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.hack Part 4: Quarantine

Completion bonus:

Successfully complete the game to unlock the parody mode. Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. Note: This is only available in the Japanese version.

Defeating Goblins:

Have some Wood magic equipped. Start the match, wait until the Goblin runs, then sits still for a moment. Then, use the magic. Goblins are all weak against Wood; two shots will kill them.

Information in this section was contributed by Keith Cowan.

Easier game :

It is much easier if you have a Wavemaster in your party, whether it is Elk, Wiseman, or someone else; and also have a heavy blade person. This helps very much. Also keep your other members leveled up with you because you have to use them at times.

Bonus keywords

Enter the following bonus keywords from various episodes, commercials, and ads to reach the corresponding area.

Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel

Confused Fool's Hideout

Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet

DVD secrets

The DVD that is included with the game has a secret section. It reveals secrets in the game. Enter the "Data" menu and highlight the ".hack Pro Trailers" option. Press [Righ to highlight a circular icon. Press [X] or [Enter] to view the secrets.

Rocker Grunty

A Rocker Grunty requires four Cordycepts and eighteen Golden Eggs.

Wooden Grunty

A Wooden Grunty requires four Cordycepts, one Immature Egg, and seventeen Golden Eggs.

Grunty food

An easy way to get food for Grunties is to go to the areas where you played tag with the Goblins. There usually is a lot of food there, and no monsters.

When you are looking for Grunty food in the field, call Noble Grunty and press [Triangle]. He will automatically track down Grunty food for you. Also, Aqua Grunty and Rocker Grunty will take you to the dungeon if you are too far away from the dungeon.

2128 Drain

2128 Drain allows you to Data Drain monsters. The chance of getting a rare item is high. You can get this after you have obtained all of the Book of 1000 Enhancements and after you have gotten Data Arc. After you have Data Arc, use Data Drain Many times to get 2128 Drain.

Drain Heart

Drain Heart allows you to 2128 Drain multiple enemies. The chance of getting a rare item is high. You can get this after you have obtained all of the Book of 1000 Enhancements and after you have gotten Data Arc and 2128 Drain . After you have 2128 Drain, you must use Data Drain many times to get Drain Heart.

3doors FlipFlop
Starcraft 2: 'Battle.Net Overview' Trailer HD
Din's Curse 0.911
Mario Game: Super Mario Adventure Conquest


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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw
e ring and get the table from underneath the ring and place it on the turnbuckle. after you do that, let your opponent beat you up for about forty seconds(but dont let him win the match)then run to the table and let him grapple you while you are lying on it,then he will throw you on it and it will break.Then the refferee will call it a disqualification and you will win the match.I did that in less than a minute! Why dont you try it and see how long it takes you to do it...good luck! submitted by: kevin Bret Hart and Chris Benoit Challenge In the challenges two of them are to make Bret Hart tap from his sharpshooter(note you have to steal the finisher move). Then on another one you have to make Chris Benoit tap from his Crippler Crossface. The most easiest way to do this is to use people with high submission attributes. ex. Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho. submitted by: Jesse Unlockables Challenge Mode 10,000 EXP Complete all 60 Challenges HBK's T-shirt And jeans Alternate Attire and Kurt Angles General Manager Suit As An Alternate Attire Complete Rising Star Challenges Heat And Velocity Arenas Complete Amateur Challenges Suits For All 3 Evolution Members (HHH, Batista, Flair) and Randy Orton Alternate Attire Complete Superstar Challenges The Rock's alternate attire Complete all of the challenges WWE Legend Movesets Complete all 60 Challenges Copy Your Opponent's Finishing Move To copy your opponent's finishing move, you need 2 Smackdown! specials ready. Once you do, get into your opponent's finishing move situation and press L1, while holding L2. You will then perform your opponent's finishing move. Extra energy: When fighting in a Hardcore match in the soda machine room, Irish Whip your opponent into the soda machine. A can of soda will appear. Drink it to refill your special bar. Rub food in face: There is a snack table in the back open space. Throw your opponent into the table. He will fall onto the table. Go over and grapple him. You will smash his face into the food. The camera will go to a close up of your wrestler rubbing a handful of food in your opponent's face. Easy win: Get everyone to go to the outside, then hang back from action interrupting pin falls and taunting. Next, grab the most beaten down opponent and lure him away from action. Do a finisher and pin him. Your other opponents will not get there in time to interrupt. To easily win a Hell In A Cell match, repeatedly throw your opponent off the cell until their entire body is red. Then, do either a pin or a submission to win. Fight Vince Mcmahon at Wrestlemania: Lose the Royal Rumble match in season mode. When Vince gives you a title shot, answer "No". As the weeks progress, you and Vince will get into a heated battle in which he suspends the GM's of the shows and takes over. At the last week before Wrestlemania, the GM will return and takes his show. Vince gets suspended of power and will be placed in A Hell In A Cell match at Wrestlemania. Note: If you use Triple H, after you win at the end of the match he will place Vince on the announcer's table, climb up the cage, and elbow dive Vince threw the table. Easy wins: Beat down your opponent to where he or she is in the red or dark orange range. Then, grab the ladder (be on the outside of the ring). Press Up + X, then Circle after your opponent is on the ladder. You should grab your opponent and slam him on the ladder. Then, grab the ladder and go in the ring. Do not set it up yet. Then, leave the ring and go over to your opponent. Use your finisher (if it is a groggy one with a decent pin). If not, grab a chair and use the Up + X move (power chair hit). Drop the chair and go in the ring. Set up ladder and grab the belt, or cash and win. Note: This best done with a fast character that has a groggy special that can be done outside the ring, like Jon Cena. Legends Cage match: Easy win: To easily defeat Brett Hart with Brutus Beefcake, change Brutus's finisher to the Stone Cold Stunner and any one of his power moves to Stunner 5 or 4 to quickly weaken him. Royal Rumble match: Easy eliminations: When you are in the Royal Rumble match, you can toss out superstars with a small weight category. For example, ultra heavyweights can toss out heavyweights, light heavyweights, cruiserweights, and diva weights. Heavyweights can throw out light heavyweights, cruiserweights, and diva weights. Light heavyweights can throw out diva weights. Cruiserweights and diva weights cannot toss anyone over the rope. You can do this by pressing Left or Right + Down to toe kick the opponent to make them groggy. Then, press Up, Down, Left or Right + Circle to pick them up over your head. Next, walk over to the edge of the ring and press Circle. Note: Andre The Giant is the best person to do this with -- he can throw all weight classes over except super heavyweights. Royal Rumble: Easy wins: In your wrestler's moveset, change any of its moves to Powerbomb 07. During the match, get your opponent so that their back is towards the ropes. If the move is done correctly and in position, your opponent will go over the top rope without having a meter to use. Tag or Triple Tag match: Easy wins: In a tag team match, if you have one opponent ready to be beaten, just before you execute a finishing move (as long as it is not a move that takes up a lot of time), press Left Analog-stick Up. This will cause your partner to run up and attack the opponent standing on the apron, which will keep him from coming in to break up the pin or submission. The Big Red Machine challenge: Defeating Kane in the Big Red Machine challenge is difficult. The easiest way is to take a wrestler who has submission moves for the legs and arms, power moves for the body, and a finisher that can damage the head. Get every body part to red or orange in color. When it looks like you have got him, go to the right side of the ring and get the sledgehammer. Bring it inside the ring and throw it down. If Kane is up, knock him back down, then go for the ref. Remember that you can only knock the ref down three times before being disqualified. After the ref is down, pick Kane up, stun him, then choke him with the sledgehammer (Down + X). When he goes down, put the sledgehammer down, pick him back up, then choke him with it again. Do this until the sledgehammer disappears. By that time the ref should be awake and ready to make the count. Kane should be completely red by this time. If needed, create a wrestler and use the strategy for unlimited experience on here, and build a created character that is maxed out on everything. Earn cash in season mode completing challenges in order to buy extra experience points for your created wrestler in WWE Shopzone. You may buy the experience unlimited times. 1,500 Experience - Buy for $11,000 in WWE Shopzone 10,000 Experience - Buy for $60,000 in WWE Shopzone 150 Experience - Buy for $1,200 in WWE Shopzone 3,000 Experience - Buy for $20,000 in WWE Shopzone 5,000 Experience - Buy for $32,000 in WWE Shopzone Legends Bret "Hitman" Hart : Buy at the WWE store for $20,000 Andre the Giant : Buy at the WWE store for $20,000 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake : Buy at the WWE store for $20,000 Legend Undertaker : Buy at the WWE store for $18,000 The Rock : Buy at the WWE Shop for $20,000 Legion of Doom : Buy at the WWE store for $35,000 Mankind : Buy at the WWE store for $20,000 Masked Kane : Buy at the WWE store for $18,000 Unlock Paul Heyman Using Kane beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XX. You can not play as him or against him, he can only be a manager. Shop items Armageddon Arena - Buy for $6,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 1 (Molly Holly) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 2 (Sable) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 3 (Stacy Keibler) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 4 (Torrie Wilson) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 5 (Trish Stratus) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Bra and Panties 6 (Victoria) - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 1 (Torrie Wilson) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 2 (Sable) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 3 (Stacy Keibler) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 4 (Trish Stratus) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 5 (Victoria) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Loading Screen 6 (Molly Holly) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Menu Model 1 (Torrie Wilson) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Menu Model 2 (Sable) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Menu Model 3 (Stacy Keibler) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. Diva Menu Model 4 (Trish Stratus) - Buy for $4,000 in the ShopZone. John Cena's Attire - Buy for $6,000 in the ShopZone. Survivor Series Arena - Buy for $6,000 in the ShopZone. WrestleMania XX Arena - Buy for $8,000 in the ShopZone. WWE Move Sets 1 - Buy for $3,000 in the ShopZone. WWE Move Sets 2 - Buy for $3,000 in the ShopZone. WWE Move Sets 3 - Buy for $3,000 in the ShopZone. WWE Move Sets 4 - Buy for $3,000 in the ShopZone. Cars This is what the cars do in a parking lot brawl: White truck: acts like a low rider White van: breaks windshield Red car: alarm goes off Blue van: hood pops up Limo: Smash driver side window and slam the persons keg in the same door after breaking the window. Also you’re able to put the person in the backseat and they will be jumped by someone else in the limo. Hidden Weapons In a parking lot brawl go to the big WWE truck, go as far as you can up, press SQUARE and he should grab a sledge hammer. Flat Tire In a parking lot brawl whip your opponent into the big WWE truck near its two tires causing a bunch of air to come out making your opponent fall to the ground. Caffeine Power In a Hardcore match, on the far left of the screen, you'll see a WWE soda machine. Irish whip your opponent into the machine, and a can of soda will pop out. Hit Square next to it, and your wrestler will drink it. He will then have more power added to his SmackDown! meter. Hidden Entrances 1 Farooq 2 Billy Gunn 3 Val Venis 4 William Regal 5 Scott Steiner 6 Test 7 Hurricane 8 Spike Dudley 9 Billy Kidman 10 Funaki 11 Steven Richards 12 Sgt. Slaughter 13 Jerry the King Lawler 14 Taz 15 Al Snow 16 Rodney Mack 17 Jazz 18 Lita 19 Vince McMahon 20 Shane McMahon 21 Steph McMahon 22 Eric Bishoff 23 Hulk Hogan 24 Ultimate Warrior 25 Iron Shiek 26 Nikolai Volkoff 27 George Steele 28 Hillbilly Jim 29 Dean Malenko 30 Ted DiBiase 31 Crash Holly 32 Mr. Perfect 33 Bob Backlund 34 Lance Storm 35 Ultimo Dragon 37 Stone Cold Steve Austin 38 Goldberg 39 Brock Lesnar 40 Jeff Hardy 41 X-Pac 42 Diamond Dallas Page 43 Road Dogg Jesse James 44 Kevin Nash 45 Scott Hall 46 Sting 47 Jeff Jarrett 48 Goldust 49 Big Van Vader 50 Keiji Mutoh 51 Kendo Kashin 52 Toshiaki Kawada 53 Taka Michinoku 54 Genichiro Tenryu 55 Kensuke Sasake 56 Masa Chono 57 Hiroyoshi Tenzan 58 Manabu Nakanishi 59 Yugi Nagata 60 Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger 61 Mitsuharu Misawa 62 Kenta Kobashi 63 Jun Akiyama 65 Naoya Ogawa 66 The Great Sasuke 67 Atsushi Onita 68 Fred Durst 69 Antonio Inoki 70 Shoot Set 1 71 Shoot Set 2 72 Joshi Set A 73 Joshi Set B 74 Lucha Set

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus
M R D S L - Lose Shuriken S L S D R D L - Nightmare M R L M R M R - Pizza Paradise D R S L L S R - Poison D R M S R L R - Self Recovery M L D S R D M - Squeaking L D R M R L M - Super Defense Power R D S R M R L - Super-Tough S S S M R D D - Toddling D S L R D R M - New Nexus outfit for Donatello L M R M D R D - New Nexus outfit for Leonardo M L M R D R M - New Nexus outfit for Michelangelo R M S R M D R - New Nexus outfit for Raphael M R M D R M D - Challenge Code Endurance - stamina restore no longer available D S R D M R M - Cheat Code Health

WWE Crush Hour
R1, R2, Triangle. Kevin Nash Press L2, Square, R2, Circle at any menu. Unlock Hulk Hogan Defeat season mode using The Rock. Unlock Lita Defeat season mode using Matt Hardy. Unlock Ric Flair Defeat season mode using Rob Van Dam, Triple H and The Big Show. Unlock Stephanie McMahon Defeat season mode using Kurt Angle. Unlock Vince McMahon Defeat season mode against Vince in the last battle. Unlock all levels Complete season mode using any character. Unlock Bradshaw Defeat season mode using Brock Lesnar. Level select: Successfully season mode as any character to unlock all levels. Demolition Derby mode: Win a match without firing any weapons. WWE Heavyweight Title belt: Win a season with a WWE RAW character. They will now appear with the WWE Heavyweight Title belt at the character selection screen. WWE World Title belt: Win a season with a WWE SmackDown! character. They will now appear with the WWE World Title belt at the character selection screen. Unlock Christian Defeat season mode using Chris Jericho. Unlock D-Von Dudley Defeat season mode using Bubba Ray Dudley. Kevin Nash: Press L2, Square, R2, Circle at any menu in the PlayStation2 version of the game. Press L, X, Z, Y at any menu in the Gamecube version of the game. Superstar and weapon combinations The following is a list of weapons that are best for the corresponding superstar. Note: Secret characters do well with everything except mines, VRF gun, or ramming power. The Rock: Twisty Rockets The Big Show: Ramming Power Billy Gunn: VRF Gun Booker T: Mines Bubba Ray Dudley: Atomic Drop Chris Benoit: Annihilator Chris Jericho: Grenade Launcher Chuck Palumbo: Laser Guided Rockets Edge: Mines Brock Lesnar: Annihilator Jeff Hardy: Twisty Rockets Kane: VRF Gun Kurt Angle: Laser Guided Rockets Matt Hardy: Grenade Launcher Rikishi: Ramming Power Rob Van Dam: Atomic Drop Stacy Keibler: VRF Gun Stone Cold Steve Austin: Annihilator Test: Twisty Rockets Triple H: Mines Trish Stratus: VRF Gun The UnderTaker: Annihilator William Regal: Laser Guided Rockets

e Ride City Selections Progress through the story mode to unlock new Free Ride areas and times of day. Free Ride Extreme The Free Ride Extreme menu option is unlocked after completing the main "Story" mode. More Money To get more money out of your casino experience, bet negative amounts, and watch the cash pile up every time you lose. Total Mission Totol Of 20 Mission To Complete Bigfoot Truck Get First in all of the races in the Championship Mode Car Selections Learn how break into a car during missions to use it in a new Free Ride game Unlimited Ammo Complete the game once, then start a new game. Easy Money - Kill the gangsters to earn $500 a pop. They wear all black suits with black hats. - You can also drive taxis to earn cash, and blow up vehicles for an extra $100 each. - Hit 130MPH to earn quick cash. (Sorry for the pun.) Killing gangsters The best way to kill the men in black is to walk behind them and shoot them with a shotgun. Shoot off tires Best with a Tommy gun--aim at the center of wheels, at the lugnuts, and fire away.