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Conflict: Desert Storm 2 - Back To Baghdad



When you are moving ahead to scout a location, always leave your squad in a good position that they can cover you from, and in a pinch lay down some serious suppressive fire. Even if they do not hit the enemy, it will make them hit the dirt.

Victor Two level: First tank:

When you reach the third area where you see the first heavy tank, do not make any sounds. The tank crew is standing behind the tank. Have Conners and Foley kill them before they know that you are there, and before they can get in the tank.

CPU control :

Switch to a different soldier and remain idle (do not move, switch a weapon, or fire). The CPU will still be in control of that person. Note: The CPU will not move unless you switch during one of the commands. The CPU only fires at enemies.

Cheat mode:

Press L(2), R(2), X(2), Y(2), B(2) at the main menu. There is no confirmation message. Start a game then pause and enter the options screen. The "Cheats" option will be unlocked at the options menu.

Information in this section was contributed by Kturt133, Tidus147, and gun runner via Peter Adi.

Extreme mode:

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Healing falling teammates:

If one of your teammates falls to the ground, throw a smoke grenade near him. Then, get your health packet out and heal him.

BMP types

There are two types of BMP tanks that you will encounter. The BMP-1 has a very short turret and it shoots explosive shells. The BMP-2 has a taller turret with a longer barrel and shoots anti-infantry non explosive shells that are very deadly. This is the version you can drive in the Chemical Warfare mission.

CPU control

Switch to a different soldier and remain idle (do not move, switch a weapon, or fire). The CPU will still be in control of that person. Note: The CPU will not move unless you switch during one of the commands. The CPU only fires at enemies.

Besieged mission

In order to complete this mission, you must have snipers on top of the building in order to win that battle. Place a tank mine by a dirt hill-looking place then put down three claymores by the second hill. Even though the claymores will not destroy the tank, they will let you know you that the tank is approaching and will slow it down slightly. When you finish that, have everyone run to the gate where the Delta team will C4 the door. Run in quickly and have everyone inside -- there is a heavy duty tank coming; so run.

As soon as the door opens in the base, send Jones out the door. Go left to the big hole in the wall and place an anti-tank mine in the middle. Once this is done, retreat back to the base. When the tank arrives, it will be destroyed.

Chemical Warfare mission: Use tank

Shortly after you go underground, there will be an intermission sequence showing a tank commander leave his tank. After this, kill the commander. When you get to the tank, do not blow it up. You can actually get into it.

Avoiding damage when in a building

When in urban areas, about half of the damage comes when you are in a building. Have all the teammates (except Foley; if there is a second floor put him at a window) cover a door or entryway.

Avoiding damage from fire

Whenever you are on fire from a grenade or rocket, drop to the ground and roll. Once you do this, the fire will be extinguished and will stop hurting you.

Clear room without a door

To clear a room without a door, first throw a phosphorous grenade in. Then, have Jones follow you and have Foley and Connors cover the entrance. Then, tell Jones to rush the opposite side of the room. Also move in at the same time and rush a corner, gunning down any resistance. If there is a door, then position someone with an automatic weapon facing the door (preferably Connors), then open the door and back off while Connors polishes off any resistance. Then, rush the room and tell Connors to follow you and shoot anything that moves.

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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
DOWN, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT at the extras menu. Harpoon: When you have a Harpoon and are trying to kill someone else with it, shoot the ground around their feet. This is much easier then trying to shoot the person's body. You may even kill more than one. Note: Do not try this with other weapons such as pistols, machine guns, commandos, etc. Multi-player mode: Shields: When your opponent uses his or her shield, hit them with your stun power. They will be unable to hack out of it because their shield drains all of their power. Then, pick them up and throw them. When your opponent uses MRI Vision, use your shield. You will become invisible to them. Try different combinations of weapons to see which works best for your fighting style.

Monopoly Party
o $750.00. Use the classic view, as it is easier to see before choosing whichever board you desire. When you start the game, buy only the properties you can get three of and avoid the railroads and utilities. Do not bid top high on the properties that you cannot get much money for. Never bid more money than you have, as you do not want to mortgage properties. Try to get a set, even if it means trading with the CPU or offering them money. Sometimes you will have to offer them both. Once you get a set of two or three, put houses on the cheapest house first, unless you have Boardwalk and Park Place, so you can save money and eventually put up hotels on all your properties. If you have many houses or hotels and get in jail, try to stay in there as long as you can and collect your money. You can also stay in jail if the CPU has many houses or hotels to remain on the safe side. Try to have at least $100 to $200 or more to stay safe. Even if you have to wait to pass Go or land on Free Parking, once you start getting sets and hotels on those properties, try to get sets that are next to each other, or on an entire side of the board. Properties Try and get all three orange properties and Boardwalk and Park Place. The orange properties are the most hit, and Boardwalk and Park Place are the most expensive when hit.

NFL Blitz Pro
eam: Win tournament mode to unlock the dog players.

Sims, The
. The following codes can now be entered at the cheat menu. Play The Sims mode: Enter SIMS at the cheat menu. Play The Sims mode will now be unlocked, without going through the Get A Life dream house. This is useful for players without memory cards, who would otherwise need to play through the Dream House each time. All objects cost 0 simoleans Enter: FREEALL First person view: Enter FISH EYE at the cheat menu. Press X to toggle between normal and first person view. Midas mode: Enter MIDAS at the cheat menu. Begin the game in Get A Life mode, get into the hot tub with the girl, then press Start to pause game play. Select "Quit", followed by "Just Quit". This mode unlock all two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins. Free mode: Enter FREEALL at the cheat menu. All objects will now cost 0 Simoleans. Note: You will not be able to sell any items for money. This has no effect on the cost of paying for bills and other services. Also, this may cause some problems with saved games. Party Motel mode: Enter PARTY M at the cheat menu. The Party Motel two-player game will now be unlocked under the bonus section in Get A Life mode. ---------------------Hints--------------------- Cheaper houses: Enable the "Free mode" or "Midas mode" code. Go to Play The Sims mode. If a character does not have enough money to buy a house, bulldoze a worthless house and move that family in the field; or if there is a place with no house, move the family into that area. Pause game play and start building your house however desired. Getting married: To get married easily, invite a Sim of the opposite sex. But first, always throw a party and pick the Sim you want to marry. "Greet" them, "Talk" to them, then when they want to leave you will know their phone number. After dark, call that person. "Invite" them over. If they say "Sure", wait for them. Get to know them more. When you get the chance to "Flirt" with them, do so. Sooner or later she or he will fall in love with you. The next day (or perhaps on same day), get your Sim in a good mood (three green bars or more). Then, "Serve Dinner (Lunch, etc.)". When they are done eating as much as they desire, watch television. While they are watching television, highlight your "Guest" and give them the command to "Watch TV". They will "Watch TV" with you, talk to you, and their comfort will rise. Next ,"Talk" with them, "Tell Jokes", "Hug", "Dance", etc. If your Sim is still in a good mood (three green bars or more), you will have the option to "Propose" to the Sim you want to marry, Sometimes they will not accept (you will hear warning sirens) and they will state a reason. Do whatever they wanted you to do. When you fulfill their requests, "Propose" again. If you are lucky, they will accept. Note: You can only do this in Play The Sims mode. Keep child home from school: If you do not want your child to go to school and do not want to keep hearing the bus honk every few seconds, just let your child stand in the middle of the road where the bus waits everyday. Then the bus will not appear, and your child will not go to school. Getting money after missing work: If you miss work one day, do not answer the phone. Instead, wait until the next caller, who should call in later. They will give you some money. Keep Major Dormo longer: Call Major Dormo, then put a fence around his tree house after he leaves it. He will remain with you much longer, but will still eventually disappear. Get A Life Chapter 1: Borrow $800 from Mom: Go to buy mode and sell anything that is not a necessity, until you are over $800. Get A Life Chapter 2: Cleaning house: A quick way to get the house cleaned and the computer, television and espresso machine repaired is to enable the "Free mode" and "Midas mode" codes. Then, use the monkey butler. This will not disrupt your room bar. Get A Life Chapter 3: Get promoted: Enter build mode and put in either the "Mini Pool" or the "Wet Tangle". Then have Dudley or Mimi (depending on the sex of your character) swim in the pool. Eventually they will get the two body points that are required for them to get promoted to the next job level. Get A Life mode: Bonuses: You can unlock objects by doing the following things: Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold: First time you cook a successful dinner in Chapter 1. Artists Block: Get promoted to job level 7 in Chapter 4. Beach Simulator: Raise your first baby to a kid in Chapter 5. Bearskin Rug: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 5. Beejaphone Electric Guitar: Get through the house in 24 hours or less in Chapter 1. Chairmaster Vanity Table: Fix the television after Mom breaks it in Chapter 1. Club Abhi and Taylor's Place in two player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 4. Coat Of Arms: Get through the house in 4 days or less in Chapter 2. Electronic Insect Control System: Upgrade house value in Chapter 2. Frat House in two-player mode: Complete all goals and move out in Chapter 2. Handyman: Fix everything in the house in Chapter 2. Head In Curio Jar: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 3. Heart-shaped Vibrating Bed: Upgrade your house in Chapter 4. Maid: Clean up the house in Chapter 2. Maid's House in two player mode: Get promoted to job level 8 in Chapter 5. Major Dormo (Monkey Butler): Send both kids to Prep School in Chapter 6. Master Suite Tub: Get a promotion to job level 5 in Chapter 3. Motel in two-player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 3. Museum in two-player mode: Borrow 800 Simoleons from Mom in Chapter 1. Park in two-player mode: Feed the Bobo the bum in Chapters 3, 4, 5, or 6. Perspiraction Executive Treadmill: Get a job in Chapter 1. Rhino Head: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 6. Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler: Get a promotion to job level 2 in Chapter 2. Sonic Shower: Get promoted to job level 6 in Chapter 4. Sprinkler: Raise your second baby to a kid in Chapter 5. Strip Poker Table: Get a promotion to job level 4 in Chapter 3. Teppan'Yaki Table: Get a promotion to job level 3 in Chapter 2. Tree Swing: Upgrade house value in Chapter 3. Two Swimming Pools: Get promoted to job level 9 in Chapter 5. Wurl 'n Hurl Jukebox: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 4. Hint: Life Of Crime career path: Prevent a thief from escaping in Get A Life mode to unlock the Life Of Crime career path in all modes. Easy money: Enable the "Free mode" code, then go to your house and buy a lot of expensive items. After that, save then restart your system. Do not enter the code again, then sell your items back for more money. The best item to do this with is the Monkey Butler Tree, which is worth 15,000 Simoleans. Enable the "Free mode" code, then move your Sims into the cheapest house available. Then, buy a lot of expensive items (such as the Monkey Butler). After this, evict your Sims from that house, but do not empty the house. By doing this, your Sims keep the "assets" that they had, which turn into money for them. The house will then cost something similar to 99,999 Simoleans. To counter this, enter build mode for the house you moved your Sims out of, then sell off the Monkey Butler and other items you put up. The house will be cheap again. Move your Sims back in and they will have a lot of money. Enable the "Free mode" code, start a game, and buy fifteen Heart Hot Tubs. Note: These must be unlocked in Get A Life mode first. After buying them, save the game and quit. Turn off the PlayStation2 to disable the code. Return to the same game and sell all the Heart Hot Tubs that were bought to get up to 99,999 Simoleans. Notice that when you pay bills, buy something, etc., your money will not decrease. Buy a workbench and heighten your Mechanical, Creativity, and Body. Keep making Gnomes. If you have a very high status, you should be able to sell each gnome for at least 100 Simoleans. Making gnomes only take about one to two seconds each if you have a very high status. Have a Sim with a high creative level. Start a painting or a sculpture. After it has been started, tell that Sim to stop, then have another Sim (with no creative points) finish it. Sell it, and you will still get as much money as you would if the Sim that originally started it had also finished it. You can even have your kids finish your painting and still get as much as if the parent did the painting. Easy skills: Evict a family. When this happens, their moods go up immediately after you move into another house. Once you get in a house, study, work out, etc. If your energy or any other stats get low, evict yourself from the house. Reenter the house and all your stats will be renewed. Keep guests from leaving and improve your social status: Throw a party. When your guests arrive, have them go inside your house. Pause game play and enter build mode. Wherever there is a door going outside, replace it with a wall. Resume the game. Since they cannot leave, they will stay and have a raging party. You can now talk all you want with your guests and they will not leave, eventually even marrying someone. You may also want to buy some beds in case they get tired. Attack a Sim: Insult a neighbor or your roommate until their name is down to -100. Then, go outside and display the action options (where you can choose to kiss, hug, insult, slap). You should now be able to attack the person. Do this about three times. Your roommate will have had enough and pack up and leave for good. Alien abduction: Buy the telescope and use it for too long. Your Sim will be abducted and disappear. It will reappear some hours later, with different stats. Nude Sim: Note: This is easiest to do in Play The Sims mode. Get a fire place, then buy a rug and place it under the fireplace. Guy the heart shaped spa. Light the fireplace, get in the spa, and wait until there is a fire. Before your Sim gets out and starts jumping around because of the fire, cancel everything but the spa. Wait until the spa burns up. If done correctly, your Sim will appear in another part of room close to the wall, and will not have their clothes on. Note: The censor will still appear.