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Scrapyard Dog


Change background music:

Press the Left Difficulty switch.

Completing level 2-3:

There is a large gap in level 2-3 that Louie must cross. Jump on the middle sewer pipe, then jump on the pipe to the left. Walk to the left edge of this pipe and, then run to the right. Continue running until Louie reaches the edge of the third, and lowest, pipe in the series. Then, jump to cross over the sludge gap.

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Tower Toppler
ited lives. After moving the switch back to the right, intentionally lose all lives. Move the Left Difficulty switch to the left after the last life is lost, but before the game over screen appears. The next tower will appear. Move the switch back to the right to begin game play with unlimited lives. When on your last life, have him fall in to the water. As soon as his air bubbles disappear, move the Right Difficulty switch to the left. When you get to the level you want , move the Right Difficulty switch to the right. If done correctly, you will have no men on the counter under the score. You can play as long as desired. Game completed message: Enable the "Level select" code and return to level 1. Once this level has been completed, the game completed message will appear.

Double Dragon
o the background as possible. Then, go right until you cannot go any further. Jumpkick and continue to do this as you go right. It will appear as if you are walking over the water below. Sky walk: Get to the point after the mid-level battle in level 3 after meeting these three conditions: be on your first life, get the bonus life, and once on the ridge which is over and next to bridge do not jump down. Hold Fire to punch and press Up. If you get stuck, just reverse directions. Alternate ending: When girl comes down from the wall, just as she gets to the floor press Up and press Fire on controllers one and two simultaneously and release. Let her move. Just before she touches the red carpet, press Up. If done correctly, she will go around your man and will hug and kiss an invisible man.