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Vampire Hunter: Revenge


Hidden character s:

To unlock all enemy and Boss character s, press [Up] while on the top row of the character selection screen or [Down] while on the bottom row until the pointer leaves the screen.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - VIP Mack Pack #6 Trailer HD
Classic Doom 3
TravianManager Bot
Battles of Norghan
Yumcha Showdown


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Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way
d with. Level Select ------------ To gain access to all missions you will have to move the Savedata.txt file out of the Spec Ops directory. Training Mode ------------- To enter training mode go to any level. When the level starts press the "t" key. This code allows you to travel the level without being timed.

Might And Magic 7: For Blood And Honor
ollect its experience points. Repeat this to rapidly accrue experience. Potions: Information in this section was contributed by Master Alchemist Shane Red Potion = Cure Wounds Yellow Potion = Cure Weakness Blue Potion = Magic Potion Red + Yellow = Cure Disease (Orange) Red + Blue = Cure Poison (Purple) Yellow + Blue = Awaken (Green) Expert potions: Use the following combinations to create Expert level potions. Information in this section was contributed by Master Alchemist Shane Green + Blue = Recharge Item (Green/Blue) Green + Yellow = Harden Item (Green/Yellow) Green + Red = Bless (Green/Red) Green + Orange = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange) Green + Purple = Remove Curse (Green/Purple) Orange + Red = Haste (Orange/Red) Orange + Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow) Orange + Blue = Preservation (Orange/Blue) Orange + Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple) Purple + Red = Heroism (Purple/Red) Purple + Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow) Purple + Blue = Shield (Purple/Blue) Master potions: Use the following combinations to create Master level potions. Information in this section was contributed by Master Alchemist Shane Green/Blue + Orange = Noxious Potion (White) Green/Blue + Green = Personality Boost (White) Green/Blue + Purple = Swift Potion (White) Green/Blue + Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White) Green/Blue + Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White) Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White) Green/Blue + Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White) Green/Yellow + Orange = Cure Paralysis (White) Green/Yellow + Green = Intellect Boost (White) Green/Yellow + Purple = Noxious Potion (White) Green/Yellow + Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White) Green/Yellow + Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White) Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White) Orange/Red + Orange = Speed Boost (White) Orange/Red + Green = Flaming Potion (White) Orange/Red + Purple = Shocking Potion (White) Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White) Orange/Red + Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White) Orange/Yellow + Orange = Accuracy Boost (White) Orange/Yellow + Green = Cure Paralysis (White) Orange/Yellow + Purple = Flaming Potion (White) Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White) Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White) Purple/Red + Orange = Shocking Potion (White) Purple/Red + Green = Freezing Potion (White) Purple/Red + Purple = Might Boost (White) Purple/Red + Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White) Purple/Blue + Orange = Freezing Potion (White) Purple/Blue + Green = Swift Potion (White) Purple/Blue + Purple = Endurance Boost (White) Grand Master potions: Use the following combinations to create Grand Master potions. Information in this section was contributed by Master Alchemist Shane Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green = Pure Accuracy (Black) Green/Blue + Green + Purple = Pure Personality (Black) Green/Yellow + Green + Orange = Pure Intellect (Black) Orange/Red + Orange + Purple + Pure Speed (Black) Purple/Red + Purple + Orange = Pure Might (Black) Yellow/Orange + Swift Potion (White) = Pure Luck (Black) Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black) Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black) Divine Restoration + Red/Green (or) Blue/Orange (or) Yellow/Purple = Rejuvenation (Black) Blue/Purple + Flaming Potion (White) = Slaying Potion (black) Red/Purple + Cure Paralysis (White) = Stone To Flesh

King Of Fighters 98
Heidern, Leona, Ralf Iori, Kyo, Shingo Kim, Saisyu, Takuma Kyo, Ryo, Terry Kyo, Saisyu, Shingo Mature, Rugal, Vice Mature, Shermie, Vice Ryo, Takuma, Yuri Fight as Evil Rugal B. Hold Start when choosing Rugal B. at the character selection screen. Get yashiro, chris and shermie Press start at the character of yashiro, chris or shermie and you will get the evil character.

Renegade: Battle For Jacob/s Star
3, and 4 at Nav 4. It is difficult to complete this mission without taking at least some damage, but it is possible. Destroy as many of the enemy as you can, but don't worry if you have to skip a few because of damage. The 2nd mission is a scouting mission. The goal here is recon, not kills. There are 2 fighters at Nav 1, and more fighters at Nav 2 and Nav 3. You can probably take on the fighters at Nav 1. At Nav 2, however, switch to your camera pod and find the enemy fleet in the distance (no, you cannot catch up to them and you wouldn't want to even if you could; I've played the actual board game that this game is based on, and those capitol ships could destroy you faster than you can blink, especially in a light fighter like the Cheetah). Line up the fleet in the middle of your HUD, and hold down the trigger until the computer announces that your mission goals are complete. Let Mother keep the enemy off your back; that's what he's there for. After you get the data, you might have to turn back and finish off the enemy at Nav 2. As soon as you can, head for home and if you've taken ANY internal damage, do NOT engage the enemy. You can outrun them, and if the camera pod gets hit, you've lost the mission. In the 3rd mission, just destroy as many enemies as you can before Mother gets hit and crashes. The mission automatically ends shortly after Mother gets hit, then you see the cinematic sequence. Now you're commander of the base. From here on out, the missions are randomly generated. There are 3 levels of difficulty; you start day 2 at Medium difficulty. If you lose all three missions on day 2, then day 3 will be easier; if you win all three missions, day 3 will be harder. If you win at least one mission per day, you will stay on the Average path. Ultimately, your goal is to win on the Hard difficulty. The game picks 9 wingmen randomly from a list of 20. The harder the difficulty you're on, the more likely it is that one of your wingmen will turn out to be a traitor. It can be any of your wingmen. Usually, you'll first realize there's a traitor when some of your other wingmen get poisoned or equipment gets sabotaged. You'll find the traitor sooner or later. There are several types of missions: Surveillance, Strike, and Escort are the three most common. In a Strike mission, you're trying to rack up kills. Sometimes, if there's an enemy freighter along the way and you destroy it, you might capture one or two enemy fighters which you can then use. In an Escort mission, you've got to protect an incoming freighter (or freighters). If you succeed, you'll usually get one or two new fighters. In a Surveillance mission, YOU must carry the Surveillance Pod. You can put a Surveillance Pod on one of your wingmen's fighters, but they'll never use it. It's up to you to get the data. Remember, on a surveillance mission, that the goal is reconnaisance, not kills. If the camera pod gets destroyed, you've lost the mission. Each mission has 4 nav points. At each nav point, the game randomly selects an encounter from a list of pregenerated encounters, based on whether you're on the Easy, Average, or Hard path, and the type of mission you're on. If you want to cheat: Your saved game is actually a PLAIN TEXT file. There are 2 files with character data; one is for the previous mission (a backup file) and one is for the mission you just flew. The filename starts with the first eight letters of your character's name, not counting spaces. For example, if your character's name is Black Wolf, then the savegame will start with BLACKWOL.* (sorry, I forget the extension... it's been a while since I've played). If you die and lose the game, just quit to DOS and copy the backup file over the current file. You'll go back one mission, but you get to continue the game. If you edit these files, it'll be obvious which one is the current file and which is the backup; the current file will usually be longer by a few bytes. Plus, the day and mission number is recorded in the file. Some of the things you can edit: You can repair your ships, you can bring your dead wingmen back to life, you can force the game into Hard difficulty mode, and so on. It is not recommended that you change one of your wingmen's names. If you change a name, make sure that it is one of the other pilots in the game, and it must be exactly spelled. Even the slightest mistake will cause the game to crash. The same applies to ship names.