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Wipeout Fusion


Unlimited Shields

Go to the Cheats menu from the "Extras" at the main menu. Then, enter Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square.

Unlock Animal ships

Go to the Cheats menu from the "Extras" at the main menu. Then, enter Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X.

Unlock Retro ships

Go to the Cheats menu from the "Extras" at the main menu. Then, enter X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X.

Unlock all features

Go to the Cheats menu from the "Extras" at the main menu. Then, enter X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Unlimited ammo

Go to the Cheats menu from the "Extras" at the main menu. Then, enter Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square.

Super Fast Ship:

Square, Cross, Cross, Cross, Triangle

Infinite Shield:

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square

Animal Ships:

Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Cross

Infinite Weapons:

Triangle, Circle, Cross, Circle, Square

Mini Ships:

Circle, Square, Square, Cross, Circle

Infinite Cannon:

Circle, Cross, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Features Unlocked:

Cross, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

Retro Planes:

Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, Cross

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Formula One 2005
iving the unlockable cars. Lotus 79 Win a race in any mode (except online). Lotus 25 Get all silver times in Timed Test Session mode. Williams FW08 Get all bronze times in Timed Test Session mode. Williams FW11 Win a Drivers Championship in career mode. Unlock different helmets for career mode For every 30 points you earn in career mode, you will unlock a different helmet design to use. The last helmet is unlocked at 600 points.

Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon
appear. To Play as Ortega: Press Default in the name entering screen and Ortega's name will appear. To Play as Slegger: Delete all Letters in the name and press enter, Sleggar will appear. To play as Sayla: Press Default in name entering screen and Sayla will appear. Unlock "Extra" Mode Complete both the Federation and Zeon campaigns. Either have Autosave enabled, or save the game from the ''Game Options'' menu. After that is done, select ''Campaign Mode'' from the main menu. In addition to ''New'' and ''Load'', there will be an optioned titled ''Extra''. You can play either campaign in extra mode; the missions are tougher and you begin with all Mobile Suits available. However, if you are destroyed, the MS you were using is gone for good. Unlock enemy MS's in Vs. Mode When all 13 stages in arcade mode are beaten by using either the Federation or the Principality of Zeon, the opposing side's MS's become available for use in Vs. Mode. Unlock Ramba Ral in Arcade Mode Chose to play as Zeon and enter your name RAMBA in all caps. Unlocking MS in Vs. and Arcade Mode Mobile Armors: To unlock any of the zeon mobile armors all you have to do is defeat them in Arcade Mode while using the opposite team. You need to make the kill though, not your partner. Secret Characters in Arcade Mode Put all names in caps Zeon Mobile Suits for the Federation and Vice Versa: To unlock zeon suits for the Federation beat arcade mode with the federation and vice versa. The characters will then be playable in Vs. and Arcade Mode. Defend the Big Tray Play as a Federation pilot in campaign mode. In the Odessa mission where you have to protect the Big Tray battle ship, use a Ground Gundam or Ground GM with the Beam Rifle. After taking care of the first enemy Mobile Suits you encounter, get on top of the Big Tray and pick off the enemies that get close to the ship. Let your partner take out the other enemy units. The Titans and the air and spacecraft To unlock jets, submarines, spacecraft , and Titan class mobile armors, locate one in versus mode, weaken it, and deliver the final blow yourself. If an ally does the final shot, you will not unlock it. Once you kill it and save, it will be available for use in versus mode. An example is the G Fighter. Mobile Suits can jump on and ride it while the other player steers. Press [R2] to cut thrusters and sit there. Another example is the Byg Zam. It is a two legged ball with a lot of particle cannons and a shield that makes it invincible to beam weapons. Gouf whip When surrounded and you are a Gouf, tap [R1] then tap it again. The Gouf will swing its whip in a circle. Recommended fighting Suits Some of the best Suits for arcade and versus mode are the Zaku II and the two GMs. All three of these suits have about 400 armor health points, very good weapons at their disposal, and are quite fast and good all around. Most people dismiss them as simple walking targets but they can pack a punch with some practice. Recommended ground and sky jets The G-Sky in versus mode is a very good fighter to target Mobile Armors. Its best air attack are missiles ([L2]). The G-Fighter is a powerful ground hitter and armor killer. It cannot hit air targets easily, but can destroy ground and slow heavy armored units well. Horn on Suit In campaign mode, select a Zeon soldier. Some missions may need your team to have two Mobile Suits on standby. One is yourself, and the other is controlled by the CPU. Select the Zaku I for both. You will see a "horn" (same as the one on Char's Custom) on the head of your Mobile Suit, because you become the captain on that mission. The same trick works for the Zaku II.

Top Gun: Combat Zones
he risk of hitting their own men. Aircraft On all levels that contain multiple aircraft bogies, the best solution is to wipe out all aircraft by flying low to the ground, then pulling up on the stick to get a missile lock to destroy them. Take one bogie out at a time, then fly back close to the ground and start the process all over again.

Kidou Senshi Gundam Z: AEUG Vs. Titans
e G-denfenser(you must be on the back of the plane).Then press X button and fly as high as you can. Note:choose the background have less building, choose a smaller mobile suit as player 2 submitted by: sam Quebeley mobile suit: Reach level 9 and defeat Quebeley after getting a "Daijou" rank. EX mode: Successfully complete mission mode as AEUG and Titans. G-Defender mobile suit: Successfully complete arcade mode with the Super Gundam. Psycho Gundam mobile suit: Defeat Psycho Gundam in any arcade mode level.