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Aura: Fate of the Ages


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A Vampyre Story
Fight Terror - War Game
Jigsaw 365
Mario Game: Fishmania
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 3


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Max Payne
12] to bring up the console, then type: Code - Result coder - God Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, etc. god - God Mode mortal - God Mode Off getallweapons - All Weapons getinfiniteammo - Unlimited Ammo noclip - No Clipping Mode noclip_off - No Clipping Mode Off getbullettime - Fill Up When Bullet-Time Runs Out showfps - Show Frame Rate getpainkillers - Get 8 PainKillers c_addhealth ( 100 ) - Add 100 to Health jump10 - Jump Higher (set to 20 or 30 for even higher) SetWoundedState - Walk as if Wounded SetNormalState - Walk Normally Get Item Cheats: You can use the "get" command to add individual weapons and items to your arsenal: GetBaseballbat GetBeretta GetBerettaDual GetDualBeretta GetDesertEagle GetSawedShotgun GetPumpShotgun GetJackhammer GetIngram GetIngramDual GetDualIngram GetMP5 GetColtCommando GetMolotov GetGrenade GetM79 GetSniper GetHealth GetPainkillers GetBulletTime Jump to Level: To jump to any level, type the following in the developer console while playing any level: maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(levelname); where levelname is one of the below: startup_level tutorial end_combat (Secret Finale, use this method instead of "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );") part0_level1 part1_level1 part1_level1b part1_level2 part1_level2b part1_level3 part1_level3b part1_level4 part1_level5 part1_level6 part2_level0 part2_level1 part2_level2 part2_level2b part2_level3 part2_level4 part3_level1 part3_level2 part3_level2b part3_level3 part3_level4 part3_level5 part3_level5b part3_level6 part3_level7 Secret Finale Ending: To access it, enter the following in the developer console: maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( ); Easter Eggs: Part I: The American Dream: Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene: You can shoot the wailing siren in the central vault area and Max will thank you. Chapter Two: Live from the Crime Scene You can shoot the wailing siren in the central vault area and Max will thank you. Chapter Three: Playing it Bogart: If you walk past Rico Muerte's room to the end of the hall, you can shoot away a boarded-up door. From this room you can walk across the ledge and shoot away a boarded up window to find a dead body with a stake in it lying next to the word "Buff" in blood (as in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), as well as some other goodies. Chapter Six: Fear That Gives Men Wings: As you ride the elevator up from Luigi's Laundry, shooting the speaker playing sappy elevator music will bring another "Thank you" from Max. Shortly thereafter, as you leave out the window from the room sporting the thug in the bathroom and the TV news report, walk to the left and there will be a window you can jump through to a room with two Soldier of Fortune 2 posters and a stash of shotguns. If you didn't destroy the elevator speaker earlier, you should be able to hear the music from within this room. Chapter Seven: Police Brutality: When Gognitti reaches the locked door, there is a satellite dish behind you on the ledge. If you jump from this corner to the ledge across the alley, you can drop down into the fenced area and open a door to a room with a nice assortment of ammo and a poster proclaiming "Dopefish Lives!" Dopefish is quite possibly the most prolific character in Easter Egg history. Chapter Seven: Police Brutality At the basketball court, there is a Beretta stuck in the net. Also, if you wait by the fence, an SUV wil drive by. If you shoot it, it will crash and the driver will get out to shoot at you. Chapter Seven: Police Brutality: At the basketball court, there is a Beretta stuck in the net. Also, if you wait by the fence, an SUV wil drive by. If you shoot it, it will crash and the driver will get out to shoot at you. Chapter Eight: Ragna Rock: When you reach the inner stage area, you can "use" the drum kit and microphone and step on the guitar for some interesting effects and dialogue. Part II: A Cold Day In Hell: Chapter Five: Angel of Death: When you reach the grand piano, you can "use" it and Max will play the title theme. You can get a different effect by shooting out the lid support and trying again. Part IV: A Bit Closer To Heaven: Chapter Four: Backstabbing Bastard: At the entrance ramp to the car park (from where you start), there is a stack of barrels and an air conditioning unit that you can jump on to reach the roof of the garage. Shoot the off-color panel of the shed there and it will fall away. Inside, you can jump on a grate to fall into a room with the grafitti "R Thanks", a radio you can "use" to hear audio from the production team, and a sniper rifle with ammo. Chapter Five: In the Land of the Blind: In the small room after Woten's office (where you find the Aesir building plans), there is a small picture that you can shoot off the wall, revealing a button. Pressing it will raise the couch on the other side of the room, revealing a staircase down to a "private area". In it there is a big screen TV you can use to play a 3DRealms-themed parody of Star Trek. In the adjoining room there is a bed with chains next to a closet full of bondage gear.

Lemmings 3 - The Tribes
Word Bubbles ----------------------- At the main menu (map, load, play, etc.), click on the dot above the 'i' in "Lemmings." This causes the lemmings to show word bubbles when they speak.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
t. This usually works in one or two hits. Inner Sphere or Clan?: When it comes to selecting your ideal mech, keep this one thing in mind: Clan is better than Inner Sphere. Ton for ton, component for component, any Clan item outclasses its Inner Sphere equivalent. In the course of the single player game, you start in a Clan mech, and if you play your cards right, you'll have enough Clan mechs and parts to last you throughout the entire game. Building your mechs: Here are a couple quick tips that will increase the survivability and durability of any mech you choose: 1. Forget jump jets.Unless you're an expert, using jump jets has always been a nightmare in any MechWarrior game. Light mechs move too fast and stay in the air too long, and heavy mechs just can't stay up very long. If you get rid of them, you free up a good chunk of tonnage. 2. If you have to have any Chassis components, go with the AMS or LAMS systems. These help foil missile hits, and when fighting heavier mechs, this is invaluable. The Beagle probe only helps missile-heavy mechs, so only use it for Catapults and the like. 3. Keep your heat efficiency in the green zone, but just barely. In general, if you know how to manage alpha strike fire versus single fire, you can lose more heat than you make, ensuring a nearly constant fire rate. Too many heat sinks waste space. 4. Armor only as much as necessary. If your particular weapons loadout can be stuffed into just the torsos or the arms, you don't need armor in the empty areas. They don't particularly affect your vital areas, and you won't lose any weapons, plus you free up space for more ammmo or heat sinks. 5. Learn to love the PPCs, Flamers, and LBXAC20s. Although a good variety of weapons is necessary for any mech, these three weapons are particularly versatile. The PPC f ries electronics and does amazing damage. It's a great assault weapon and a critical one for many missions. The Flamer does a good amount of short range damage, but also creates a lot of waste heat in the target mech, forcing some opponents to shut down. And the AC20 is the king of damage for in close fighting. If your mech can mount one or two of these characters, and you're going into a tight situation, this is an ace in the hole. Learn to love this weapon. Hints: Get a good joystick with a twist function. It's no surprise that Microsoft's SideWinder family of sticks fits the bill perfectly. Though you can play with the keyboard, you'll be at an instant disadvantage to someone who has a twisty stick. Go for the legs. Yes, they're harder to hit, but they're less armored than the main body. Plus, if you can shoot the legs out from under a mech, odds are you'll be able to salvage the chassis at the end of the mission. Be aware of the environment when you outfit your mechs. Avoid weapons that generate too much heat when you're battling in the desert, or else you'll find yourself shutting down after every other shot to cool down. Learn the Circle of Death maneuver, or die. If you stand still in this game, you'll get hammered. Be careful, though. Sometimes you can circle around an opponent too far so that you're in range of his guns. Always try to stay behind a mech; it can't shoot you from there.