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Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

In- game reset:

Hold L + R and press Start + Select during game play.


The number of fireworks bought during the game determines the type of display at the end. Five fireworks will result in a starburst.

Super Mario Brothers music:

Wait at "The End" screen until the music from the original Super Mario Brother music begins playing in lullaby style.


Always run away:

If the "Couldn't Run!" message appears, press Y and you will be allowed to run.

Hint: Hidden chests:

Hidden chests can be found at the following locations:

1-3: Mushroom Kingdom

4: Bandits Way

5-6: Rose Town

7-12: Forest Maze

13-14: Pipe Vault

15: Yo Ster Island

16-17: Booster Pass

18-21: Booster Tower

22: Marrymore

23: Sunken Ship

24-29: Lands End

30: Monstro Town

31-33: Bean Valley

34-38: Nimbus Land

39: Factory

Hint: Best armor for characters:

Equip the indicated armor for best effect with the following characters.

Mario: Lazy Shell, Super Suit, Attack Scarf

Bowser: Drill Claw, Courage Shell, Amulet

Princess: Frying Pan, Lazy Shell, Jynx Belt

Geno: Star Gun, Work Pants, Safety Badge

Mallow: Sonic Cymbals, Legendary Pants, Safety Ring

Note: You can have either Princess (recommended) or Geno as your third person. If Geno is the third person, give him the Jynx Belt instead of giving it to the princess. Geno can either wear the Work Pants (recommended) or the Legendary Cape. The Work Pants will keep his attack up.

Another effective set-up is as follows.

Mario: Lazy Shell, Super Jacket, Attack Scarf

Mallow: Sonic Cymbals, Prince Pants, Safety Ring

Geno: Star Gun, Star Cape, Jinx Belt

Bowzer: Drill Claw, Heal Shell, Quartz Charm

Princess: Frying Pan, Lazy Shell, Rare Scarf

Note: Princess is not a fighter, and the Lazy Shell does not effect her magic abilities enough to make it useless. The Rare Scarf when combined with the Lazy Shell has most of the same effects as the Safety Ring.

Another effective set-up is as follows.

Mario: Lazy Shell, Doom Glove, Fireball

Mallow: Legendary Pants, Hurricane Helmet, Super Shield

Geno: Legendary Cape, Star Sword, Star Charm

Bowser: Courage Shell, Razor Talon, Quartz Charm

Toadstool: The usual

Wario: Super Jacket, Doom Glove, Triple-Team Charm

Luigi: Mega Suit, Doom Glove, Double-Team Charm

Hint: Super armor:

Find the Rare Scarf and the Lazy Shell armor (not the weapon). Equip them both on the same character. That person will only take 1 HP from most attacks, although some of Smithy's magic attacks can do 12-48 HP and the Axem Ranger Breaker Beam can do 6-36 HP depending on the person's level. Note: Equipping both the Lazy Shell armor and the Rare Scarf will drop the offense a lot -- against strong enemies that character may only be able do 1 HP of damage. Try equipping Toadstool with those items so that she can take less damage and keep the other characters healed.

Hint: Easy freebies:

When using an item, press X immediately after the stars around the character start to fade. Your chances of getting a freebies will be increased.

Hint: Better Geno boost:

Press Y prior to the attack up notice. You will hear a different sound. This will allow attack and defense up instead of only attack.

Hint: Best weapons:

You can find the powerful weapons for each character except for Mario and The Princess in Bowser's Castle. Mario's best weapon is the Lazy Shell. To obtain it, you must first have the seeds and fertilizer. You get the seed after fighting the plant in Bean Valley to get into Nimbus Land. After it has been defeated, you will see a sheet of paper fall to the ground. Go to it and then you will be asked if you want to take it. Do so. Then after you defeat Queen Valentina, return back to Nimbus Land. Go out to where all the shops are and move to the far right. Somewhere at that location is a invisible track to walk on. Go down it and to find a Shy Away. He will give you the fertilizer if you let him go. Next, go to Rose Town. Move in the same direction you are facing when you entered Rose Town. In the back you should see an opening. Enter and you will see a house. Enter it and talk to the man. After the conversation, a bean stalk will grow. Climb up and get the Lazy Shell. You will also get armor called Lazy Shell.

The Princess best weapon is the Frying Pan. Go to Molesville and enter the shop. You should see a man wearing a blue hat behind the counter. You first have to buy two items from him before you can buy the Frying Pan. The first one cost 100 coins, the next is 200, and the Frying Pan is 300.

Hint: 9999 HP:

Put Geno in your party, and acquire his "Geno Whirl" technique. Press Y immediately after the "whirl" leaves the screen, and a crackling sound will be heard. Note: This also may be done with Bosses and mini-Bosses such as Czar Dragon, but is difficult to execute.

Hint: Level raising:

Use the following strategy to balance out your characters' strengths. When a character reaches an even numbered level (2, 4, 6), choose the HP bonus. When a character reaches an odd numbered level (3, 7, 9), choose the offense/defense bonus. When a character reaches a level that is a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15), choose the magic bonus. This will balance your character's strengths very well.

Make sure you have the Exp. Booster (buy from Frogfucious' student in Seaside Town) and Lucky Jewel (buy for 100 coins from the explorer in Moleville.) Equip your team as follows:

Mario: Lazy Shell, Fuzzy Shirt (or higher), Exp. Booster

Geno: Hand Cannon (or higher), Fuzzy Cape (or higher), Safety Ring

Toadstool: War Fan (or higher), Lazy Shell, Jinx Belt

Enter the fight with Culex. Use the Lucky Jewel sometime during the fight, and defeat him and the four crystals. When you win, you should have 244 experience points, and no coins. Then, play the Yoshi Bonus Game. Guess correctly to earn 488 experience points.

Note: This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. After you defeat Croco and get Mallow's grandpa's coin back, go to Mushroom Kingdom. You will find a group of Shy Guys on pogo sticks (their names are Shyster). Make sure you are about level 6, and are equipped with the Hammer (Mario), Shirt (Mario), Jump Shoes (Mario), Pants (Mallow), and Antidote Pin (Mallow). Stand in front of the door of the castle, You will see a group of Shysters coming out of it. Set the auto-fire to A, so that when the Shysters collide with you , the battles will be fought automatically. Keep the system on to automatically get levels. Keep in mind that the maximum level is 30. You do not really have to worry about getting a game over while the game runs unattended -- when you level up, you will fully recover automatically. However, when you level up, you will get extra HP instead of choosing what you want, but every stat goes up anyway.

Hint: Belome's Temple: Item room:

At the end of the Belome's Temple, there is a room full of items that you do not enter, therefore Belome does not leave. Go to Monstro Town and look for the key on top of the hill. Enter the door under the key and talk with the blue block behind the table five times. Skirt around the house to see a fallen key. Collect it and go to the Belome's Temple. Return to that room again and give the key for Belome to eat. You may now enter the room and collect many items.

Hint: Booster's Hill: Maximum FP:

After clearing Booster's Tower, you will go to Booster's Hill. When you are chasing Booster, try to touch Toadstool six or more times. Once you clear the level, you can return at anytime (if you got 7 flowers, which are at the end of Booster's Hill). Eventually, you will get 99 FP.

Hint: Booster Tower: Original 8-bit Mario:

Walk behind the curtain in Booster Tower to appear as the original 8-bit version of Mario.

Hint: Booster's Tower: Get a Star Egg:

Get the bright card from the Knife Guy in Booster's Tower. Find the hidden casino and talk to the owner. Talk to him again until he says to play the "Look the Other Way" game . If you win enough times, he will give you a Rock Candy. If you win even more, about 100 times, he will give you a reusable battle item called the "Star Egg". It does 100 damage against everyone you battle, and you can always use it again. This is especially helpful against Culex and his Crystals.

Hint: Booster's Tower: Samus doll:

When you are in Booster's Tower hiding from him and the Snifits behind the curtains, look at Booster's toybox. When the Snifit picks up the Toadstool doll, you can see a Samus doll in the corner.

Hint: Forest Maze: Easy frog coins:

Go to the Forest Maze and jump on the centipede. Each jump will result in a coin, with eight jumps giving you a frog coin.

Hint: Forest Maze: Prizes:

To get the prizes, follow the maze directions from Mario's perspective, not yours. When you get it right, you will reach a single tree trunk. Go down to collect the prizes.

Hint: Land's End: Level up:

When you arrive underground in Land's End there will be two stars, one in the treasure box at the save point, and another that can be bought for 400 coins. Get the first star and you should have enough time to knock everyone out up until you fall down the hole with the Gecko creatures. Look for the man behind the boxes and buy a Star. You should also knock out all the creatures. Whichever three party members you use, un-equip them to the point where they have absolutely nothing. Fight Belome and intentionally die. This will return you to the save point where you can get two new Stars. Repeat this process as needed to gain levels. It is recommended that Mario is equipped with the Exp. Booster (found in Seaside Town, Elder's House, upstairs, 22 frog coins) so he benefits the most.

Hint: Land's End: Armor:

In the cliff, try to get the time in from 11:50 to 12:00 seconds to receive an item for armor.

Hint: Lands End: Frog coins:

If you jump on the head of an ant in the swirls three times in a row, you will get a frog coin on the last jump.

In Lands End, go to where the sky bridge challenge is located. Down below on the ground, walk over to the second "cliff". Jump into the dark spot. Keep walking until you get to the trampoline at the end. Jump on the trampoline to get cricket jam. Give it to Frogfucious to receive 10 frog coins.

At Land's End, the Koopa Troops are alongside the big cliff. Go up the cliff in 11 seconds or less to get five frog coins. If your time is under 11 minutes and 49 seconds you might get one frog coin. This may be repeated as many times as needed.

Hint: Marrymore: Free items:

Go to Marrymore and with only 310 gold. Sleep in the Hotel as many times as needed. After returning downstairs, you will owe money and end up working as a bellhop. However, the guests give you good items, including flower boxes. After collecting enough items, get your gold back by using the "Unlimited money" trick.

Hint: Marrymore: Defeating the cake:

Do not use magic against the cake in Marrymore. It has no effect-- just attack as normal.

Hint: Marrymore: Jump on the piano:

Defeat the cake in Marrymore and let the people inside. Then, walk over to the piano and jump on it.

Hint: Marrymore: Entering the church:

Go to front door and Snifits will throw Raz and Rani out. Go and find the door that is hidden from view in back of church. Enter, it and go down the steps to enter the basement. The cooks (The "French" turtles) will be baking a cake. You can jump into the cake to annoy them if desired. Then, go up the other set of stairs and find the Snifit that is guarding the door. Try to walk up to him. He will stops you, talk, then try to break down the door. Run into the door with the Snifit at the same time. Almost the same thing will happen in the next room with Bowser. After that will be a small sequence where Snifits find some of the Princess' belongings or "wedding gear". You will catch up to the Snifits and they give you the things they found. The crown is on top of Booster's head. Quickly take all the objects to get a special surprise.

Hint: Marrymore: Easy money:

Go to the Marrymore hotel. Tell the owner that you want to rest. Rest at the Suite for 200 coins. Once you arrive in the Suite room, ring the bell that is on the table nearby for room service. Buy as many Kerocola's as you can. Note: The Kerocola's there cost 150 coins. You may pay the toad the tip if desired. Rest, or exit the hotel. Talk to the owner, (three times if you rested) and say that you want to buy something. Sell all your Kerocola's that you bought. For each Kerocola you sell, you will receive 200 coins.

Hint: Marrymore: Save while you work:

When you work at Marrymore hotel, you cannot go to the save location because the owner forces you to continue working. If you want to save your game while you work, jump on top of the toad at the right side of the wall. Try to jump to the save spot. If successful, you will be able to save your game.

Hint: Marrymore: Get team mad:

To get your team mad at you, go to Marrymore and defeat the Boss. Then, try to leave from the side exit. Princess Toadstool will ask you if you are going back to the castle. Answer "No", then Mallow will tell you that the Chancellor is worried and you should go back. Tell him "No" . Then Geno will appear and talk. Tell him "No". Bowser will appear. Tell him "No", and the entire team will get mad at you .

Hint: Monstro Town: Mushrooms:

When you go to the item shop in Monstro Town, do not buy mushrooms from the little Goombas. They give you 30 HP, but they also turn you into mushrooms.

Hint: Monstro Town: Fight against Culex from Final Fantasy 2:

Go to Moleville and buy Fireworks. Talk to the girl behind the boxes and trade the Fireworks for the Shiny Stone. Go to Monstro Town and enter in the door that it previously closed to fight Culex. Note: You will lose the Shiny Stone.

Hint: Monstro Town: Defeating Culex:

Get the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor. You can get this by bringing the seed and fertilizer to the man in Rosetown in his house. He is located in the back of the town by going through a path. Give him the seed and fertilizer. He will plant it and you will receive the items. Next, put Princess in your party and give her the Lazy Shell Armor. Give Mario the Lazy Shell Weapon and Jinx Belt. Place Geno in your party. Make sure the party is level 25 or higher. Before fighting Culex make sure you are stocked on Rock Candies and Kerokerocolas.(buy them when you check into the suite in Marrymore.) Then, have Geno and Mario attack the Crystals and have Princess heal and revive them. Princess will probably never be killed because the Shell Armor is very powerful. Use items as needed. Rock Candies will help destroy Culex and the Crystals. You will get the Quartz Charm and Culex will leave this world after the battle.

Keep attacking Culex with normal attacks. Do not worry about the crystals. Culex only has about 3000 HP. If you defeat just the dragon, the Crystals will explode after about two turns.

Hint: Monstro Town: Final Fantasy theme:

After defeating Culex in Monstro Town, the original Final Fantasy theme will play while he is talking to you.

Hint: Monstro Town: Three Musty Fears Flags:

Enter the last door on the right In Monstro Town and sleep on the bed. Three ghosts will appear and hide the following flags that must be found:

Go to Mario's house (Pipehouse) and press A on the side beside the bed.

Go to Rose Town. Go behind the great wood rose in the entrance of the city and press A.

Go to the Yo'ster Isle and look on top of the letter "O" in the word "GOAL".

Return to Monstro Town and sleep again to get the Ghost Medal.

Hint: Mushroom Castle: Meet Samus:

If you want to meet Samus from the Metroid series of games, go to the Mushroom Castle bedroom after achieving your sixth or seventh Star. Samus will be resting in a bed. She will mention something about resting before she goes to fight the Mother Brain.

Hint: Mushroom Kingdom: Dizzy Mario:

Go to the girl running around in a circle in the corner. If you jump on her head, Mario will become dizzy and fall.

Hint: Mushroom Kingdom: Hidden hints:

There is a place in the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario can go to talk to someone off-screen for help. There is a person behind the building that is below the main castle who will give Mario occasional hints and/or suggestions as to what to do next or what to watch out for. Have Mario walk behind the smaller building and the person will start talking. You can never see him/her, but what he/she says is visible.

Hint: Mushroom Kingdom: Buy a game Boy:

Go to the Mushroom Kingdom, enter the hotel, and talk with the boy with a game Boy until that he asks 600 coins for it. Buy it and press X to enter the options screen. Then, select a game to be played. For a new screen on the game Boy, break the record three times. The game Boy will display a screen from Super Mario World.

Hint: Mushroom Kingdom: Princess message:

Go to Toadstool's room in the Mushroom Kingdom. Walk to the fireplace on the right side and press A to display the message "You found the Princess' ???"

Hint: Mushroom Kingdom: Hidden creature:

Go to the upper part of the area near the house, directly in front of Mushroom castle. Press A button until text appears.

Hint: Mushroom Way: Items at beginning:

When you go into the Mushroom Way, save Toad (the little guy that tells you how to do things) from the monsters.

Hint: Nimbus Land: Mario poses:

Chase Dodo off the edge in the castle in Nimbus Land. Then, watch Mario as he poses on every area that he falls through.

Hint: Nimbus Land: Dream Cushion prize:

When you rest at Nimbus Land, use the Dream Cushion. If you are lucky, Mario will have a dream of Toad turning into a monster. When he wakes up, Toad is there and Mario will get scared. Toad will give him 2 Red Essences to make him feel better.

Hint: Nimbus Land: Mallow statue:

After you defeat Valentina in Nimbus Land, go into Garro's house, then leave. If you enter again, the gold Mallow statue will change to a different position. You may have to do this two times every time you want it to change.

Hint: Rose Town: Money from caterpillars:

Go to the woods near Rose Town and find a caterpillar. Jump on it and one coin will appear. Do this ten times in a row to collect one frog coin. Note: The caterpillar will go faster when you jump on it.

Hint: Rose Town: Free gun and Link:

Defeat Bowyer and return to Rose Town's Inn. Talk to Gaz and he will give Geno a free Finger Gun. Ask to spend the night. In the morning, you will see Link from The Legend of Zelda sleeping in the bed next to you. Talk to him and you will hear the discovery sound.

Hint: Rose Town: Hidden creature:

Go behind the house that is all the way to the top-left part of Rose town. Press A until you find the unknown creature.

Hint: Sunken Ship: Password:

When Mario is on the sunken ship, enter "PEARLS" as a password at the end where you have to get to the giant squid.

Hint: Sunken Ship: Defeating Jonathan Jones without going one-on-one:

To beat Jonathan Jones in the sunken ship without fighting one-on-one, destroy all his Bandana Blues except for one. Then weaken Jonathan Jones by about 420 hit points so that he changes color to red. After he changes color, destroy the last Bandana Blue and you can finish him off with your entire party.

Defeat all of the Bandana Blues, with the exception of one. Next, weaken Johnny until he is defeated. When he is defeated, the Bandana Blue will also be defeated, allowing you to know that Johnny did not go one-on-one with Mario. Note: If you do defeat all the Bandana Blues, you will have to go one-on-one. If you want it the easy way, leave at least one Bandana Blue standing. You are more likely to get a game over if you go one-on-one. Your entire party will help defeat Johnny without getting a game over.

Start defeating Jonathan Jones as usual. When Mario dies, do not revive him. Continue defeating Jonathan with the other characters (Geno and Bowser) to defeat him without going one-on-one.

Hint: Sunken Ship: Fight Jonathan Jones one-on-one with Bowser:

Use the following trick to fight Jonathan Jones one-on-one with Bowser instead of Mario. This can be useful if Bowser is a lot stronger than Mario in your game . First, let Johnny kill Mario (try to enter battle with Mario near dead). Then, kill the Blue Bandanas as usual. Since Mario is down, Bowser will fight Johnny instead. Be sure to revive Mario after the one-on-one is over so he gets experience.

Hint: Sunken Ship: Pipe looking:

After defeating Jonathan Jones, go to the ship and make your way to the room where he is located (password is pearls). Press A to look in the horn-like pipe and see through the ship

Hint: Sunken Ship: Safety Ring:

Go to the area with the Blooper and the three small Bloopers. Head to the north when under the water. Enter the hidden door behind the barrels to get to a secret room. Take the chest containing the Safety Ring. This ring prevents all status changes and almost every magic attack.

Hint: Woosters Tower: Fun with Spookums:

When in Woosters Tower at the start, find the two Spookums that are talking to each other in the corner at the right. Defeat the one farthest to the right. Wait briefly and watch the other Spookum look around and run under the stairs.

Hint: Y'oster's Isle: Money from Yoshi:

Go to Y'oster's Isle and win cookies. Feed the newborn Yoshi ten cookies and he will hatch an item. Sell the items and repeat this to accumulate extra money.

Hint: Frog Coin and Warp for Midas River:

Go to Moleville and buy Fireworks. Talk to the girl behind the boxes and trade the Fireworks for the Shiny Stone. Talk with other girl in the store to get a Carbo Cookie. Go to the left side and talk with the girl that sat down in a pail. Give her the Carbo Cookie to get a Frog Coin. Go to Midas River, repeat the process, the girl will leave the pail. Step on top of the pail and press Down to go to Midas River.

Hint: Finding Grate Guy's casino:

You need the Bright Card if you want to get into the casino. You can get it from Knife Guy in Booster's tower. Work you way through his tower until you encounter Knife Guy. You will have to play many game s of guess which hand the ball is in. After awhile he will give you the Bright Card. You may need talk to the man in the inn at Nimbus Land. If you read his card, it would say that to get to Grate guy's casino it would take three jumps and no chomps allowed. Go to the Bean Valley, and if you travel long enough, you will find a place where a Shy Away is watering some plants. Wait for it to water one and fight. Go into the pipe after it has been defeated. Do this until you are in a room where a Gold Chomp is in the corner. Defeat it and go to the very corner of the left side of the room. Jump three times. You should hear a noise for every jump. After the third jump a yellow stand should appear. Jump on it and leave the room. You should now be right in front of the casino. You are now free to play with the slots and blackjack. You get a frog coin every time you win, which is a good way to get them.

Hint: Blackjack table in the casino:

Draw on anything lower than 16 and stand on 16 or higher.

Hint: Easy "Look Away" game in Grate Guy's casino:

Hold Right (or Left), when he says "Look the other...", immediately change to the opposite direction. This will work 85% to 90% of the time.

Hint: Defeating Drybones:

Get Princess Peach in your party and make sure she knows Sleepy Time. When you battle Drybones, use Sleepy Time to defeat them in one hit.

Hint: Defeating Drybones and Vomar:

Use any magic attack to kill them instantly.

Hint: Defeating Czar Dragon/Zombone:

If you have any Pure Waters in your inventory, keep them for this fight. When Czar Dragon drops into the lava, he will re-appear as Zombone. He is an undead/ghost type of enemy, since he is a skeleton. Use a Pure Water on Zombone, and he will attack himself for some good damage, instead of instantly dying.

Hint: Defeating Smithy:

Before you battle Smithy, make sure you have at least six Mid Mushrooms, six Maple and/or Royal Syrups, and that Princess Toadstool is one of the three characters in the battle party. You should also make sure that your party is at least level 20 or 21. When you are battling Smithy underground, attack his head, not his body. This is the only known way to defeat him.

Hint: A kiss from Princess Peach:

Get to the part in the game where Booster kidnaps the Princess and takes her to marry him at Marrymore. When Mario and Bowser come busting through the door and knock off all of Toadstools "wedding gear", you are told that if your fast enough getting Peach's items back you will get something nice. Do so to get a kiss from the Princess. If you are not so fast, you will get a kiss from Bowser. If you are slower you will get a kiss from Booster. If you are very slow, you will get a kiss from both Bowser and Booster.

Hint: Use Princess early:

You can usually use the Princess after you have been to the chancellor. However, you can leave the Mushroom Kingdom and fight using the Princess before you even go into the castle. But, you still have to go there anyway if you want to continue the game.

Hint: Recovery in Princess' Room:

Go to Princess' Room and walk over to the top of the room where there is a chair. Press A and walk into and around it. to search. If done correctly, you will find an item of the Princess. Her grandmother will give you a Flower Tab. After you have defeated Croco for the first time, the grandmother will be standing near the bed. Talk to her she will recover your HP and FP.

Hint: Easy Rock Candy:

Reach the end of the game. After defeating Smithy's two goons and their giant snake, wait until "machine made" replicas of Yaridovich fall from the sky. If you can defeat one in 20 seconds or less, you might get a Rock Candy. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: 20 coins and free H.P. recovery:

There is a area immediately before you find Bowser for the first time (but you do not have him as a partner) which is filled with five treasure boxes. There are Bandits and Shy Guys there trying to stop you. Try to uncover everything in each treasure box. Four of the treasure boxes contains five coins and one of the treasure boxes has a Mushroom. Exit the area and reenter to collect them again.

Hint: Quartz Charm:

After defeating Culex in Monstro Town, he gives you the Quartz Charm. On the Equip menu, the only information you get is "Shining Source Of Power". Once equipped, it does not seem to boost anything, but it does. Enter a battle and try using a Rock Candy with that person. It will do 300 points of damage instead of 200. Wearing the Quartz Charm is equal to always having the "Attack Up!" and the "Defense Up!" boosts in battle. So basically, you fight at 150% all of the time.

Glitch: Walk through door:

Use the following glitch to walk through a door in the Mushroom Kingdom. Find the girl that can make you dizzy if you jump on her head. You also must have Bowser. Walk up to the girl and her house (left). Open the door and talk to her. Bowser will scare her into her house. When this normally happens, she will open the door to get in, and then close it behind her. But since the door is open, she "re-opens" it and then closes it. You can now walk through the door without it opening.

Glitch: Standing Mallow:

When you are in the Coal Mines for the first time, have Mario jump on a trampoline that smiles. Croco should appear and take your money. Chase him and get into a fight. Mallow must be KOed for this to work. Weaken Croco so that he takes your items. If Mallow is already taken out when he does this, Mallow should be standing up even though he is taken out.

Glitch: Walk on water:

In the Sunken Ship, find the area of water in the ship with the two enemy fish. Jump on a fish and defeat him. You will then walk on the water. Note: To get back to normal jump back on shore.

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