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Test Drive: Off Road 3


Quick Credits

Enter the MAD HOOKUP cheat as a name in the World Tour and buy a Hummer and sell it for more credits than what you bought it for. Afterwards, you will find that any car that you buy and sell will be sold for more than what you bought it for just like the Hummer

submitted by: NUW

super cheat(get everything)

Enter ZAKARY X as your name for World tour

[send by:Ray ]

Bonus tracks and vehicles

Win all gold medals in the world tour divisions to unlock bonus tracks in world tour and arcade modes as well as bonus vehicles in arcade mode.


Enter the following name s at the name entry screen, which you find when doing either the Arcade mode, or the World Tour mode. All Tracks- LEAD TO ROME All Upgrades- MAD HOOKUP Stunt Mode- TURN TRICKS

All divisions

Enter "SAD CLOWN" as a name .

Sumo mode

Enter "YOKOZUNA" as a name to make collision more dramatic.

Unlock everything

Enter "ZAKARY X" as a name.

Space Phallus for Linux
R.U.S.E. - France Theater Campaign Trailer HD
Harem Games Memory
Legend of Kay


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Bust-A-Groove Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition
rt a 1 or 2 player game and choose Kelly as your character. When the match starts perform your attack, and hit start as she winds up to deliver it. choose "retry" from the pause menu and when the match restarts, Kelly will be surrounded by sparks which will last for the remainder of the match, or until she performs another attack. Flat Characters: Pick either Burger Dog or Hamm as your character. When you're "grooving" do your special attack twice in a row. Alternate character color: Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X Play as Capeiora: To get Capieora, beat the game on NORMAL difficulty with any character. Play as Columbo: To play as Columbo, beat the game on NORMAL with Shorty. Play as Robo-Z: To get Robo-Z, beat the game with anyone on HARD. Play as the Burger Dog: First get Capoeira and Robo-Z then beat the game on Normal with Hamm. Scroll down/off the player select screen until you get Burger Dog. His moves are the same as Hamms. Zoom Winning Poses: When you win the stage, hold the CIRCLE button to zoom in on your character. Play as alternate character: At the character selection screen, highlight a character, then hold Select and press Circle. Level skip: Beat the game once with any character. Then, start a game in single player mode and when a song begins, press L2 + Select to jump to the next level. Dance preview: Beat the game on the easy difficulty level.


Underground CD Volume 3.1
R2 at the main menu of Disc 2. Tomb Raider 3 FMV sequence: Press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle at the main menu of Disc 2. Display Duke Nukem: Time To Kill codes: Press Circle, Square, Triangle at the alpha menu of Disc 1. Display Tomb Raider 3 codes: Press Triangle, Square, Circle at the main menu of Disc 1. Display Pool Hustler hints: Press Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square at the bulletin menu of Disc 1. Display Uprising X hints: Press Square, Circle at the "Speak Your Mind" screen of Disc 1. WCW FMV sequence: Press L2, L1(2) at the main menu of Disc 2.

Side By Side Special
lace on Original track 2. Taito Track car: Finish in first place on Original track 3.