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Ubisoft logo:

When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver.

Submitted by: Saffron

Quick gun:

At the start of the game, run though the back door to a gun faster and safer than going to the man at the front. Note: Hit him in the head and he will die faster.

Submitted by: Saffron

Better sniping accuracy:

When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five secounds or until he stops moving around. You can now look around with perfect dead aim accuracy.

Submitted by: Saffron

More ammunition:

Wait until an enemy reloads his weapon before killing him. Kill him before he fires his gun and you will get a full magazine for your weapon.

Submitted by: Saffron

Get the Dual Weapons skill early:

In the military base level where you have to rescue general Carington, there is a door on the left that leads to some kind of bedroom just before the room with the shaft leading to Carington's prison cell. Enter the room and take out the three SPADS soldiers in the room. At the opposite end of the room to the right is a locker standing by itself. Open it to get a 9 mm pistol, and the Dual Weapons skill will be enabled. From now on you will be able to use dual pistols and miniguns.

Submitted by: Saffron

Keeping out of sight:

At the start of level 13 "Dr. Freakshow, I Presume", make sure that the receptionist does not see you. If she does, the receptionist will send a lot of soldiers on you with shotguns, which is bad if you are very low on health.

Submitted by: Saffron

More blood:

In the level with the lifegaurd that gets shot after you get the throwing knives, kill an enemy. Then, start stabbing the dead body. Little drops of blood will appear.

Submitted by: Saffron

Ubisoft logo:

When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver.

If you walk up to the computer screen, look down at it, and press A, the screen will say "GAME OVER".

Automatic crosshair centering:

Click the Right Analog-stick to automatically center the crosshair at head height. This is useful on levels with lots of enemies and Xbox Live.

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NHL Hitz 2003
traded your 70 overall player for the 90 overall player. Note: If this is done a lot, teams will be more unlikely to trade for good players. Trade two average players for a good player with trade logic on: If you need more skill and less depth on your team, you may want to trade two of your average players for a good player. If you trade two players in the 80 to 85 range, you can receive a player in the 90s and a player in the 70s in return. Get players without trading: Go to Free Agency and sign on a player with about a 60 overall average. The game will state that the team already has a maximum amount of players. Sign off the player that you want. Then, go to the Free Agency and sign on the player you want onto your team. You can now have their players without trading. Unlimited equipment in franchise mode: Any time that you play a world team in franchise mode, you will receive new equipment to better your players. If you play a world team more than once, you can continue to gain equipment. This works especially well when you have completed franchise mode, and max out your team. 100 overall player in franchise mode: Once you have completed franchise mode, play the Moscow Wolves until you have enough level 5 equipment so that one player can have it all. The player you assign the equipment should be your Captain. Go to your locker room, and select "players". Change that players play style to "Speedster". He will now have an overall rating of 100. Goalie fight: Turn off the penalties and check the goalie until he has had enough and a goalie fight will start. Winning fights: To win a fight easily, press Fire with at least one bar on the fire meter. Your wrist will go on fire. Easy goals: When your team is down a player (for example, from hitting the goalie or fighting), your team cannot get another penalty. You can knock over the opposing goalie with a player and score on the open net with the other player. Note: This is easiest with two players

Resident Evil 3
ended that you bring a Magnum and Grenade Launcher (or Rocket Launcher if it has been found). You can also choose to negotiate with him. Barry Burton ending 2: Jump off the bridge. Play until you reach the room with the Radar Tracker. Take it, and try to leave the room using the door you entered. Nicholai will call you. After killing him, Carlos will enter. After talking with him, leave the room (do not use the hatch to the Rail Cannon). Turn around and get in the radar device room again. Carlos and Jill will listen to a radio call from Barry and the game will continue with the final scenes. Mercenary mode: Successfully complete the game one time to unlock mercenary mode and save the "Next Game" file. Start a new game, choose that saved game, then select mercenary mode. This mode involves controlling Carlos, Mikhal, or Nikoli from the train to the starting room with a two minute timer. Killing the various opponents and rescuing civilians during the journey will add more time to the clock. A rank and money will be awarded after the game is completed. The money can be used to purchase better weapons for the next mercenary mode game. Alternate costumes: Successfully complete the game under the easy and difficulty settings with any rank better than F to unlock new costumes for Jill in the Boutique. Epilogues: Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock Epilogues. Epilogues are a short diary description of each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes what happened with that specific person after their adventure. Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues. There are eight total Epilogues that can be unlocked. Operation Mad Jackal option: Successfully complete the game under any difficult setting. Jill's diary: To get Jill's Diary (a file), collect all thirty files in the game in order. Then the first file (Instructions Manual, blue) will become Jill's Diary. Enhanced Weapons/Ammo: You can only create enhanced ammo while playing under the hard difficulty setting. When creating ammo with the reloading tool, save enough gunpowder to mix up the same type of ammo eight times. On the eighth time, the game will prompt "Do you want to create the enhanced ammo?". Select "Yes". This ammo is more powerful, may have slightly different effects, and once loaded into a weapon will change it into an "enhanced weapon". You can only create two types of enhanced ammo: 9mm handgun bullets and shot gun shells. The only different effects the new bullets have is that they are far more powerful. ----------------------Hints--------------------- Saving A.R. ammunition: When you are low on ammunition, go to a nearby storage system and take out A.S. rounds. Combine it with the A.R. and put the rounds back into storage. You will be restored and still have space for more items. Saving shotgun ammunition: Wait for a zombie to get close, then aim up and you will shoot him in the head, killing him with one shot. Wait for two zombies to line up close to each other. Then, aim up and fire to shoot both their heads off. Note: This may require some practice. Sneak past monsters: If you can walk behind a monster, keep tapping Run quickly. Jill will not make any sound of footsteps and seems to "glide". The monsters cannot hear you and subsequently will not turn around and attack. Note: This works best with the Drain Deimos. Additional slots: When you first get to the trolley, Carlos will give you a "fanny" pack. After you finish the game, you will keep those additional two slots in the game. Starting the trolley: The oil additive needed to start the trolley is located in a locked store room inside the sales office. To unlock it, pick up the flashy remote on a desk to turn on a TV. You will see a commercial about some product from Ubrella Corp. Make note of that product (Safsprin, Adravil, Aquacure, etc.). Go to the nearby computer where Carlos just shot his zombied friend. You will be prompted for a password. Type in the name of the product to unlocked the storeroom. Fighting Nemesis: The Nemesis is left-handed and uses that hand to grab you. When fighting him, shoot him two times and run past his right side. Shoot twice and repeat the process. Note: This only works when he does not have his Rocket Launcher and if you are using the handgun. Nemesis Type 2 in mercenary mode and 220 second bonus: Get to the parking garage, then exit out of the door. If you still have over two minutes left, run to the end of the bus and you will see Nemisis Type 2. He will jump down and come after you. You can run around him to avoid his attacks and save ammo or you can kill him for 220 seconds. Note: This trick best works with Mikhail Kill regular Nemesis for 60 seconds of bonus time: Knocking him down the first time is worth a 20 second bonus. Knocking him down a second time will cause him to look dead with a pool of blood around him and is worth a 40 second bonus. Destroy Nemesis' Rocket Launcher: This trick requires a large number of health items and first aid sprays. When you fight the Nemesis with the Rocket Launcher, aim up. If he targets you, run and try to make him waste ammunition. After four to seven shots from him, he will reload, but the rocket launcher will turn red and explode. When you hear the reload sound he makes with his launcher and he aims at you, shoot him when he is about to shoot you. Almost always, the launcher will backfire and explode. Loose parts from Nemesis: Whenever you kill Nemesis in Hard Mode, you can always pick up a package that he drops, containing gun parts. Once these are assembled, they form the Eagle 6.0 STI. This gun is more convenient than the standard handgun. Once you get close to a zombie, aim directly at its head and fire. If performed correctly, you will shoot its head off just like what a magnum regularly would, and it only consumes regular handgun bullets. Fighting a Doggie: Knock down a Doggie, then aim down and you can fire faster on it. If you do not aim down, you have to wait until the Doggie stands up. Humanoid sighting: When fighting the Nemesis for the last time in the Rail Gun Room, you will see a figure in the background, similar to Nemesis. Closely observe the creature to see that it is the Humanoid, or the Mutated William Burken from Resident Evil 2. When you press Action, Jill describes it as "One of Umbrella's New Biotech Weapons". Alternate meeting with Carlos: You can meet Carlos at the top floor of the newspaper building instead of the restaurant when you first come out of the area after you fought the first Licker. You will hear Carlos taking out a few zombies. Ignore that and go to Jill's left. Enter the door at that location. You will now be at the alley directly behind the restaurant. From here, make your way to the newspaper office. After meeting Carlos, Nemesis appears. You will get to make a choice to "Jump out the window", or "Hide in the back". Note: To get the green gem, go back to the restaurant and go down the ladder. Then, check the police officer down there. He should have it. Aqua Hunter caution as Carlos: When you gain control of Carlos, beware of the Aqua Hunters that are in the Artificial Environment tank. When fighting them, keep firing your weapon as much as possible. When they grab you, tap on the buttons as much as you can or they will eat you whole. The Worm: You actually do not have to fight the Worm the first time you meet him, when you fall into the sewer. After he pops out of the wall the first time, just run to your right and hit the first switch (make sure the worm comes out of the wall). Then, run to the other side of the sewer and hit the second switch (this one may be difficult -- also make sure the worm comes out again). Then, press the button for the ladder and you just saved yourself some life and ammunition. Defeating the Worm: Use the following trick to defeat the Worm without wasting good ammunition. Walk slightly into the Worm's little section slowly until the screen starts to shake and he appears. Back up to the wall and shoot him with the handgun. If the worm does reach you, which is not very often, Jill will usually dodge to the right. Repeat until it is defeated. To defeat the second Worm, run around for two minutes and try not to take damage. After that time, the light pole will begin to spark. Use the handgun to shoot in the direction of the two sparking poles and they will fall into a puddle. Stand near (not in) the puddle, then wait for the worm to go into the water and fry to death. Custom shotgun: Play the game under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Nemesis for the fourth time and pick up the small silver box that he dropped. It will contain M37 Parts A. Defeat Nemesis a fifth time and get the M37 Parts B. Combine these two parts to get a western custom shotgun with six rounds. This gun uses the standard 12 gauge shotgun shells. Grenade Launcher or Magnum: Your timing will determine whether the Grenade Launcher or the Magnum can be found at the S.T.A.R.S. Office. If you go to the cabinet before the radio goes off, when you try to leave you will get the Grenade Launcher. If you go to the cabinet after the radio goes off you will get the Magnum. Whichever weapon is obtained, the other will be found in the power plant. Grenade Launcher: Use the S.T.A.R.S Card in the computer in the main entrance of the Police Station. When you get the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key, go to the S.T.A.R.S Office. When you are in the office, go to the big locker next to the out-of-commission message receiver. Open the locker and you will get a Grenade Launcher. There are two different ways to get the Grenade launcher. There is one in the Sub-Station when the game is first played. The other is available after the game has been completed once. Go to the S.T.A.R.S. office and go were the Magnum gun was originally obtained. Rocket launcher: In the dead factory, go to the machine next to the water sample puzzle. Use the facility key where that game states a small plastic card can be inserted. Take the other facility key that is given and go to the steaming room where the small card activated elevator is located .Go down and use the facility key on the door where that game states a small plastic card can be inserted. You will find a rocket launcher with four shots at this location. STI Eagle handgun: Kill Nemesis two times under the hard difficulty setting to get the two parts for it. Combine them to get the STI Eagle handgun. Assault rifle with unlimited ammo (hard mode): Kill Nemesis seven times in your first game and he will drop the assault rifle. Kill him seven times in your second game he will drop an infinite ammo case. Conserve assault rifle ammunition: Set the mode to "Manual". Every time you shoot, only three rounds will be used and the total percentage of ammo left will decrease by about 1%. Use the assault rifle like this until you can fire it without wasting large amounts of ammunition when it is set to "Auto". Killing multiple zombies with shotgun: You can easily blast off the heads of multiple zombies with a shotgun. Get some zombies close together. Aim the shotgun up. Get close to the zombies (but not too close). While the shotgun is aimed up, and you are close, fire. Note: This works well for Mikhail in the mercenaries mode. Get vaccine: When playing as Carlos in the Hospital 4F, go to the unlocked Sickroom and look at the corner where the movable cabinet is located. Remember where it is. Read the note on the dead doctor's hands in that room. Use the Sickroom Key on the next room over. In that room, push the cabinet in the opposite corner of where the cabinet in the previous room was found. For example, if the first cabinet is in the upper left corner of the first sickroom, than push the second cabinet into upper right corner of the second sickroom. A painting in the room will slide, revealing a machine holding the vaccine base. Enter the numbers that were on the dead doctor's note in order to obtain the vaccine base.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
ed in a large room with zombies. Take out the zombies with your pistol and baseball bat, but save all the shotgun shells that you can. When you defeat them all, the Deer Haunter crashes through the wall. The key to defeating it is to walk in circles around the beast in the middle of the room, continually shooting it in the torso with your shotgun while taking minimal damage. When it is defeated, the door to the next room will open. Submitted by: John Beating the Tank Head for any ramp and stay out of the tank's sight. Use the telekinetic glove to grab the respawning ammunition to pounce the tank with rockets. Cortez wins, the tank does not. Submitted by: Sachiel See yourself On 'Time to split'(the first level)'when the solders come to get you look up and you will see a man stood on the mountain top.That is you in the future.(on the hooded man level)And your extra fire support! submitted by: josh o' brien Free the Jungle Queen The optional task of freeing Captain Ash's ass-istant is easier than you think. Head into the prison cell on the other side and make a line of vertical holes on the metal drum from top to bottom. This creates the largest pool of petrol possible. Ignite the mess by shooting the lantern hanging from the ceiling and the ensuing explosion will give you a eyeful of T&A. Submitted by: Zenon Beating the Princess Beating the boss in Mansion of Madness involves simply side-stepping in one direction while aiming up and turning. The closer Cortez is to the fountain, the greater the chance it is to avoid being swiped. When the boss is about to die, step back and fire the last shots to avoid the final death blow. Beating the boss in What Lies Beneath involves simply using the Ghost Gun and knowing where to stand. Locate a rock that shields Cortez's legs while allowing him to fire back unimpeded. The fire attack from the boss has to drop to the floor before moving forward; this simple rock protects the player from most of the fire breath damage. A melee attack will destroy the bats and allow the Ghost Gun to damage the tank. Taking out the energy sphere In the factory where the TimeSplitters are being incubated, the giant energy sphere powering their growth can be taken out on the top level by flicking both the switches on either side of the ball. This will lower its defense. Then, take the lift down to the floor below and throw a plasma grenade (found next to the lift) at it, causing it to explode. Aliens reference In the first mission, when you man the machine gun to defend the base you will hear someone screaming "They're coming out of the walls! They're coming out of the goddamn walls!" This is a reference to the movie Aliens. Unlock Anya & The General Characters beat 1st Story Mission Unlock Arthur Aching Complete 'Mansion Of Madness' on the Easy difficulty setting Unlock Berserker Splitter Beat the Hooded Man on Easy Unlock Big Hands cheat get 250 pts. or more on "Cortez cant Jump" Unlock Big Heads Complete Outbreak Hotel with a Bronze or better Unlock Booty Guard Beat Zany Zeppelin with a bronze or higher Unlock Braces Complete 'Old Blaggers' with a bronze or higher Unlock Brains Complete 'Brain Drain' with a bronze or higher Unlock Candi Skyler Complete 'Screw Loose' with a bronze or higher Unlock Captain Ed Shivers Complete the Arcade League level Pirate Gold with a bronze or higher Unlock Carrion Carcass Beat the challenge Rare or Well Done with a bronze or higher Unlock Cascade Complete 'Zone Control' with a bronze or better Unlock Cascade cheat Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Zone Control Arcade League Unlock Cheat: Rotating Heads Beat, "Dehead the undead" with bronze, silver, or gold Unlock Chinese Chef Complete 'Ninja Garden' with a bronze or higher Unlock Comrade Papadov Beat "Lap It Up" in under 2:15 Unlock Corpreal Hart Beat Future Perfect on Medium Unlock Deadwina Beat the Arcade League match I like Dead People with a bronze or higher Unlock Deep Diver Complete 'Oh Shoal-O-Mio' with a bronze or higher Unlock Dozer Complete 'Lip Up Fatty' with a bronze or higher Unlock Dr. Peabody Get all golds or higher in Amateur League Unlock Elite Henchman Beat the challengeMelon Heist on Monkeying Around with a bronze or higher Unlock Elite Henchwoman Beat Khallos Express on Medium Unlock Gaston Boucher Complete 'Mansion Of Madness' on the Normal difficulty setting Unlock Gilbert Gastric Beat "Cat's Pajamas" under 2:35 Unlock Hans Complete 'Freak Unique' with a bronze or higher Unlock Hechman Cortez Beat The Russian Connection on Medium Unlock Human Gun Sounds cheat Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Cats Out Of The Bag challenge Unlock Jacob Crow Beat Future Perfect on Easy Unlock Jacque de la Morte Beat Vamping in Venice with a gold or higher (I got a gold you can probably go lower) Unlock Jared Slim 'The Dead, The Bad And The Silly' with a bronze or higher Unlock Jo Barf Creepy Complete Story mode level Mansion of Madness on Normal or better Unlock Jungle Queen Beat Scotland the Brave on Easy Unlock Karma Crow Complete story mode on hard. Unlock Kitten Celeste Complete 'The Khallos Express' on the Easy difficulty setting Unlock Koozer Mox Complete 'A Pox Of Mox' with a bronze or higher Unlock Leo Krupps Get a bronze medal or higher in the Honorary League challenge "Rumble in the Jungle" Unlock Leonid Beat Big Game Hunt with a silver or higher Unlock Mad Old Crow Beat Future Perfect on Easy Unlock Mischief the Clown Beat the third challenge on Monkeying Around with a bronze or higer Unlock Monkey Gun Beat the challenge Eletrco Chimp Discomatic with a bronze or higher Unlock Mr. Fleshcage Complete all challenges with atleast a bronze for each Unlock Mr. Socky Complete 'Sock It To Them' with a bronze or better Unlock Mr. Underwood Beat the challenge Glimpse of Stocking with a bronze or higher Unlock Neophyte Constance Complete 'Freak Unique' with a bronze or higher Unlock Neophyte Lucian Complete 'Zone Control' with a bronze or better Unlock Oleg Beat the TSUG: Timesplitters Underground challenge with a bronze or higher. Unlock Prison Officer Complete 'Screw Loose' with a bronze or higher Unlock Pulov Yuran Beat the challenge Plainly Off His Rocker with a bronze or higher. Unlock Robot Louis Stevenson Complete Story mode Level You take the Highroad on Easy or better Unlock Slow Motion Deaths Finish Rockets 101 with a Bronze medal (or maybe higher, not sure, but bronze for sure) Unlock Small Heads Complete 'A Pox Of Mox' with a bronze or higher Unlock Snowman Beat the Arcade League level with a Gold or higher (You can probably get lower than a gold) Unlock Spinning Heads Complete Challenge Dehead the Undead with a Bronze or bigher Unlock Stumpy Complete 'Front Loaded' with a bronze or higher Unlock Swinging Tipper Complete 'The Russian Connection' on the Normal difficulty setting Unlock The Master Complete Divine Immolation with a Bronze or better Unlock Time Assasian Beat The Hooded Man on Medium Unlock Tommy Jenkins Complete 'Astro Jocks' with a bronze or better Unlock Victorian Crow Beat Future Perfect on Medium Unlock Viola Recieve bronze in "Hart Attack" challenge Unlock Warrant Officer Cain Complete 'Scotland The Brave' on the Normal difficulty setting Unlock Zombie Monkey cheat Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Brain Drain Challenge

Freaky Flyers
o blips. Go left and shoot the yellow submarine to unlock Professor Guntentaag and Sven 209. In the Cave Of Blunders level, fly down near the ground. If you see two people; a big man in black who is trying to kill Sheik Abdul. Shoot the killer to unlock Sheik Abdul. In the Cave Of Blunders level, complete the level perfectly by flying through the left doorway of the castle to unlock the Genie. In the Thugsville level, fly into the first train tunnel and get the unlock signal to get the Purple Gremelin for race and dogfight mode. In the Thugsville level, shoot the box with the British flag located under the bridge on a ship in the dock to unlock Margareta Basher. In the Grave Danger level, shoot the tombstone on the left side of the graveyard to unlock Baron Von Slaughter. In the Monster Isle level, look behind the buildings on the left side to unlock the Rubber-Suited Monster. In the Monster Isle level, kill the monkey ninja near the roof of bamboo forest shrine to unlock Sammy Wasabi. In the Coyote Canyon level, in the cave look up at a purple thing. Shoot it and go up. Look for an unlock signal to get the Bandito for race and dogfight mode. In the Coyote Canyon level, go down to the cowboy town. Look for a girl that is going to be hung. She is Cactus Rose. Shoot her to unlock her. In the Bigfoot Mountain level, go straight at the start. You will see a house. Shoot the snowman to unlock Andre Latoilette. In the Bombsburg level, fly through the building on the left side of the factory entrance to unlock Marcels Moreso. In the Bombsburg level, Queen can be unlocked on the right side in a pipe after exiting a tunnel. All bonuses Enter "ZENBU" as a profile name. Bigfoot Mountain level: Returning Bigfoot to his family When you enter the woods, stay on the far right-hand side of it. When you exit the woods, you will find a very hard right turn. On this very hard right turn, you will see a small hole made of ice. Enter this hole, and at the end of it you will find Bigfoot. Note: There are also some acorns in this hole. To return him to his family, fly towards the end, avoiding any obstacles on the way. If you hit an obstacle, your character will drop Bigfoot and you will have to find him and pick him up again, which is very difficult. When you are facing the ice cave with the falling icicles, look to the left. You should see three other Bigfoots. Fly into them to return Bigfoot.