the time you'll only get a few more hits but if you do it perfectly you can get a lot more.

Fight Secret Characters - Japanese Version

To fight a secret Character in the Japanese version you must do a certain amount of team super finishes.

Character #

Evil Sakura 5

Evil Zangief 6

Shadow Charlie 7

Hyper Mode

At the vs. screen, hold Light Kick + Middle Punch + Fierce Kick.

Play as Black-and-White Spider-Man

At the Character Selection screen, hold START, then move to Ryu. Now press and hold DOWN on the joystick so the cursor is on Spider-man. Hold DOWN on the joystick for at least 10 seconds, then simultaneously press Jab and Fierce Punch.

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Street Fighter Alpha 2
should press and hold START. Then move the cursor over to M.Bison. Then go to any character, release START, and press any button. You will fight at the Waterfall. Chun-Li's Original Outfit At the Player Select screem, press and hold Start and move the cursor to Chun-Li. Leave it over Chun-Li for five seconds, then press the following buttons for these color outfits: Blue: Any punch button Green: All three punch buttons Black: Any kick button Play as Evil Ryu Enter this code on the character select screen. Go to Ryu, and press START. Now go to Adon, Akuma, and Adon. Return to Ryu and hold START for five seconds. While still holding START, press any punch or kick button to enable Evil Ryu. Here are his moves: Fireball: QCF, p Dragon Punch: F, D, DF, p Hurricane Kick: QCB, k Teleport: F, D, DF, 3P And his Supers: Shinku-Hadouken: QCF, QCF, p Super Hurricane Kick: QCB, QCB, k Raging Demon: Jab, Jab, F, Short, Fierce Super Uppercut: QCF, QCF, k

Metal Slug
n. Shoot it and a prisoner will fall down. Save him, and he follows you around wherever you go until you lose one life. He is invincible and shoots Street Fighter-like fireballs that home into the enemy. He also gives you lots of bonus points if you finish the mission with him still following you.

but with two players Harbone may fire six. Hambone the Revenge is probably the only end-boss that is best tackled alone. Defeat "Hambone" Easily The main weak point of Hambone, level one end-boss, is his large Gattling gun. That's right, just keep shooting as fast as you can at his gun and you will waste his energy and keep him from shooting at you. During the brief moments when he is not shooting, fire at either his head or legs ? but be sure to keep shooting the gun. As the screen moves from the right side of the hallway to the left, grab the shotgun that appears! Marksman lose very little energy on Hambone. Defeat "Junior" Easily Junior, the last end-boss, is the easiest to defeat. It's quite possible to beat him without getting a scratch. You will need to shoot every part of Junior's pudgy body until it turns red ? which means targeting the head, limbs and even his diaper! During one of his tantrums, when he rips apart the roof and vomits, make sure that you shoot the last morsel of yellow upchuck. (If you don't, Junior's last meal is on you!) When he's all red, shoot the darker leg and give him his final spanking! Defeat "Krampus" Easily Karmpus, the fourth level end-boss, is probably the toughest enemy that you will have to face. Shoot at his head and chest until these areas are bloodied. Then concentrate on his chest, which will open and expose the heart ? his main weak point. Krampus' legs and groin are also vulnerable. And in two-player games, it's best for each character to train his firearm either above or below the torso. Easy Kills When starting the game don't go to the hauted house, either go to the freak show or the other one. After you beat the the other stages go back to the hauted house and keep on shooting the mini-boss in the facemask until his mask comes off - then shoot him in the arms until you see one blow off. The next time you battle with him shoot him in the head and the missing arm that will give you a chance to survive him. After that you will encounter the main boss. Start to shoot her clothes off, that will make her weak so that you can beat her easily {you can do this on any boss or mini-boss}. Defeat "Evil Marie" Easily At the beginning of the battle, shoot at either Evil Marie's body or head until her clothes have fallen off or her face has been bloodied. Thereafter, focus on her weak point ? the hickey on her neck. Marie is a formidable foe who is best attacked with a friend. Defeat "Eyeclops" Easily To defeat Eyeclops, you will need to shoot every eye on his body. Although this sounds difficult, it really isn't. Rapid fire (and a decent aim) is the key. Shoot the eyes on his chest first, then go for the extremities!