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Warlords: Battlecry 2


Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes during play:

Code - Effect

iamatank - God mode

iamaseer - Full map

iamaloser - Lose scenario

iamawinner - Win scenario

iamanarchmage - All spells

Quick and cheap army:

Play as the Dark Elves on a random map with lots of animals. Create a Spider Queen, and attack the animals. The result is four spiders.

Spiderman City Raid
Mario Game: Luigi in Koopa Kombat
Number Guesser


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Atlantis: The Lost Empire
n: View entire ship: The underwater tunnel in the multi-player Ulysses mission the underwater tunnel has a glitch. Go straight up directly in the middle of the tunnel to enter a glitched area. You can see the entire ship from that view point.

Formula 1 Champ Ed
d F1developers Bizarre Creations have proved themselves more than a match with these inspired extras. To activate them simply enter the codesbelow as your driver's name. Best of all, you can edit any number ofdrivers'names, and the game remembers them, meaning you can enter allthe cheats, save them to a memory card and access them any time you like. To delete characters from the drivers'names, select the last one andmove to between Z and A, when it disappears. VIRTUALLY VIRTUALVirtual reality style graphics. For that VR racing experience. Strangely,taking the textures off does nothing for the game's pop-up. SWAP SHOPBackground music and new sound effects. What you actually get is somefaint drum'n'bass and bizarre piano and synth tinklings in place ofthe normal collision noises. Odd. LITTLE WEELZ Over-inflated tyres, and not slightly overinflated either. From thelower views they actually obscure the drivers view. Silly. PI MAN Wipeout mode. This is one of our favourites. Takes the wheels off yourcar, kills the engine noise, leaves a glowing blue exhaust trail andbanks your car through corners. ZOOM LENSE Helicopter viewpoint, ideal for a realistic Micro Machines experience,although awful to drive with as you can't see the corners coming.Also causes weird 70's Top of The Pops trail effects on the surroundingscenery. BOX CHATTER Murray and Martin sprite commentators. Another favourite. Two Bert andErnie cartoon heads sit on the info bar and lip synch to the commentary. BILLY BONUS Four extra tracks, Yet another favourite and perhaps the most outrightuseful of the lot, this gives you four extra tracks, Sunob, Edialeda,Adia and, best of all, Sixties. The latter is amongst the best modeson its own. Viewed in crackly black and white, complete with lines onthe 'celluloid', it features a full line-up of those bath tub motorsStirling Moss used to drive. CATS DOGS Rains frogs instead of water, Just plain odd. OEAN ALESI Round 16 in Championship. Takes you straight to Suzuka. TOO EASY Grants first place on all tracks in arcade mode allowing access to anextra track. A cheat's cheat, this one. BLOOMIN ARD Expert Mode SWINGIND SIXTIES 1960's Cars SWAP SHOP New Sound and Background music New Camera Angles Drive the car to the side and press select on controller 2 for new views

Thief 3: Deadly Shadows
tting. Using "0" as a value usually disables that attribute. AI visual acuity multiplier - how well AIs can see AI auditory acuity multiplier - how well AIs can hear AI tactile acuity multiplier - how well AIs can feel AI hitpoints multiplier - all AI starting hitpoints will be scaled by this AI-to-player damage multiplier - all damage applied to the player by the AI is scaled by this As you can see the settings are for easy/normal/hard or expert level. If you want, you can change them all, but its not necessary just remember which one you changed. Item Maximums Gear and items are bought to be used in Thief 3. Don't go to great lengths to save items if you think they can help you stay alive and undiscovered, but don't waste them on lone guards or civilians who cannot fight back. On normal, the maximum gear Garrett may carry is: Health Potion = 10 Broadhead arrows = 30 Noisemakers = 5 Water Arrows = 25 Moss Arrows = 20 Gas Arrows = 5 Fire Arrows = 15 Flash Bombs = 20 Explosive Mine = 5 Gas Bomb = 5 Oil Flask = 5 If Garrett proceeds to pick up another item when he is at maximum capacity, the item is "picked up" but is not added to the inventory. Be sure you have room before you start grabbing items or you're just wasting hard earned loot! Metal Age Nightvision Although shadows are important to hide Garrett, sometimes it can too dark to see while hiding. Crank up the Gamma/Brightness correction in your options menu to see the surroundings while remaining hidden. Don't Leave Angry Since the stages are often divided up into separate maps, you find yourself transitioning from one part to the other. If you are being chased by a guard, never leave the map and come back expecting everything to be normal. The guard chasing you will still be there and alerted to your presence. Always make an effort to hide in the same map you are to avoid forgetting that a guard (or party of guards) are waiting for you on the next map. The map transitions are a good place to hide (they are almost always completely dark). Simply go into the map transition and decline to go into the next section. Garrett will stay in the murky, smoky portal and almost always out of the way of all patrols. Factionalism By day 3 (after meeting with the Keepers the first time), players may choose to ally with the Hammerites, the Pagans, or both by doing them small favours. Allies are helpful since they will not attack you, and allow you to hide in their turf when you flee the City Watch (who you may never ally with). Befriend the Hammerites by locating and destroying the large cockroaches that inhabit the city. For each one you destroy, you increase Hammerite friendliness by one point. You also befriend Hammerites by destroying any undead using Holy Water or Fire Arrows. This may take a little while, but the beetles are easy to find. Undead are even easier to find, but you may need to stock up on fire arrows to deal with them adequately. Befriend the Pagans by locating green stones with the mark of the Trickster or by locating the elemental archway in the Pagan turf and firing a moss arrow into the target. The green stones are harder to find early in the game, so the elemental arch is a much better choice to befriend the Pagans. Simply shoot any one of the four purple nodes on the arch with an elemental arrow. Consider using moss arrows for this purpose; you can fire as many elemental arrows into the Pagans' elemental arch as you can afford to immediately ally them with you when the opportunity arises. Moss arrows are more plentiful as you pick up many in the city; more if you don't use them. You can save your fire, gas, and water arrows for your missions. Final Note: Killing, blackjacking, or looting from the Hammerites or Pagans will decrease your standing with that faction. Arrow Shops : Each shop only has one of the four elemental arrows. South Quarter AKA Well Equiped Thief: Water Arrows. StoneMarket Proper AKA Marla: Moss Arrows. Docks AKA The Undercurrent: Fire Arrows. Old Quarter: Gas Arrows. Free Water Arrows : You can get free water arrows in the training mission (which carries over to your subsequent missions) by waiting by the douse the torch exercise for water crystals to keep respawning. Before you leave the Blue Heron Inn forever, you may want to take your fill of 25 water arrows, which will go a long way in helping you keep shopping costs down. Getting to the sunken Citadel in the docks: When you first arrive at the docks, go towards the store. Stop immediately after you pass the Quarantine gate. There is a box in front of you. Destroy it. Go down the ladder and follow the stairs.

4x4 Evolution
slowing much earlier for corners than you would in a road racing game and taking turns from the inside to allow plenty of run-off room. Tip: Until such time as your bank account is absolutely bursting at the seams and you can afford one of the outrageously high-priced made-for-racing machines, don't sweat your choice of vehicles. Parts upgrades are far more important. Tip: Use the overhead map as a general guide only. Faster routes are always available, though you shouldn't rely on the AI drivers to find the best ones. Treasure Chests: 1. Arctic Wasteland After check point 2, go straight, after a while, you will encounter a secret base with treasure in it. 2. Arizona Go directly backwards to find a ghost town, the treasure is by the saloon in the ghost town. 3. Bayou Flats Not Found 4. Black Gold Just before Checkpoint 7, turn 90 right into small fenced in area, then turn 90 right with in the area treasure near building. 5. Construction Junction Not Found 6. Crazy 2000 After Checkpoint 6, drive straight, ignoring turn. Go to far end of lake/pond and find it in shallow water. 7. Farm Road 109 Under railroad bridge 8. Final Destination Not Found 9. Laguna Del Sol The Tresure is on an island with a boat nearby. 10. Motocross After Checkpoint 5 follow the track until you reach first tree on right. Turn left up slope across road, drive toward green and red canopy. Treasure in porta-potty close by. 11. Restricted Area After Checkpoint 4, turn right on paved road, then travel a short distance to secret hanger, the treasure in secret hangar. 12. Salvage Wasteland Go to outer wall, follow it until you find fenced in area, treaure in area. 13. Silverton Pass At the first river, follow it upstream (left) to find a small alcove with a treasure chest. 14. Treasure Bay Go directly to shoreline, turn left, and find beached ship. Treasure inside hole in ship. 15. Truck Stop 101 Immediately turn left 90, continue until you reach old highway on side of highway, there is a small trench, chest in trench.