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Super Runabout


Cheat mode

Enter "Elvis!!!" as a license entry to unlock all cars and levels.

Free Roam

Go to the Free Run mode in the garage or do mission S2 in Scenario A. Note: When you're Free roaming in Scenario A Do not take all pictures or you'll get the time lim it to go back to garage.

Unlocking Emblems

Some emblems can be lock in easy mode but most of them are unlocked in normal or hard mode.

Scenario A

Emblem 1: IMC: Fiat 600: Complete Mission 1

Emblem 2: SST: Dodge Ram: Complete Mission 2

Emblem 3: Mission S1: Complete Mission 2 with all 4 hot dogs in

normal or hard mode.

Emblem 4: ES GT: Peugeot 406: Complete Mission 3

Emblem 5: F16: Complete Mission 3 with $0 damage.

Emblem 6: XSR: Honda/Acura NSX: Complete Mission 4

Emblem 7: Mission S2: Complete Mission 4 under 2 minutes in

normal or hard mode.

Emblem 8: ATV: Hummer H1: Complete Mission 5

Emblem 9: TANK: Complete Mission 6 with $30,000,000 damage.

Emblem 10: RSP: Complete Mission S1

Emblem 11: BUS: Complete Mission S1 with $0 damage

Scenario B

Emblem 16: 4WB: Complete Mission 1

Emblems 17 & 18: CVH and Missiion S1: Complete Mission 2

(note: Mission S1 is unlocked in medium or hard mode)

Emblem 19: 533GT: Ferrari F355 F1 & SST: Dodge Ram: Complete Mission 3

Emblems 20 & 21: LIM: Bentley Arnage Limo & Mission S2: Complete Mission 4

(note: Mission S2 is unlocked in medium or hard mode.)

Emblems 22 & 23: AMB: Chevrolet C-20 Ambulance & ATV: Hummer H1:

Complete mission 5

Emblem 24: COMBOI: Complete Mission 6 with $1,000,000 damage.

Emblem 25: TAC: Lamborghini Countach: Complete Mission S1

Emblem 26: BUS: Complete Mission S1 with $0 damage

Emblem 27: TANK: Complete Mission S2 under 6:40 minutes and with $0 damage.

StuntMANIA 4.2
Mario Game: Yoshi Deluxe
Trauma Team


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