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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


One hit kills

Press “0” while hitting an opponent. (Note: IQ points will not be added, nor will boss characters be affected.)

Puzzle Mania Pro
StarCraft 2 - Beta BEST Launcher ALLin1 2.6.0
Ariston Backgammon
Sims3 - Bella Casa *FF*
Sims3 - Pralinesims Eyeshadow 01


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Wolfenstein 3D
MCCALL Upgrade ammo capacity (999 shells) WOWZERS * To disable invincibility type: IDDQD. View Development Team When the iD Software logo appears, press B to view the development team.


hineese buffet at the command prompt. (From the Debug menu you can view AI and monster statistics as well as toggle God view.) Display “Not Authorized” message Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “sage rat” at the command prompt. Maximize population in territories Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “frodo” at the command prompt. View ending sequences Hold [Ctrl] + [F1] and type “touche” at the command prompt.

to December 25. Then enter the main room on the Independence and SANTA CLAUS will be in the crowd!! Level Select (Historical Missions) To unlock level select, enter the word MACTOPACE as the username. Skip Training Go to the proving ground and stop. Then turn around and go to the beginning of the last set of loops. Turn around and go through and it'll say you completed one training level keep doing this until you've done them all Unlimited Ammo and Shields Type WIN during flight for unlimited ammo and shields. Make sure CAPS LOCK is on while entering the code, but turn it off afterwards.